Video. Drunk Russian: Passenger from Hell?

7 July 2017



A RUSSIAN, who tried to overcome his fear of flying by drinking too much, is now in police custody after causing a scare in a flight from Moscow to Antalya in Turkey.

The drunken passenger was tied up using seatbelts by fellow passengers, The Daily Sabah of Turkey reported on Wednesday.

He was on a Red Wing Airlines flight with his wife and two children. The unnamed passenger was leaving Russia for the first time in his life. He was reportedly afraid of flying and drank to excess in an attempt to overcome his fear of flying.

Videos shot by passengers show the man’s face and clothes covered in blood as he loudly swears and hits the seat in front of him. He was said to have angered by the cabin crew, who confiscated his alcohol.

When the plane reached its destination, police were waiting for the man on the tarmac, while his family travelled back to Russia.



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