The Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple: Solution in sight…

14 December 2018

PETALING JAYA: Attorney-General Tommy Thomas today voiced support for a comprehensive settlement mooted by the lawyers representing the various parties in the Seafield temple issue which involves the transfer of the temple land to a trust to be administered by the High Court.

He said One City Development Sdn Bhd would do so, subject to terms to be agreed upon.

Following that, the AG, as the guardian of public interest with regard to charitable trusts, would apply to the High Court for orders to constitute the trust and the appointment of trustees to manage it as well as the temple.

The High Court will be invited to appoint a receiver, who will be a person of repute, standing and integrity acceptable to all the disputants.

This person, as an officer of the court, will have control and direction over the trustees of the temple, subject to court supervision, Thomas said.

“At the appropriate time, the High Court will be invited to transfer the ownership of the land on which the temple is situated to the trustees,” he said in a statement.

The 1.1-acre temple land is estimated to be worth between RM14.37 million and RM15.33 million.

Business tycoon Vincent Tan, who is leading an effort to raise enough funds to buy the land from the developer, said earlier this month that he had accumulated RM2 million so far.

Thomas voiced hope today that an amicable solution could be reached for all matters in the coming months.

“In order to ensure impartiality and neutrality among the various groups in the temple, the AG hopes to be represented in all the applications before the High Court,” he added.

2 December 2018




KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan (pic) has proposed for a fund to be set up to buy the land where the Seafield Sri Maha Mariam­man Temple is located.

He said it would be the best way to ensure the temple remains there.

“The public can buy the land, pay off the developer and let the temple stay. It will be difficult to expect the Selangor state government to buy the land,” he said.

Tan pledged RM500,000 to kick off the fund.

He was also joined by Tan Sri Barry Goh, who previously headed MCT Bhd until it was taken over by Ayala Land from the Philippines.

Goh has also pledged the same amount of RM500,000.

Prominent businessman Tan Sri David Kong, founder and executive chairman of death care service provider Nirvana Asia Ltd, takes the fundraising to RM1.5mil by pledging RM500,000 as well.

Kong said the contribution was a gesture towards the “country’s harmony and peace”.

Tan is confident more Malaysians are prepared to donate to keep the temple at the present site.

“Malaysians are by nature respectful of all places of worship,” he said.

He said Malaysians believed in the freedom of religion and were tolerant of each other.

The temple land of 1.1 acres is said to be valued between RM14.37mil and RM15.33mil.




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