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The MACC has arrested 46 Enforcement Officers of the Penang JPJ (Road Transport Department)…

… … 21 April 2019 .. 17 others are freed on bail. https://t.co/n8NmInoWwV — Free Malaysia Today (@fmtoday) April 21, 2019 .. Lima daripada 22 penguat kuasa dan pegawai JPJ Pulau Pinang yang ditahan semalam, direman tujuh hari bagi membantu … Continue reading

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The Songkran Festival is none of your business, PAS! Please MYOB.

… The Songkran Festival is an annual celebration organised by the Siamese community in Pengkalan Hulu. … 18 April 2019 .. The Star‏Verified account @staronline Songkran Festival goes on, we can’t interfere, says Perak govt NATION Thursday, 18 Apr 2019 IPOH … Continue reading

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The Najib Trial: Day 5. 18 April 2019. Will his supporters turn up?

… 18 April 2019 .. [Infografik] Kes mahkamah bekas Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. pic.twitter.com/L1EUbThb3c — Bernama News Channel (BNC) 🇲🇾 (@BernamaNewsCH) April 18, 2019 .. Day 5 : Lead counsel for defense Muhd Shafee insisted that communications … Continue reading

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Kemayan assemblyman Datuk Mohd Fadil Osman claims that Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools destroy unity in Malaysia: They are Malaysians who act like pendatangs.

… 19 April 2019 The 80,000 Malay parents sending their children to “SJKCs” are the best testimony that vernacular schools promote harmony by instilling moral values in children. COCKY AFTER MARRIAGE TO PAS, UMNO NOW RETURNS TO ATTACKING CHINESE & … Continue reading

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