Dear Bung Mokhtar, Why are you called “Chickenbatangan”?

8 August 2018


Why Bung Moktar should be suspended

August 8, 2018

He may have been allowed to get away with crass comments in the Dewan before, but the new government should hold him accountable for his words.


By TK Chua

I think it is about time he is hauled up to account for his words. It is about time to suspend him for a year or so without pay and allowance. I am sure we do not need an MP who contributes nothing and only creates distractions and disruption.

What kind of message are we sending to the people if nothing is done to contain his invectives?

I would have understood why he was able to get away under the speaker of the previous government.

But what about now? We have a new government, a new Parliament and a new speaker. Are we going to do more of the same or are we going to make genuine change?

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.


Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin has sidestepped Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin’s challenge for the two fight in the ring.

Bung said while he is skilled in self-defence and could fight if the situation called for it, he suggested that Willie take on someone like boxing welterweight world champion Manny Pacquiao instead.

“I’m a people’s representative, my spirit is to uplift the people, not box in the ring.

“But if he (Willie wants to fight), I suggest that he squares off with Pacquiao, at least he’ll get some money rather than box for nothing,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby today.

Bung added that he is willing to provide Willie a ring to box in, and to find him a professional like Pacquiao to box with.




Bung Moktar puzzled over why people are donating to Tabung Harapan

2 hours ago

Umno supreme council member Bung Moktar Radin is puzzled over why … so when the Pakatan …



Umno supreme council member Bung Moktar Radin is puzzled over why Malaysians still donate to the Tabung Harapan (Hope Fund) set up to help alleviate the nation’s debt.This is particularly so when the Pakatan Harapan government asked the people for contribution when it has yet to fulfil its election manifesto pledges, Bung Moktar said.”There are 10 to 20 countries with total debts exceeding US$1 trillion, with some of them reaching the US$2 trillion debt level. However, none of these countries asked it’s people to donate to a fund to pay the debt,” he said in an interview with Malaysiakini last week.

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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Which ASEAN country

    No kronym and


    The so called grey


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