Who is ‘Ammu’, the 47 year-old woman, who refutes S Kesavan’s “allegations”?

23 May 2019

A mother of two is mulling suing PKR lawmaker S Kesavan (above) for defamation after the latter accused her of being smitten with him and wanting to wreck his marriage.

The woman, who wished to be identified only as Ammu, said she would like to provide the Sungai Siput MP with an avenue to prove his allegations.

“Then we will know who is telling the truth.

“I have contacted my lawyer. We are still in the process of discussing the matter. I expect to file the suit against him soon,” the 47-year-old law graduate told Malaysiakini.

Contacted later, an unfazed Kesavan said he is prepared to face the matter in court.

“She can file the suit. I am prepared to face it,” he told Malaysiakini.


19 May 2019


The former Sungai Siput PKR treasurer who lodged a police report against MP S Kesavan for alleged sexual harassment has denied his counterclaim that she harboured feelings for him.

The 47-year-old, only wishing to be known as ‘Ammu’, also denied Kesavan’s claims – contained in his police report against her – that she bombarded him with daily phone calls and tried to ruin his marriage.

“His statements are false and I challenge him to answer my three questions,” she told Malaysiakini when met in Puchong yesterday, adding that ‘Ammu’ was the nickname given to her by the Sungai Siput lawmaker.

On Kesavan saying that she had volunteered to assist him in last year’s general election, Ammu said she has proof to show that he was the one who requested her help.

“My first question to him: if it is true that I had offered myself as a volunteer, why did he have to come and look for me in Puchong?

“He came and stayed at Hotel Sri Puchong just to see me,” she said, adding that they did not meet as she was feeling unwell.

“Instead my husband and another of our mutual contacts went to see him. So here, I challenge him to deny that he came to Puchong to see me.”

Asked why Kesavan was so eager to seek her help, Ammu said that he told her it was because she is a lawyer.

Police reports

Kesavan lodged a police report against Ammu on May 4, accusing her of causing him mental torture and trauma after being flooded with phone calls.

About two weeks later, Ammu lodged her own report accusing Kesavan of sexual harassment, which he denied yesterday.

She also lodged a second report against another unidentified MIC leader, whom she accused of threatening her.

Responding to Kesavan’s claims of alleged mental torture, Ammu questioned his refusal to accept her resignation as Sungai Siput PKR treasurer.

“Kesavan said I had threatened him to get positions and other things. For the record, during the branch meeting on Dec 27 last year, Kesavan nominated my name as treasurer and this is recorded in the minutes.

“Why did Kesavan nominate me if, as he said yesterday, he was already suspicious of my actions since September?” she said, adding that her attempted resignation from the post two days later, on Dec 29, was rejected by the lawmaker.

According to Ammu, Kesavan replied to her resignation letter sent to him via WhatsApp by saying, “Don’t do this Ammu, please be patient.” Malaysiakini sighted the message from Kesavan on Ammu’s phone.

“If it is true he could not stand my threats or interferences, why did he not accept my resignation letter?” she questioned, adding that her resignation as Sungai Siput PKR treasurer after just two days was due to harassment from Kesavan.

Following her attempt to resign, Ammu said Kesavan once again came to Puchong to meet her and her husband.

“When we met, he apologised for his actions and asked me to continue working for him, as he promised to not harass me in any way,” she said.

Although Kesavan did not keep his promise, Ammu, who also used to serve as the lawmaker’s assistant, said she remained in the post due to numerous calls for help from Sungai Siput voters.

“But I could not put up with his actions any longer, and on April 30 I tendered my resignation as his assistant.

“Once again, he rejected it,” she said, adding that there was no turning back this time, as she refused to hear any more of Kesavan’s explanations.

“When my husband called Kesavan to inquire about my resignation letter, someone from MIC picked up instead and started hurling profanities at me,” she claimed.

Ammu said she was informed on May 8 that Kesavan had lodged a police report against her.

“Let the police investigate. None of what is contained in my report is slander,” she insisted.

In her police report, Ammu alleged that Kesavan often made video calls to her, showed her excerpts from the ancient Indian text Kamasutra, as well as pornographic images.






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