Arkaneh Urairat (Quora): How do Singaporeans keep themselves from getting bored?


Answer to How do Singaporeans keep themselves from getting bored? by Arkaneh Urairat

How do Singaporeans keep themselves from getting bored? Arkaneh Urairat · January 22Singapore · Know Singapore and Malaysia

Everyone who tested living in Singapore can answer your question correctly in 5 seconds, which is….

  • “I worked like a dog,” exactly what the Beatles’ lyrics put it. And it’s true that—“no time to get bored”—Jwee C. Er’s answer wasn’t exaggerated.

Most of my Singaporean friends think It would have been perfect to have 25 hours or more a day,

Although, your question requires Singaporeans to answer. However, there is the fact in life that whoever sets foot on their soil, would have the same pattern of life.

Even the laziest person of your friend from your country decides to work in Singapore, he or she would turn over a new leaf—-breathing the air in Singapore and eating Singaporean food and that person would turn to be a ‘working machine.’ you won’t recognize.

  • Do I make it horrifying to work and live in Singapore? I hope not, please read on.

Let me get to your question. “How do they keep themselves from getting bored?”

There is no one-answer-fits-all.

My family enjoyed living in Singapore so much. We have no regret spending most of our lives in this city-state while I am not the one in a million to conclude that, as many like-minded workaholics like me will sing along the same tune.

Anyone in the workforce in this country will think with the same expectation, speak the same lingua and dream the same dream.—Our usual dream is a nightmare, like – would there be a lawyer’s letter in a mailbox? Among many scary things on the next day of work.

My wife quit her job and later also gave up her business running a craft shop. She had a more fulfilling day, from dust till dawn doing the mundane things that most Singaporean ladies did.

Did she or other women I knew in Singapore get bored?

Get the husband and kids off her back, to work and to schools—Going straight to the gym spending time chatting with her peers— Going to the supermarket, the mall or wherever—Coming back home, looking at the plant and watering it—Playing with the dogs—Getting snacks ready for the kids.

Prepare a simple dinner if she had a good mood. If bad mood, it meant, I buy dinner on the way home. —Chasing the kids and helping them finishing the homework is another task for most mothers, either before or after the dinners…Never a dull day in Singapore.

The kids are like kids elsewhere, enjoying life with things money can buy, outing with the parents to the malls, parks at weekends. Movies and eating-out are the favorite pastimes for average families to cope with boredom in Singapore…Here comes the Monday blues.

Kids have only ‘One aspiration’ as expected by the parents in life.: To excel in the study and pass every test and exam with good marks as bad report books mean the future will go down the drain unless the parents have deep pockets to send them overseas to complete proper education.

Is that a glimpse of how Singaporeans keep themselves from getting bored?

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