China women, suspected to be members of a hypnosis gang, beaten up in JB market for scamming an old woman…

27 May 2019






JOHOR BAHRU – Two Chinese nationals suspected to be members of hypnosis gang or ‘geng pukau’ were tied-up by the public in rage before being thrown with eggs, vegetables and fruits in a market.

The incident took place at the Jalan Jelatang 15/1 morning market in Taman Megah Ria, Johor Bahru last Saturday, causing the two suspects to be hurt.

China Press reported that the two women aged approximately 50-year-old were arrested by the public while trying to con and hypnotise her victim.

According to the report, the gang has been targeting the morning market for over a year and their latest case involved a female trader.

The hypnosis gang had scammed the trader and put her into a trance before she brought them to her home and surrendered her jewelleries in exchange with old newspapers and two cans of carbonated drinks.

According to a resident at the area, the hypnosis gang from China is made out of three individuals. However, one of them managed to escape.

One suspect fell while trying to escape while another was beaten and was injured on her head for trying to escape.

Both women were then held at a back lane and one of them was crying from fear. The duo were tied up and a signage in Mandarin stating ‘Hypnosis Gang’ was attached to them.

Both of them were sent for treatment at the hospital after being arrested by the police. -MalaysiaGazette

Hypnosis gang pelted with eggs in JB


JOHOR BARU: Two female Chinese nationals were beaten up by Taman Megah Ria market traders here, allegedly for scamming a local senior citizen.

In a three-minute video taken on Saturday (May 25) morning, the two female suspects can be seen in a dishevelled state, sitting on the ground with their hands tied up and some fruit all around them.

A piece of cardboard with Chinese wording on it which roughly translates to “hypnosis gang” can be seen in front of the duo.

A man then approaches them and hits them with a stick, causing them to wail in pain.

More people start to approach the duo and pelt them with eggs and fruits, causing one of them to roll on the ground and wail even louder.

Seri Alam deputy police chief Deputy Supt Shahrulanuar Mushaddat Abdullah Sani confirmed on Sunday (May 26) that the incident had indeed occurred.

He said the two suspects, along with another who managed to escape, had allegedly scammed a senior citizen at the market on April 24.

“According to initial investigations, the suspects approached a 63-year-old victim at the market and told her that her family was in grave danger.

“They offered her a ‘medicine’ to take to avoid further misfortune.

“One of the suspects then held the victim from behind and she began to feel dizzy and did everything as instructed by the suspects,” said DSP Shahrulanuar.

He added that the victim was then told to go home and bring her money and jewellery for prayers, which they said would rid her and her family of bad luck.

“The victim went home to take her valuables and returned to hand over the items to the suspects.

“The suspects then put the valuables into a plastic bag and told her she could only open it in two weeks’ time in order for the ‘charm’ to work.

“When she look into the plastic bag after two weeks, her valuables were not there, only two bottles of mineral water,” he said.

DSP Shahrulanuar added that the victim told her friends and traders at the market about the incident but did not file a police report.

“On Saturday, the three suspects were seen roaming around the market and were spotted by traders there.

“The victim confirmed that they were the ones behind the scam and traders at the market decided to take matters into their own hands and held them captive,” he said.

He added that the suspects did not have any travel documents.

DSP Shahrulanuar added that the suspects suffered minor injuries as they fell while trying to escape and from the beating they were given.

“The two suspects were sent to Sultan Ismail Hospital for treatment and we are still investigating the matter,” he said.

DSP Shahrulanuar added that the suspects will be remanded until Tuesday (May 28) and that the case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.



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