Before you BN especially Umno macai criticize the cleaning up at Sungai Kim Kim…

18 March 2019


I’d like to congratulate & say well done to all the personnel involved in facilitating the necessary rehabilitation following the Pasir Gudang chemical waste pollution incident. Your dedication in helping Johor overcome the crisis is second to none. (1/2)


Pasir Gudang was a time bomb waiting to happen. It was years in the making & was so severe that there were two studies conducted on the Sg. Kim pollution! The previous state & federal govts did nothing. Time to look at our other rivers.




Tahniah YB Menteri @MESTECC atas usaha gigih membersihkan 1.5km Sg Kim2!

Congrats YB @yeobeeyin & Kjaan Negeri dgn agensi2 – JPS, JAS & BOMBA-HAZMAT yg memantau kerja2 yg dijalankan sub-kontrakors.

Pastikan Penjenayah2 dibawa ke Pengadilan…

Laporan update KKM menyusul..


Steven Sim @scheekeong

Three young leaders working hard to ensure the crisis in Pasir Gudang is contained. They have been at Ground Zero almost daily to monitor, and manage the situation there.




Mikhail Hafiz @IMMikhailHafiz

This is Ahmad Maslan. Ahmad Maslan probably didn’t study very hard when he was at school. This is why Ahmad Maslan makes ridiculous statements comparing Pasir Gudang to Chernobyl. Ahmad Maslan is ignorant. Don’t be like Ahmad Maslan.
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Roman Akramovich
Ahmad Maslan bandingkan Pasir Gudang dengan Chernobyl. Saya rasa baik kita hantar Ahmad Maslan ke Chernobyl supaya dia tahu keadaan sebenar di sana.…


Malay Mail @malaymail

TMJ blames ‘former Johor MB’ for making Pasir Gudang an industrial zone

JOHOR BARU, March 13 — Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim accused a former mentri besar of disloyalty today, allegedly for not consulting the Sultan prior to allowing factories into Pasir Gudang that is now contaminated by illegally dumped chemicals.

However, he did not identify the person.

“Who was the MB then? Who gave the permission and approval for the factories to open in Pasir Gudang without getting the views of DYMM Tuanku Sultan?” he wrote on Twitter today.

Commonly called TMJ (the Malay initials for Tunku Mahkota Johor) also asserted that the project had been rejected by Singapore prior to finding its home in Johor.

“This is what happens when you have an MB who is not loyal to the state or the state’s interest,” said Tunku Ismail in the tweet.

The messages are believed to be in response to the contamination of Sungai Kim Kim in the area that caused 16 schools to be closed and over 500 people to seek treatment for the inhalation of noxious fumes.

Pasir Gudang began its transformation into an industrial zone in the 1990s.

At that time, Pasir Gudang was under the administration of state investment arm, Johor Corporation.

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