Sarawak Report: RM1.154 Million From 1MDB Was Spent On ‘Anti-Ageing’ Products for “B1 and Wife”! EXCLUSIVE


2 August 2019


RM1.154 Million From 1MDB Was Spent On ‘Anti-Ageing’ Products for “B1 and Wife”! EXCLUSIVE

urther leaked documents from the Malaysian enquiries into 1MDB have been made available to Sarawak Report, which indicate that the Prime Minister and his wife utilised over RM1.15 million of the fund’s stolen cash on purchasing hormone-based, anti-ageing products via a clinic in KL!

They make clear that whilst the PM is referred to by the Department of Justice investigators at “Malaysian Official 1″, he was dubbed “B1″ by domestic MACC officials, who were investigating cash received into Najib’s personal accounts from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC.

In one particular case investigators referred to a RM1.15 million cheque that was spent on:

“2 sets of medication type External Plant Serum Food Application based softgel GH-9 Honey and Honey Food GH-9 Soft Gel at USD159,000 each set for the use of B1 and wife”

Sarawak Report has identified that the recipient of the cheque, which clearly bears the now familiar signature of the Prime Minister Najib Razak, was a doctor and Vice President of an ‘alternative medicine’ society* in KL, which specialises in growth hormone therapy to combat ageing.

The man in charge of the society, called the “Sahamm Society for the Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Ageing”  is a Dr Selvam Rengasamy.

Rengasamy, who is also a Datuk, appears to promote himself as an ‘alternative’ health guru who has found the secret to all health problems and longevity, through cell regeneration.

Styled more like a rock star than a doctor he stands by his unusual and highly controversial treatments, which are banned in the US and elsewhere, where they are regarded as an inappropriate and dangerous misuse of drugs developed for entirely different medical conditions.

[update] Rengasamy has told Sarawak Report he does not charge personally more than RM600 a month for growth hormone treatment, but cannot speak for other practitioners and has not himself treated the Prime Minister or his wife.

Pension money benefitted just one ageing couple?

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) enquiry into 1MDB focussed on the local diversions of millions of ringgit of SRC cash, which had been originally raised from a RM4 billion from the public pension fund KWAP

It has been established that altogether some RM70 million was channelled into a series of AmBank accounts belonging to Najib between summer 2014 and early 2015.

The world’s most expensive beauty product?

Documents obtained from that MACC investigation show the outcome of enquiries by officials into some of the expenditures made from these accounts.

These include a cheque for RM1,154,000 that was made out from account number 2112022011906 to a certain Datuk Sadiq bin Mohammed on February 4th 2015:


Notes attached to the photocopied cheques suggest that investigators asked Datuk Sidiq the purpose of the payment:

“Pembelian 2 set ubat jenis Plantserum External Apllication Food based GH-9 Honey Softgel dan Food GH-9 Honey Soft Gel pada harga USD159,000 setiap satu set utk kegunaan B1 dan isteri”

This translates:

“The purchase of 2 sets of medication type External Plant Serum Food Application based softgel GH-9 Honey and Honey Food GH-9 Soft Gel at USD159,000 each set for the use of B1 and wife”

However, what will leave Malaysians gasping is how two doses of serum and an oral product could possibly cost such a huge amount of money?  What possible treatment could this involve?

After some initial bafflement, Sarawak Report believes it has sleuthed the answer to this USD159,000 (X2) question.

The most likely explanation is that the ‘GH-9′ description refers to the ‘Growth Factor 9′ hormone, which is being currently touted as all the rage as an anti-ageing product for the ‘super-rich’.

The highly controversial drug is banned for athletes and illegal to prescribe in the United States, except for growth-related conditions.

One typical advertisement for GF-9 - is this the product the Datuk shelled out for?

A series of online advertisements describe the product as being the favourite anti-ageing secret of the rich and famous…. a

For the rich and famous....

And we now believe we have tracked down Datuk Sidiq bin Mohammed as none other than the head doctor at the outfit that describes itself as a “Society for the Advancement of hormones and Healthy Ageing Medicine”, based in KL.

Hormone based anti-ageing clinic whose doctor is none other than a Datuk Sidiq bin Mohammed


Sahamm touts itself as an ‘alternative medicine’ centre, although of course hormone treatment involves the use of powerful conventional drugs.

It is however highly unconventional to use human growth hormone to promote anti-ageing and physical strengthening.

Doctors would certainly not prescribe such medicaments in conventional medicine. For athletes it is illegal and for anti-ageing it is not an approved use of the drug by the FDA – which is to say that it is also illegal to prescribe human growth hormone for anti-ageing purposes in the United States.

Side-effects can be extremely troubling, including provoking physical and personality problems.

Nevertheless, Sahamm boasts within its copious promotional online literature that it has the secret to bring “life to years and years to life”.

Its trendy boss, Selvam Rengasamy, sums up his enticing approach to treatment and his secret to holding back the years as apparently using conventional medicine in unconventional ways (which are plainly very expensive):

Disease is but a signal from a body that has lost it’s harmony. Conventional medicine treats diseases with patented medicines which is actually a downstream medicine. Healthy Aging Medicine is an upstream medicine where the focus is on prevention, early detection and treatment of age related dysfunction which adds


Healthy Aging Medicine is evidence based medical care substantiated by medical research and using cutting edge technologies such as Stem Cell Therapeutics, Genetic Engineering and Genomics, Nanotechnology for treatment at the most Cellular Level.

Nonsense or miracle? the RM1.154 million question.

Datuk B1 and his wife perhaps do understand the difference in meaning between “upstream medicine” and “downstream medicine”, which might to others appear to represent the abusive misuse of powerful drugs?


For the rest of the article:


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