An idiot wrote, “Don’t make a big thing out of Covid-19.” He is wrong: It’s a pandemic!



I received a message on WhatsApp.

I consider it nonsense written by an idiot sitting in the safety of his armchair at home.

The figures are not what I challenge. It’s the attitude that I dislike.

Here is what I think:

1. You can rule out almost all those causes of death for you and me but if Covid isn’t serious, why were those freezer trucks waiting?

What were the trucks for? There were never trucks for any other sickness. That was in New York.


2. Americans are scared. At last. Before today, too many were complacent. They didn’t think Covid-19 was serious. Many are now dead.


3. The idiot who wrote it and those who forwarded it should think of the terrible suffering that a Covid patient undergoes. Or of the many in ICU. It’s not merely a theoretical issue. It’s life or death, very painful even if you survive.

There should be no panic. Fear wasn’t even present until recently. That was the problem. Like the writer of this piece, too many people were complacent. Now there is fear. Too late for too many, especially in America. They are dying by the thousands each day.

4. When you read it, keep my comments in mind.


This is what he wrote.

The number of deaths in the world in the last 3 months of 2020.

314,687 : Corona virus

369,602 : Common cold

340,584 : Malaria

353,696 : Suicide

393,479 : Road accidents

240,950 : HIV

558,471 : Alcohol

816,498 : Smoking

1,167,714: Cancer

Then do you think Corona is that dangerous and fatal?


is the purpose of the media campaign to settle the trade war between China and America


to reduce financial markets to prepare the stage of financial markets for mergers and acquisitions


to sell US Treasury bonds to cover the fiscal deficit in them


Is it a Panic created by Pharma companies to sell their products like sanitizer, masks, medicine etc.

Do not Panic & don’t kill yourself with unecessary fear. This posting is to balance your newsfeed from posts that caused fear and panic.

3,338,724 people are sick with Coronavirus at the moment, of which 3,200,000 are abroad. This means that if you are not in or haven’t recently visited any foreign country, this should eliminate 95% of your concern.

If you do contact Coronavirus, this still is not a cause for panic because:

81% of the Cases are MILD.

14% of the Cases are MODERATE.

Only 5% of the Cases are CRITICAL.

Which means that even if you do get the virus, you are most likely to recover from it.

Some have said, “but this is worse than SARS and SWINEFLU!” SARS had a fatality rate of 10%, Swine flu 28% while COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 2%.

Moreover, looking at the ages of those who are dying of this virus, the death rate for the people UNDER 55 years of age is only 0.4%

This means that: if you are under 55 years of age and don’t live out of India – you are more likely to win the lottery (which has a 1 in 45,000,000 chance)
Let’s take one day ie 1 May as an example when Covid 19 took lives of 6406 in the world. On the same day:

26,283 people died of Cancer

24,641 people died of Heart Disease

4,300 people died of Diabetes

Suicide took 28 times more lives than the virus did.

Mosquitoes kill 2,740 people every day, HUMANS kill 1,300 fellow humans every day, and Snakes kill 137 people every day. (Sharks kill 2 people a year)


Join to Spread Hope instead of Fear. 🙏🏽

The Biggest Virus is not Corona Virus but Fear!



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