Selangor CPO: Jamal Yunos broke the law by raiding gaming outlet.

On 24 Dec 2016, Jamal and his supporters “raided” a gaming outlet he claimed was operating illegally in the district.

The Selangor CPO said the raid was illegal but will anything happen to Jamal?


Jamal says there are 400 illegal gambling joints and 600 massage parlours in the Ampang area alone. If that were true, the area would be packed with 20,000 clients every night!

8 Jan 2017

A million-ringgit tale

CY Ming

I am intrigued by the report that a politician is said to have thrown a bag containing RM1 million back to a gambling den boss.

This was after he had received many phone calls from gambling den bosses allegedly trying to bribe him, including offers of monthly payments with “a very shocking figure”.

I have no idea how gambling den bosses operate but would be quite surprised if this is their modus operandi.

I had always thought they operate behind the scenes and rely on trusted lieutenants to carry out the tasks and with a chain of command in place.

Should I receive a call from a stranger, I would not be able to verify straightaway whether the person is who he claims to be.

However, I would be able to know for sure who a caller is if I were familiar with his voice, and a gambling den boss if I had known of his identity earlier.

Should I bump into him and was offered a bag of money, I will not touch the bag if I were not interested in the money.

I will certainly not spend time counting the money. If I had counted that it was indeed RM1 million, throwing the bag to the gambling den boss would imply that the bribe was too little.

As such, I find the report strange. But it may well be true as fact is often stranger than fiction.

6 Jan 2017

I refused RM1 million, claims Jamal

PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos has claimed he was offered RM1 million by illegal gambling groups in a bid to persuade him against bringing their activities to a standstill.

He claimed they offered him an additional RM200,000 monthly to keep enforcement officers away.

“I have received calls from gambling machine bosses. They wanted to meet me. They offered money and monthly payments, which was surprising.

“Just a few moments ago (Jan 6), I was followed and someone handed me a bag filled with RM1 million. I threw the bag back at the gambling outlet boss,” he told FMT.

31 Dec 2016

Jamal has damaged police’s image: Nur Jazlan 

JOHOR BARU: Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed has warned Red Shirt leader and Sungai Besar Umno division chief Datuk Jamal Yunos not to make allegation that some police officers have worked together with illegal gambling operators for profits.

“Jamal should stop such allegation because it damages police’s image,” Jazlan, who is also Pulai MP, said after officiating a fishing carnival at Sungai Skudai, Taman Tampoi Utama here today.
He said Jamal should forward the information to the police.

“Jamal bringing the reporters to the gambling dens is only for his fame. Police have a special task force for anti-vice, gaming and gangsterism to curb illegal gambling activities.

30 Dec 2016

Selangor has no power to seal gaming centres, Ean Yong tells Jamal

The Selangor government has no power to seal gaming centres as the responsibility is solely on the federal police force, said executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah.

This came after red-shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos brought along effigies of Menteri Besar Azmin Ali and Ean Yong while ‘raiding’ a gaming centre in Ampang Jaya.

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief also slammed Shah Alam authorities for not being able to curb the gaming centre activities.

In rebuttal to Jamal, Ean Yong stated that the police were empowered to raid gaming centres, not the state government.

Hence, he said Jamal should not pass the buck to the state government.

“I urge Jamal not to take the law into his own hands.

“If he got any information about illegal premises, he should hand it over to the police,” the Seri Kembangan state assemblyperson told a press conference in Serdang today.

Describing him as “jaguh kampung”, Ean Yong slammed Jamal’s raid as a means to cover up his own mistakes.



29 Dec 2016

Selangor police chief: Jamal broke the law by raiding gaming outlet

Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos has broken the law by inspecting and raiding a gaming outlet in Sabak Bernam, said Selangor chief police Abdul Samah Mat.

The red-shirts leader should have opted to use the correct channel, including sending a memorandum to the local authorities and informing police about the purported gaming outlet in Selangor, he said as quoted by Berita Harian today.

This was because the act of inspecting and raiding without permission was against the law and the premises owner could lodge a report against him for tresspassing, he said.

Such move would also put the safety of his followers and himself at risk, he added.

“He may have good intention by exposing gambling activities and vices, including illegal entertainment outlets around Selangor, but (he) should do it through the right channel,” Abdul told Berita Harian.

The Selangor top cop however wanted to confirm for himself the alleged 400 gaming outlets in Ampang Jaya as claimed by Jamal.

24 Dec 2016

Jamal Yunos tips off police about gambling joint

December 24, 2016

He says he had to resort to police help after the Sabak Bernam district council refused to act.


PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos is apparently putting pressure on the Sabak Bernam district council (MDSB) to act against enterprises operating without a licence.

Just a day after his hotel-resort was sealed by the council for operating without a licence, he and his supporters “raided” a gaming outlet he claimed was operating illegally in the district today.

Jamal, sent photographs of the purported gaming centre in Sekinchan to the media today, claiming that there were at least nine similar shops operating in Sabak Bernam, NST Online reported.

He said the shop was raided by a team of policemen at 7pm, several hours after the group lodged their complaint.
Sabak Bernam police chief Supt Nor Azmi Isa confirmed that police had raided the family entertainment centre.

He said the outlet had abused its entertainment centre licence by conducting illegal gaming activities. The team seized 48 machines from the premises.

Azmi said police will check into Jamal’s claim that nine other illegal gaming outlets were operating in Sabak Bernam.

He said the local council had approved licences to only five family entertainment centres in the district.

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