In #Singapore, karma may come swiftly: Man arrested for shoplifting after he criticized dead police officer…

5 June 2017


1h1 hour ago

Netizen who drew flak for Traffic Police FB post charged with shoplifting

Thomas Chua Poh Heng was charged on Monday (June 5) with one count of theft of a 100ml of Must de Cartier perfume at Mustafa Centre along Syed Alwi Road on Sunday (June 4) morning. He will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for two weeks. His next court appearance is on June 19.

The police said the shopping centre’s in-house security officers had detained Chua outside the store with an unpaid item before handing him over to the police.

He was arrested by the police at 5:37am on Sunday. He is also under investigation for three other cases lodged against him since January.
However, in response to media queries, a police spokesperson told TODAY that authorities “will remain professional and objective in our dealings with Mr Thomas Chua,” despite his “hurtful and unfair remarks not only to our officers but to (SSG Nadzrie’s) family and friends”.

If convicted of theft in-dwelling, Chua can be jailed up to seven years and fined.


2h2 hours ago

Man who criticised dead Traffic Police officer on Facebook arrested for shoplifting


SINGAPORE – The man who drew flak online for his Facebook post criticising a Traffic Police officer who died in the line of duty has been arrested for shoplifting.

Thomas Chua Poh Heng, 39, was nabbed on Sunday (June 4) at 5.37am for alleged shop theft at a departmental store along Syed Alwi Road, police said in a press release early Monday.

The Straits Times understand that the departmental store is Mustafa Centre.

Chua, was detained by in-house security officers outside the store with an unpaid item and handed over to police.

Police added that Chua, prior to his arrest for alleged shop theft, was already under investigation for three other separate police reports lodged against him since January this year.

It is understood that while Chua had a string of traffic violations to his name previously, none were issued by SSG Nadzrie.


Jun 1

My condolences to the traffic police office ( TP officer Nadzrie Bin Matin)




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