From comedy to culinary: Joanne Kam dishes up nasi lemak siew yoke…


Strictly non halal…

I shall add siew yoke (roast pork) to the next nasi lemak that I tapau home from a Malay stall.

The local comedian said that it all started with her golden-crusted roast pork, humorously known as ‘Poh Poh’s Crack’, which has been a customer favourite since May. She had originally posted a picture of it on her personal Facebook account during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and questions started pouring in about whether she would accept orders.

With her work in showbiz and standup comedy affected by the pandemic, she decided to pursue this venture and started selling her roast pork. Since then, she has been cooking up a storm and delivering ‘Poh Poh’s Crack’ in oodles to hungry customers every single weekend.

The response from her happy (and full) customers had been so overwhelmingly positive and this encouraged Joanne to roll out her own version of Malaysia’s all-time favourite nasi lemak.

Thanks to Joanne’s porcine twist on this popular dish, 72 packets of fragrant nasi lemak along with her crispy, juicy roast pork breezed out of her kitchen doors within the first weekend of introduction.

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