K.L. Street Justice: Man beaten up by vigilantes for alleged theft of iPhone 7 Plus…

6 June 2017


He was a thief, so it is reported.

They caught him, tied him up and beat him.

Video of man tied to car and beaten, goes viral

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip of a man tied to a car and beaten by a group of men for allegedly stealing a phone in Taman Maluri, Cheras here on Saturday has, since gone viral.

The video of the incident was also uploaded on Singapore’s Straits Times website, showed a shirtless man being tied with a rope onto a car.

At least eight other men – with some armed with pliers and sticks – can also be seen beating him up.

The website reported that a resident known only as Eve heard people arguing in front of her apartment and she went down to check.

“There was a bunch of guys who kept beating this man with pliers and a steel stick. I believe this guy was staying at the Hotel Dragon Inn and he wanted to go in (but the men would not let him). The group was too violent.

“When we (onlookers) yelled at the guy who tried to tie the victim up and drag him by the car, they said that this guy deserved to die as he had stolen their phone and it was (his) hard earned money. They asked us not to interfere,” she was quoted as saying.

Eve said several onlookers called the police while some intervene and tried to calm the group.

The men allegedly hid the orange rope used to tie the victim and drove away in the car as soon as police arrived on the scene.

Cheras police chief Assistant Commissioner Chong Kok Sin had said that scuffle ensued after members of the public tried to detain the man.

He had allegedly broken into a house at Jalan Jejaka 2.

The man had stolen an iPhone 7 Plus belonging to a 26-year-old man who was sleeping at the time of the incident.

The man’s nephew woke him up and told him that an unknown man had walked into the house and took his phone.

“The man immediately chased the thief and he managed to get hold of him with the help of the public. There was a scuffle (between the thief and members of the public) when they tried to detain the man,” Chong said.

The thief sustained light injuries and he was taken to UKM Medical Centre for treatment.


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