Don’t you wear a ring around your penis! Even if you didn’t die of shame, you could lose it. Your penis, not the ring…

Thinking of putting a ring around your p***s? Don’t! Think of the shame!

30 July 2019

27 February 2018

8h8 hours ago

Firemen called to free 60-year-old man’s penis from metal ring


GEORGE TOWN – Firemen were called in to help a 60-year-old man whose penis got stuck in a metal ring.

The senior citizen sought help at the Penang Hospital after failing to remove the ring at about 10am Monday (Feb 26).

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said a team from Jalan Perak went to the hospital with a special drill.

“It took us about 30 minutes to complete the task.”

The spokesman did not disclose how the ring got stuck on the man’s penis.

21 March 2017

PETALING JAYA: The use of penis rings seems to have picked up in Malaysia, with many cases being reported of firemen coming to the rescue to remove such rings from hapless men.

That may be “merely” embarrassing, but there is also a real danger: If a penis ring is left on too long, it could result in impotency or worse, amputation, says a urologist.

Dr George Lee, a columnist for The Star Online, said that if the ring is left on for more than six hours, the man could end up impotent due to damaged nerves and blood supply.

“In the worst case scenario, when the man actually leaves it on for more than a day, the constriction becomes tighter, it starts eroding into the penis and gets infected, and becomes necrotic. Necrosis means cell death.

“We have actually seen in very severe cases, men end up losing their penises because of that,” said Dr Lee.

“The problem arises when after they have sex – they just forget (the ring) and go to sleep, or something like that, and the blood continues to go into the penis,” he said.

Most of the time, he said, these men were able to take off the rings themselves with some soap or by cutting them if they were plastic.

However, metal rings pose a bigger problem as these cannot be easily cut, even at hospitals, as most of them do not have the necessary tools.

“What we do is that we use a needle to pierce into the penis and we aspirate (draw out) the blood.

“When we do that, most of the time it will actually deflate the erection and we will be able to wiggle the ring off of the penis,” he explained.

It is when this method doesn’t work that the firefighters are brought in, he said.



The purpose of a cock ring is to trap blood inside the penis in order to maintain an erection, or encourage a stronger erection. In order to do this it must be placed at the base of the penis.


A cock ring is a ring that can be placed around a penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue, thus maintaining an erection for a much longer period of time.

Cock rings can be worn around just the penis or both the penis and scrotum, or just the scrotum alone, though this is usually called a testicle cuff. Rings can be made of a variety of different materials, most commonly leather, rubber, or silicone, though nylon and metal are also used either as the main component or part of the closure.


A man may wear an erection ring because he has erectile dysfunction (ED). When used for ED, a purpose-designed vacuum pump is used to produce an erection by simple mechanical and hydrodynamical action in spite of vascular or nerve damage, and the ring is slid off the pump’s cylinder onto the base of the penis to maintain the erection before it is lost. The testicles are not ringed in this case.


A cock ring may be used to prolong erection in order to provide pleasure beyond their own orgasm or simply because the wearer likes the particular sensation of tightness and extreme engorgement that wearing one provides. It can be worn as a sex toy, as genital jewelry, or simply for the appearance. Some men enjoy using cock rings for masturbation, as wearing of this sex toy contributes to better erection and delays orgasm for themselves, thus it intensifies orgasmic sensations. Also, vibrating cock rings deliver a great range of very pleasurable vibrations that enhance enjoyment for the wearer and their partner.

19 March 2017

12 hours of pain after ring stuck on penis


GEORGE TOWN: A man had to endure pain for 12 hours after a ring got stuck on his penis.

The man, who is in his 20s, sought medical help after he failed to remove the ring, and was sent to Penang Hospital.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel were called to remove the ring at the hospital, at around 10.30am on Sunday.

Operations commander from the Perak Road fire station Mohd Asrul Naim Abidin said firemen successfully removed the ring in 10 minutes and the victim was reportedly stable.



Guna pelbagai cara, termasuk sabun dan minyak , namun gagal lalu terpaksa ke hospital minta bantua


Georgetown: Seorang Lelaki berusia 20-an terpaksa menahan sakit selama hampir 12 jam selepas ‘cincin’ logam yang digunakan pada kemaluannya, tersekat tidak boleh ditanggalkan sejak malam tadi.

Dalam kejadian 8 malam itu, lelaki berkenaan dipercayai menggunakan ‘cincin’ berkenaan untuk meningkatkan keupayaan seksualnya ketika melakukan hubungan seks.

Bagaimanapun, kemaluannya bengkak selepas cincin berkenaan tersekat, tidak boleh ditanggalkan, lalu terpaksa dihantar ke hospital yang kemudian meminta bantuan bomba.

Komander Operasi Bomba Jalan Perak, Mohd Asrul Naim Abidin, berkata pihaknya menerima panggilan daripada Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP) pada 10.50 pagi, hari ini.

20 Jan 2017

1h1 hour ago

Klang man uses water bottle to pass urine, genitals get stuck


PORT KLANG: A 21-year-old man whose penis became lodged in a mineral water bottle ended up injuring himself when he used a saw to cut open the receptacle this morning.
The 4am incident occurred at a house in Jalan Air Mata Duyong in Telok Gong, here, when the man decided to use the empty bottle to pass urine.
Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Mohd Sani Harul said a team of firemen were rushed to the scene.
“When he could not free his genitals from the bottle, the man used a saw and tried to cut (the bottle) open.

“However, this action saw him injuring his penis, and caused serious bleeding,” Sani said.

Read More :


Bomba menyelamatkan lelaki yg kemaluannya tersangkut dalam botol air mineral


10 Jan 2017

Man seeks medical help after ring stuck on genitals for three days 


JOHOR BARU: A 41-year-old man turned up at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) here seeking medical help when he could no longer endure the pain on his private as there is a metal ring stuck on it, and has been for the past three days.
The Johor Fire and Rescue Department was notified about the incident when the hospital called the department and ask for its personnel to be on standby.
The hospital was unsure if the surgery (currently being conducted) to remove the metal ring, would be successful.
Johor Fire and Rescue Department public relations officer Mohamad Riduan Akhyar said the department received an emergency call from the hospital and were told to be on standby if additional hands were needed.

It is learnt that the man was admitted after he tried removing the ring himself but failed. Apparently, the man had slipped the ring onto his genital three days ago. It is not known why he did so.

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Bomba diarahkan pulang oleh pihak hospital namun diminta bersiap sedia sekiranya bantuan diperlukan.

1 Jan 2017

Penis rings keep firemen busy, says City Fire and Rescue chief

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 80 percent of distress calls made to the City Fire and Rescue Department involving rings over the last three years were to remove rings stuck in the private parts of men.

City Fire and Rescue Department chief operations officer Samsol Maarif Saibani said that almost 80 percent of calls made to the department to remove stuck rings were made by men after their genitals were stuck in metal rings.

He said that the department received a total of eight cases to remove stuck rings in 2016 while there were 22 cases in 2015 and 10 cases in 2014, adding that most of the calls involving private parts and rings came from hospitals.

  1. How did the man’s penis end up in the ring?
    Your answer is probably better than mine.
  2. Was he with his wife or a woman not his wife?
    I can’t answer.

31 Dec 2016





UPDATE kes cincin di KESIPUAN : Inilah cincin yang dikatakan sangat ‘power’ itu… Vingung memikirkannya…. Pic



Firemen save man with penis stuck in ring

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 ― A man’s penis was saved after local firemen successfully cut through a thick metal ring encircling his organ that not even doctors could remove.

City Fire and Rescue Department chief operations officer Samsol Maarif Saibani said 12 firefighters were dispatched to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) after receiving a call for help at about 9pm yesterday, The Star Online reported today.

“Usually in a case like this, bomba will get called in to help because medical facilities do not have the tools required to remove the ring from the private part,” Samsol was quoted saying, using the Malay word for the Fire Department.

The man’s penis was finally freed at about 2am, according to the report.

– See more at:


3h3 hours ago

Pusat Perubatan UM terpaksa panggil bomba keluarkan cincin tersangkut pada zakar



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