Oliver Waters: Western Civilization is not based on Judeo-Christian values…



Western Civilisation is not based on Judeo-Christian Values

Oliver Waters

Oliver Waters

Oct 3, 2018·7 min read

The first problem with this conception is that ‘Western Civilisation’ is not actually a thing. To say this is not to indulge in some far-left, postmodernist, self-flagellating relativism, but simply to state a rather obvious historical point. There is no coherent historical, ethical or political project one can refer to as ‘the West’. At best, one can say that many of the ideas that underpin today’s successful modern civilisations had their origins in Western Europe. But this is like saying that Vegemite originated in the Southern Hemisphere. Technically accurate, but ultimately misleading.

To speak of ‘Western Civilisation’ as a coherent whole tends to paint ‘the West’ as some unerring geographical source of great ideas, when it’s clearly not. Many, many more terrible ideas arose in this part of the world than good ones. From industrialised imperialism, Fascism, Aryanism, Communism, the Atlantic slave trade, advanced chemical and nuclear weapons — these are all products of ‘Western Civilisation’.

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