What a Malaysian wrote about Singapore and Malaysia. Received via WhatsApp.

If you know the writer, please inform me so that I can give him the credit.

What a malaysian wrote about Spore 😁
Today is Singapore’s National Day, so it’s time for some comparisons.

Their dollar is bigger, our houses are cheaper
Our food is better, their food marketing is better
We argue about religion, they argue about being diligent
We fight over khat, they cut ahead

Our country is bigger, their country is safer
We have the natural resources, but why the hell are they richer?
Cos corruption they’re more clean, who cares, we’re more “holy”

Our politics is sex videos, their politics is LKY’s house
We go there to work, they come here to enjoy
Their airline flies high, our airline loss high
They nourish city trees, we butcher city trees

We have comedy king Harith, they have comedy queen Kumar
Majulah Singapura is original, Negaraku was copied
We both claim chicken rice, but hello, it’s actually from Hainan

We have squash champ Nicol, they have swim champ Schooling (damn, he was from Malaysia actually)
They work like crazy, we work like maybe
We have cheaper cars, they have better transport

We wanna charge them more for water, they say nevermind-la… can drink toilet water
They want to expand, we say no sand
We were one country, now we’re different worlds, first and third

Ummm… did I get anything wrong? Miss anything out? πŸ™‚

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