Siti Nurhaliza has a child. Jamal Yunos has jail time.

31 July 2018

28 March 2018


A LIFE that feels good on the inside ..not one that just looks good on the outside

25 Dec 2016


Siti on her Instagram scolded Jamal over his “towel protest” on Wednesday.

“Don’t be like Jamal,” said the popular singer on her Instagram, followed by several hashtags to imply the water cuts had been notified earlier.

In his message on a WhatsApp group, Jamal replied “My advice to Siti, mind your own water which is not that fertile, or get some new water.”

Jamal denies calling Siti Nurhaliza infertile


PETALING JAYA: Controversial Umno division chief Jamal Yunos has denied calling local songstress Siti Nurhaliza infertile, a remark that inflamed more than just her fans.

“When did I come out with a statement calling Siti Nurhaliza infertile? Where is the WhatsApp message? Show me a print screen of the message.

“I did not say such a thing, don’t simply accuse me. If I say anything it will be on my Facebook.

“If you want to take statements from a WhatsApp group then that’s the problem. Don’t tell me that you, as media who have readers and viewers, will publish something that has not been validated,” he told FMT.

He said his official statements will be issued only through Facebook.


2h2 hours ago

In Umno Sungai Besar, Jamal rules, Siti Nurhaliza not so much

SUNGAI BESAR: Umno division members here defend their chief Jamal Yunos’ actions strongly, including his towel protest over the Selangor water cuts and calling singer Siti Nurhaliza infertile.

They are of the view that the Red Shirts leader was not wrong and he was a brave leader to express his views on issues.

One Umno Sungai Besar Youth committee member Imran Tamrin said it was merely Jamal’s creative way of carrying out his political role.

“To me, I see him as thinking out of the box when he tries to highlight an issue, as not much politicians can do so.”

“What he did was in fact good move to put himself in the limelight,” he told FMT today.

24 Dec 2016

Jamal Yunos sindir Siti Nurhaliza tiada anak


24Dec 2016

Hina Siti Nurhaliza, ibu dan isteri JamalYunos juga wanita – Fuziah Salleh


Petaling Jaya: Ahli Parlimen Kuantan dari PKR, Fuziah Salleh hari ini tampil mempertahankan penyanyi nombor satu negara, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin ekoran serangan oleh Ketua Umno Sungai Besar Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos.

Sambil menyifatkan kenyataan Jamal sebagai bersifat peribadi, berunsur jelik, seksis serta menghina kaum wanita, Fuziah berkata, ramai wanita berasa terhina dengan sindiran Jamal itu yang mengatakan Siti Nurhaliza tidak subur.

“Kata-kata itu menghina ciptaan Allah Taala kerana anugerah cahaya mata merupakan rezeki dari Allah Taala dan bukan semata-mata kehendak seorang wanita tersebut.

“Ayat yang digunakan oleh Jamal merupakan keterlaluan buat seorang wanita dan punyai unsur jelik mirip kepada lucah,” ujar Fuziah dalam kenyataan lapor Malaysiakini.

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