The Head of Dept at the Sg Buloh Hospital has been sacked…

17 November 2018


Excerpts from:

Minister of Health, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, confirmed that the doctor’s services had been terminated on 14 November and said, “The Yang di-Pertuan Agong consented to the termination of the doctor’s services.”

Why is the Agong’s consent needed to terminate this pervert’s services? What if the Agong had refused?

The pervert doctor should be investigated, charged and exposed for his crimes.

Will the people who helped in previous cover-ups be investigated and made to face justice too?

Last August, The Star, reported that the Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Hannah Yeoh, suggested a possible cover-up and she was investigating the claims that no action had been taken after victims had lodged complaints against the department head.

She said, “In this particular case, it is about who covered up (the complaints).

“The victims claimed they reported to the authorities but there had been no action. We are looking into that.”

We would like to know how long this pervert had been committing his depraved activities?

Will more victims come forward now?

Will the people who helped to cover-up the investigations be charged too?

Why is the Agong involved in this sacking?

There are some serious questions to be answered.

  1. Since when is the Agong involved in the sacking of doctors? Is this a new policy in Malaysia Baru, or is it a throwback from the previous regime? Involving the King in the sacking of doctors or any other civil servants, does NOT instil confidence in the rakyat. Need we say more?

2. When will the sexual predator face criminal charges?

3. When will he be named? People do not want to be treated by such a person.

Why was the Agong involved in the sacking of the doctor who was the head of orthopaedics at a hospital in the Klang Valley?

16 November 2018



PUTRAJAYA: A doctor who is also the head of a department at a government hospital in the Klang Valley, accused of sexual harassment, has been sacked, effective Nov 14.

Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad announced this today, saying the decision was reached following the outcome of a discussion between the Public Services Department (PSD) and the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC), which had been submitted to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for consent after getting advice from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has consented to terminate the service of the said department head effective Nov 14. The termination letter has been sent to the department head on Nov 15,” he said in a statement today.

The decision to terminate the department head was reached after a Special Investigation Committee completed its probe into the case on Oct 23.

The committee, formed on Sept 24, was tasked to complete initial information collected by an independent investigation body relating to the sexual harassment allegations committed by the department head, said Dr Dzulkefly.

“The complete report of the Special Investigation Committee has been submitted to the PSD on Oct 24 before the department met the AGC,” he added.

11 November 2018


IPOH: A decision on the alleged sexual harassment by an orthopedic consultant in a hospital in the Klang Valley is expected to be known by Nov 16.

Two committees, one by the health ministry to conduct an internal inquiry to confirm the allegations and a second with more clout involving various departments and agencies, including the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), were formed to probe further into the issue.

The officer was asked to go on leave after preliminary findings were made by the first committee.

“The anti-graft body came in as there was allegation of misappropriation and abuse of power. The reports have been submitted to the relevant authorities for further action,” Health Deputy Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye told reporters at the blood donation campaign organised by Kelab Kecergasan Xiang Gong Gunung Rapat, here today.

“There are several options if the officer is found guilty, one being sacking which will follow due process. We may also refer him to MACC, Malaysia Medical Association and police if there is a report.

“Some 30 witnesses including victims were called to facilitate investigations,” he added.

18 September 2018





15 September 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry has submitted its report on a sexual harassment case involving a department head of a public hospital to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC).

Its Deputy Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye said that the report was submitted to MACC to investigate any possible corruption.

Dr Lee also urged the victims involved to make a police report.

“We have actually checked the main police stations around Klang Valley and there were none, even though the victims alleged that they had made reports.

“But if there are police reports, it would be good if they show it to us and we can get the police to initiate the necessary investigations,” he said during a press conference after the launch of a Healthcare Conference on Saturday (Sept 15).

In July, The Star reported about house officers who alleged that they were bullied and sexually harassed by the head of department in a hospital in the Klang Valley.

Dr Lee also said that ministry had suspended the department head concerned.

“The ministry has also written to the JPA (Public Service Department) for it to initiate a suspension in view of further disciplinary action,” he said adding that the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) would also be taking action.

12 September 2018

10 September 2018




KUALA LUMPUR: A few specialists from a hospital in the Klang Valley are claiming top officials have informed them that staff members at the orthopaedic department whose department head (HoD) was accused of sexual harassment would be transferred out of the hospital for bringing charges against him.

Confusion has arisen because others have been told the decision to transfer staff members was put on hold.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad told The Star that people should not listen to hearsay but wait for an official statement instead.

Now, one specialist – who declined to be named – said he was shocked to be told last Thursday to expect his transfer letter in two weeks following an inquiry into the sexual harassment case.

The specialist said he and a few other specialists had received calls informing them that the current orthopaedic team – made up of 14 specialists, 25 medical officers (MOs) and 15 paramedics (nurses, medical assistants and administrative staff) – would be disbanded and replaced with a new team.

The official claimed that the tran­s­fer order was decided at a meeting on Thursday in Putrajaya, he said.

“He told us we have been given the transfer order by the Health Ministry’s top ranking management officials, and that letters would follow through. He said this was a consequence of the sexual harassment charges against ‘your ex-head of department’.”

“Most of us are very upset. Colleagues and patients who have heard the news have questioned the transfer order, and if we were the sexual predator in question,” he said.

He said after the call, he called another official who confirmed the transfer order. Another specialist also received a confirmation via text message from a different source. However, one official said the transfer had been put on hold.

“Around the same time as this news, there was an emergency meeting held at a hospital to identify doctors who would volunteer to move to the hospital in question,” he said.

The specialist said it would be unjust for them to be punished as they were not involved in the HoD’s sexual harassment case, and did not know what occurred behind closed doors.

He also said not all staff members – including himself – were called to the inquiry.

He said this incident had demoralised many dedicated doctors who had sacrificed family time, spending long hours at the hospital.

Another specialist said some of them had already been verbally informed of their new posts – and when to report for duty – Sept 18 for specialists and Oct 1 for medical officers.

“We find this totally unacceptable. Transfers have to made with a valid reason and this unjustified wholesale transfer is shocking.

“Whenever we asked about the transfer (from the minister’s office and secretary of the independent inquiry committee), we were told it was to ‘dismantle the toxic environment’, and that we were ‘guilty by association’ and ‘inaction’, and it was ‘collateral damage’,” he said.

Many doctors are worried that their livelihoods would be affected if they have to move.

Some junior medical officers and postgraduate medical officers have research ongoing while others have professional examinations coming up, he said. Many specialists had settled down near the hospital, and have schoolgoing children and sick parents to care for.

A sudden change like this would surely disrupt their lives.

Another specialist said the ministry should hear out those affected if they were going to carry out the transfer.


13 August 2018

10 victims, 7 witnesses speak up on housemen sexual harassment claims

KUALA LUMPUR: Ten victims and seven witnesses have provided their testimonies to an independent body to verify claims of sexual harassment and bullying of female housemen by the head of an orthopaedics department at a Klang Valley hospital.

Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said the independent inquiry body has met twice since to investigate into the matter with representatives from the Health Ministry, Women, Family and Community Development Ministry and other relevant government agencies.

5 August 2018



Hospital sexual harassment probe looking into claims of a cover-up

Published:  |  Modified:

The multi-agency probe into allegations of sexual harassment involving a department head in a Klang Valley hospital will also look into victims’ claims of a cover-up.

According to The Star, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh said this was because of claims that no action was taken after victims lodged complaints against the department head.

“In this particular case, it is about who covered up (the complaints).

“The victims claimed they reported to the authorities but there had been no action. We are looking into that,” she was reported as saying at a Bukit Kiara Hikers group picnic yesterday.

Yeoh added that two representatives from her ministry will sit on the independent inquiry body set up by the Health Ministry to monitor the proceedings of the investigation.

Sexual Harassment Act

The deputy minister also stressed that the case underscored the “urgency” of introducing proper legislation to prevent workplace sexual harassment.

“The Sexual Harassment Act has been talked about for some time, but now with the case involving the Health Ministry, we feel there is a sense of urgency to quickly legislate (the prevention of) sexual harassment,” she said.

1 August 2018


PETALING JAYA: The senior doctor said to have sexually abused female housemen has pressured medical officers and specialists under him to sign a letter vouching for his performance as the department head.

According to sources, he instructed one of his medical staff to draft a letter of support for him on Tuesday (Jul 31) and asked other medical staff, including nurses, to sign it.

He also allegedly phoned medical officers and specialists the night before to urge them to sign the letter.

A draft of the letter was sighted by The Star, and purportedly it is addressed to the independent inquiry body investigating the matter.

The body comprises representatives from Health ministry, Women, Family, Community Development Ministry and other relevant agencies.

The letter stated that under his leadership, the hospital’s Orthopaedic department had achieved an excellent track record and was respected by many.

It is expected that the petition letter would be prepared and sent in by Wednesday (Aug 1), said a source.

The source also said the department head was identifying those who had not signed the petition to urge them to sign it.



SERDANG: A top Health Ministry official has asked for the disclosure of the police report supposedly made against an orthopaedic head of department for alleged sexual harassment.

Deputy Health director-general Datuk Dr Azman Abu Bakar…said that a lot of allegations had been made, but he had not been able to find any police report related to the case.

“Please show us the police report,” he said, when asked to comment on the case of the hospital department head who allegedly sexually harassed female housemen (junior doctors).

He said he had been trying to get the relevant police report. The police have also gone to the hospital to investigate, but have not found the report.


24h24 hours ago

Report: Doctor who sexually terrorise housemen told to go on leave

PETALING JAYA, July 31 ― The alleged sexual predator Orthopaedic head of department targeting house officers under him has been ordered to go on indefinite leave, The Star reported today.

Quoting anonymous sources, the paper said the doctor based in a Klang Valley hospital was ordered to do so following reports of sexual harassment and advances against his junior doctors.

Malay Mail could not verify the directive.









KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 — The Health Department was said to have issued a gag order to stop medical officers in a Klang Valley public hospital from divulging further information on the orthopaedic head of department there following media spotlight.

A source working there told Malay Mail that Selangor Health Department director Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim had issued a directive to stop any leaks involving the still unnamed doctor accused of sexual abuse and harassment on house officers.

“Gag order,” the source replied, when asked to confirm the doctor’s employment status following media reports of his alleged misconduct.

“The director has told us not to say anything,” added the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

However, it is already Health Ministry’s policy that any medical officer cannot make a media statement since they are not authorised to do so.

Separately, one of the hospital’s pharmaceutical suppliers also told Malay Mail that his company had become wary of sending female personnel to the hospital due to the doctor’s reported misbehaviour.

“People in my pharmaceutical company tend to stay away from the hospital because of the doctor.

“Some of the company representatives were also prone to be abused by that doctor, who sometimes had also verbally threatened them,” said the source, who also requested anonymity.

Yesterday, The Star quoting its sources saying that the doctor is currently under indefinite leave.

Malay Mail could not verify the gag order nor his employment status with either the Health Department or the hospital’s director.


29 July 2018


Published on Jul 29, 2018

The health ministry will get to the bottom of allegations published today about sexual harassment by a hospital head of department, the minister, Dzulkefly Ahmad, said today.
“To those who asked about the case the ministry will get to the bottom of this,” he said, in an assurance to the victims, who are women doctors in their housemanship year. He made his remarks in a posting on his Twitter account.

The allegations were made in a report in the Sunday Star today, which alleged that a head of orthopaedics had sexually harassed and made sexual advances against house officers.

PETALING JAYA: The allegations involving sexual abuse against house officers by a hospital department head will be investigated, said Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

In a tweet on Sunday afternoon (Jul 29), he said the ministry would investigate the case.

“The Health Ministry will get to the bottom of this.  I want to assure you all, especially the aggrieved victims,” he had tweeted.

On Sunday (July 29), The Star reported cases involving sexual harassment and bullying of housemen by an orthopaedics department head in a hospital in the Klang Valley.

A sex predator is in the house

Sunday, 29 Jul 2018

PETALING JAYA: It was during the end of a long shift at the hospital when houseman Michelle (not her real name) was told that her department head wanted to meet her over work-related reasons.

In actual fact, he had a more si­nister intention in mind.


Told that there would be ano­ther person at the meeting, she entered the clinic and the senior doctor locked the door behind him.

“He then grabbed me and started to unbutton my shirt and kiss my lips,” said the 27-year-old.

“He said he was going to give me his ‘blessings’. I pushed him away and ran out of the room.

“I was shocked and depressed. I cried, I was disgusted,” she said.

The incident isn’t an isolated one. Michelle said throughout her posting, the doctor had touched her inappropriately, demanding that she went out drinking with him.

“He would tell me to drink almost all the drinks he ordered and would try to grab my breasts after I become tipsy.

“He asked me to send him home so we can continue, but I always managed to find excuses,” she said, adding that he would ask her to go out drinking with him at least twice a week.

The houseman said she felt pressured to comply with his demands as he had threatened to fail her if she did not do as he said.

“He told me and the others that there was a non-academic component to our test, and if we don’t follow his orders, we would be failed,” she said.

Michelle lodged a police report last October. To this day, no action has been taken.

Michelle is one of many house officers who had fallen prey to the sexual advances and threats of the man, who is the Orthopaedics department head in a hospital in the Klang Valley.

The predator targets young fe­male housemen whom he felt were powerless against him as he ruled the department with an iron fist and had the power to fail them.

The Star contacted these victims who wanted their stories heard.

Another houseman said the department head was relentless in making sexual advances toward her, throughout her six-month stint at the hospital.

“Whenever he is bored, he would call me to his office to talk about sex,” she said.

An incident that has since been etched in her mind happened du­ring a physical exercise activity at the hospital.

The department head touched her breasts while she was in an exercise position.

She said he had even gone to her residence and sent photos of it to her via WhatsApp.

She concurred with Michelle that he had a habit of asking housemen to drink with him, and would try to get the housemen drunk while they were out.


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