The Cameron Highlands: The Election Court nullifies BN’s GE14 victory due to vote buying. C Sivarraajh loses appeal at The High Court.

10 January 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC vice-president C Sivarraajh today failed in his bid to challenge the Election Commission (EC) decision barring him from standing or voting in elections following his conviction for corrupt practices.

High Court judge Nordin Hassan, who dismissed Sivarraajh’s judicial review against the EC, said the decision to bar him from taking part in elections was made according to the law and was not tainted by irregularities.

“He (Sivarraajh) is subject to election laws as he has been convicted of corrupt practices and is incapable of being a candidate or a voter,” he said.

The court also ordered Sivarraajh to pay the EC RM5,000.

30 December 2018


MIC will apply for judicial review against the Election Commission’s disqualification of its vice-president C Sivarraajh from contesting and voting in elections for the next five years.

According to MIC president SA Vigneswaran, the EC used its “own interpretation” of the Election Court ruling that corrupt practices had led to Sivarraajh’s 14th general election victory in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat.

“What we feel is the judge did not name Sivarraajh or any person under Section 37 of the Election Offences Act 1954 as the person who committed the corrupt practices.

“This is the usurpation of the judiciary powers by the EC under the guise of own interpretation and description. Without a clear direction from the court, how can the EC, who was not a party to the proceedings, decide (on Sivarraajh’s candidacy)?

“I don’t know whether they are following the rule of law, or they rule the law,” he told Malaysiakini, adding that the necessary papers for the judicial review will be filed early next week.

With nomination day less than two weeks away, Vigneswaran said that MIC had yet to decide on a candidate.

The party had previously shortlisted Sivarraajh to stand in Cameron Highlands again.

“When the EC comes out in the open and says ‘no, you cannot contest’, this kills his (Sivarraajh’s) chances of becoming a candidate,” Vigneswaran lamented.

On May 9, Sivarraajh won with a relatively slim majority of 597 votes with his 10,307 vote-haul in a five-cornered race, with Manogaran then being the candidate with the second highest vote-haul at 9,710 votes.

30 November 2018


2 hours ago

Cameron Highlands‘ GE14 result, where MIC’s Datuk C Sivarraajh won with a majority of 597, has been declared null and void.







KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — An Election Court today ruled that MIC vice-president Datuk C. Sivarraajh’s victory in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat in the 14th general election (GE14) is null and void after it was proven that the latter’s election campaign had involved vote-buying.

Justice Datuk Azizah Nawawi, who presided over the case, ruled that DAP’s Cameron Highlands candidate M. Manogaran had managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that voters were paid during the election campaign, news portal Free Malaysia Today reported.

On June 4, Manogaran had filed an election petition to challenge Sivarraajh’s May 9 win due to the alleged buying of votes by the latter.

DAP vice-chairman and minister M. Kulasegaran has taken to Facebook to weigh in on the court’s decision, saying: “Another well-deserved dose of justice served today.”

He also highlighted the possibility of a by-election being held for the Cameron Highlands seat.

“Pending appeal, there will be a by-election for Cameron Highlands as High Court ruled on election petition in favour of Pakatan Harapan’s M. Manogaran,” he wrote on his official Facebook account.

Sivarraajh can, however, file an appeal against the Election Court’s decision.




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