Big Shots of the MCA in GE 14: All GONE except for Wee Ka Siong!

10 May 2018


17h17 hours ago

[LIVE UPDATE] The situation at Ayer Hitam as of 9.15pm.

BN – Wee Ka Siong – 5,463
PH – Liew Chin Tong – 5,025
PAS – Mardi Marwan – 1,172

14h14 hours ago

Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong of BN wins Ayer Hitam. making him the sole MCA rep (Unofficial)


Dep Minister Chong Sin Woon Lost Seremban by 30,694 votes to DAP


Dep Minister Chua Tee Yong Lost Labis by 3,408 votes to DAP


Dep Minister Chew Mei Fun Lost Raub by 3,159 votes to DAP


Dep Minister Lee Chee Leong Lost Kampar by 11,801 votes to DAP


Minister Liow lost Bentong by 2,032 votes to Wong Tack


10h10 hours ago

Liow Tiong Lai loses Bentong parliamentary seat

BENTONG: MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai failed to retain the Bentong parliamentary seat in the 14th General Election (GE14).

Liow, representing the Barisan Nasional (BN), was defeated by PKR-DAP candidate Wong Tack, an environmental activist, with a majority of 2,032 votes.

The result was announced by returning officer Datuk Azhar Arshad at the Dewan Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Ahmad here today.


2h2 hours ago

The ten biggest losers of
DS Liow Tiong Lai
DS Mah Siew Keong
DS S. Subramaniam
Dtk Dr Sim Kui Hian
Dtk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek
Dtk P. Kamalanathan
Dtk Chong Sin Woon
TS Shahrir Samad
DS Razali Ibrahim
DS Salleh Said Keruak


6h6 hours ago

Undi rakyat pada PRU14 semalam mengakibatkan seramai 131 orang bertaraf Anggota Pentadbiran hilang pekerjaan. 🔴1 Perdana Menteri 🔴1 Timbalan Perdana Menteri 🔴33 Menteri Persekutuan 🔴33 Timbalan Menteri 🔴5 Menteri Besar 🔴1 Ketua Menteri 🔴57 Exco Kerajaan di 6 negeri


4h4 hours ago



4 March 2018

Excerpts from:

How can MCA claim to represent the Chinese?

Published on  |  Modified on

Lim Kit Siang
MP SPEAKS | Although I had a fall in my Gelang Patah house, causing me five stitches on the right forehead and cancellation of my weekend programmes in Johor and Selangor – and maybe tomorrow’s Parliamentary opening by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, what with the ugly blue-black marks around my right eye – I just cannot stand the MCA humbug, cant and hypocrisy shown at the party’s 69th anniversary yesterday.

MCA president and Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai should explain what credibility he possesses when claiming at a press conference after the event that MCA represents the Chinese, when the top three MCA leaders, i.e., the president, deputy president and secretary-general, depend on Umno’s Malay votes to get into Parliament and the cabinet?

Is the MCA representing the Chinese in BN, or is it representing Umno to Chinese Malaysians? Or is MCA representing all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion?

In Bentong, Liow’s parliamentary constituency, the single biggest ethnic bloc of voters are Malay voters (46.1 percent), with 42.4 percent Chinese voters, nine percent Indians and others at 2.5 percent.

In Ayer Hitam, the parliamentary constituency of MCA deputy president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Wee Ka Siong…..the largest ethnic group of voters are 57.6 percent Malay voters, with the Chinese at 38.3 percent, Indians at 3.9 percent and others at 0.2 percent.

And in Tanjong Malim, the parliamentary constituency of MCA secretary-general and Trade and Industry Minister II Ong Ka Chuan, the largest ethnic group of voters are again the Malays at 55.4 percent, with Chinese 25.8 percent, Indians 13.2 percent and Orang Asli 5.6 percent.

Furthermore, Malay voters represent the largest ethnic group in six of the seven parliamentary constituencies won by MCA in the 13th general election.

LIM KIT SIANG is the MP for Gelang Patah and DAP parliamentary leader.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

20 February 2018

MCA leaders avoiding Chinese-majority seats: Guan Eng

Published:     Modified:

MCA leaders received yet another blow from Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who criticised his rivals for allegedly not practising what they preach on the issue of seat allocation for the coming polls.

He said MCA deputy chief Wee Ka Siong could not deny claims that the party’s representation of the Chinese community had been negated by their leaders refusing to contest in seats with a majority of Chinese voters.

“Are MCA leaders not ashamed that they do not practice what they preach by not contesting in seats with more than 50 percent Chinese voters?” Lim asked in a statement today.

He pointed out that for the first time, the three top MCA leaders – president Liow Tiong Lai, deputy president Wee and secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan – would be depending on Umno votes to get elected as MPs.

“In Bentong, Liow’s parliamentary constituency, the single biggest ethnic bloc of voters are the 46.1 percent Malay voters with Chinese voters at 42.4 percent, Indians 9.0 percent and others 2.5 percent,” noted Lim.

“In Ayer Hitam, Wee’s parliamentary constituency, the largest ethnic group of voters are the 57.6 percent Malay voters with the Chinese at 38.3 percent; Indians 3.9 percent and others 0.2 percent,” he added.

“In Tanjong Malim, Ong’s parliamentary constituency, the largest ethnic group of voters are again the Malays at 55.4 percent with Chinese at 25.8 percent, Indians 13.2 percent and Orang Asli 5.6 percent,” Lim said.

Lim…..said Malay voters represented the largest ethnic group in six of the seven parliamentary constituencies won by MCA in the 13th national polls.


13 January 2018

MCA deputy president Dr Wee Ka Siong said he is not afraid of DAP’s plan to take him down in the 14th general election.

“Bring it on,” he crowed.

Guan Eng surprised Johor Chinese school asking him for donation

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he was surprised at receiving a request for donation from a Chinese school in Johor where MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong is MP.

He claimed the school only received “tens of thousands of ringgit” in allocations despite being in a constituency held by a BN minister.

He said the incident happened during a visit to Yong Peng yesterday.

A senior staff of a Chinese school approached him for a donation, saying he heard that Penang handed out generous donations for Chinese schools.

“They asked me to give an allocation as they read in the papers that Penang independent Chinese schools received RM500,000 in total last year.

“They asked me if they, too, could get an allocation from us,” Lim said at the Han Chiang School here today.

“I was quite shocked. I said your MP is Wee Ka Siong, a federal minister.

“The school staff said they only received ‘several tens of thousands’ from the federal government, which they said was not enough.

“A minister gets RM5 million in allocations a year. Opposition MPs do not get this. Now, if an MP is a minister, he should be getting at least RM10 million.

“So why can’t the MP give RM1 million to Chinese schools? Especially when it is in his constituency? Sadly, these schools only get several tens of thousands.”

Wee is three-term MP for Ayer Hitam, Johor.


Yong Peng school taken aback by Guan Eng’s donation remarks

PETALING JAYA: The director of a Chinese independent school in Yong Peng, Johor, has told politicians not to belittle others on the amount they contributed to education.

Yong Peng High School’s board of directors’ chairman Yu Ching Nee said the school welcomed donations from everyone, regardless of their background.

Donors should not use this as a reason to attack others for contributing “less” money.

“It does not matter how much a person contributes to us because we see all donations as a sincere contribution to Chinese schools.”

Yu said the school was taken aback when Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng issued his statement that he was surprised to get a request for help from a senior staff member of a Yong Peng independent Chinese school during a visit to Johor on Friday.
In a statement today, Yu said it was normal for a school to seek a donation from a “national leader” like Lim.

Yu said the Chinese school was planning to build a learning centre in conjunction with its 60th anniversary and was still lacking in funds for the new building.

“We now have about RM4 million and still lack another RM4 million to reach our target.

“We have sent out an official letter to the chief minister and hope he can support us and help the hardworking students.”

Earlier today, Ayer Hitam MCA division chairman Ling Tian Soon, who is MCA’s candidate for the Yong Peng state seat in the next polls, said if Lim chose to donate to the school, MCA would be happy about it.

“However, why was it necessary to push down others in order to lift his (Lim’s) own image up?”

He said the Yong Peng High School had received RM75,000 from Wee last year, not including subsidies and contributions to the school’s alumni association.

Ling said Wee actively contributed to the Yong Peng Taiwanese Students Association, which helps the Yong Peng High School to organise fund-raising events.

He said the school had been chosen as part of the Malaysian Chinese Educational Information Project 2017.

“This educational programme is estimated to cost over RM200,000 and has been fully funded by MCA, with the school not requiring to pay for any of the programmes or equipment.”

9 January 2018

It looks like Wee Ka Siong, MP for Ayer Hitam, Johor will defend his seat. He won the seat by 15,652 votes in 2004, by 13,909 votes in 2008 and by 7,310 votes in 2013. 

Bring it on, Wee Ka Siong tells DAP

MCA deputy president Dr Wee Ka Siong said he is not afraid of DAP’s plan to take him down in the 14th general election.

“Bring it on,” said the three-term MP for Ayer Hitam in Johor and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Datuk Chong Sin Woon is the Deputy Education Minister and a Senator, that is, an UNELECTED APPOINTEE to the Cabinet.

He is the  BN candidate for the Seremban parliamentary constituency in GE 14. He will surely get thrashed.

However, it would not matter. He would be in Najib’s cabinet again if BN won GE 14.

In the 13th general election, in 2013, Anthony Loke Siew Fook of DAP won the Seremban seat after beating the late Yeow Chai Thiam of MCA and three independent candidates.


P128 Seremban Loke Siew Fook
45,628 52.2%,_2013_by_parliamentary_constituency#Negeri_Sembilan

31 December 2017


MCA picks Chong as GE14 candidate for Seremban

Published:     Modified:

MCA today announced its choice of MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon as the BN candidate for the Seremban parliamentary constituency in the 14th general election.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai made the announcement when speaking to reporters after a visit to the Seremban Central Market. Also present was Negeri Sembilan MCA chairmperson King Lim Chin Fui.

Liow…..appealed to the people of Seremban to support MCA, saying it was important to have Chinese representatives in the government to convey their views as well as to extend services to the community.

He said Chong, who is a senator and deputy education minister, was the right choice of candidate for Seremban, because he had a high level of commitment in serving the people there besides being a dynamic, sociable and popular individual in the local community.

The MCA president said the party had sent its shortlisted candidates for the general election to Prime Minister and BN chairperson Najib Abdul Razak.

“I am convinced the Chinese community will support a government that can ensure stability and maintain the harmony, security and solidarity of a multiracial population.


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