Is your Indonesian maid a potential terrorist or a supporter of terrorism?

5 February 2019

Since 2015, 14 foreign domestic helpers who were radicalized have been repatriated.

The Independent @IndependentSG
Five domestic helpers have recently been deported back to Indonesia for being supporters of armed violence, one of whom had worked for an employer who reported her to the authorities.

Five domestic helpers have recently been deported back to Indonesia for being supporters of armed violence, one of whom had worked for an employer who reported her to the authorities.

This employer had noticed that her maid was frequently watching violent videos on her smartphone, and reported her to the Internal Security Department, according to the Straits Times (ST) on Tuesday, February 5.

The employer had become aware of a growing problem when the helper’s behavior had begun to change, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The employer had also recently read of other domestic workers becoming radicalized.

She noticed that the helper was watching images on social media of masked men dressed in military outfits, as well as violent footage.

The MHA, who did not identify the individual nor her employer, revealed that the helper was a supporter of armed violence in areas such as Palestine, Myanmar, and Syria, and was in communication with militant individuals online. She expressed a desire to travel to war zones, believing that those who perish in the struggles there are martyrs.

She had also listened to the teachings of extremist preachers.

The MHA believes that the actions of the alert employer in notifying authorities at once allowed for the “neutralization of a potential threat” to the country.

Since 2015, 14 foreign domestic helpers who were radicalized have been repatriated.

The MHA told the ST that social media has been instrumental in the domestic helpers’ radicalization, especially in the 5 most recent cases of radicalized maids being repatriated, which occurred from July 2017 and June 2018.

14 Dec 2016


And what do you think your maid is doing while you are away at work?

Going on Facebook and communicating with terrorists?

Admitting that she was active on Facebook, Novi said she was exposed to material on radical Islam while working overseas. “A year ago, I started reading up profiles of jihadista on Facebook and I felt inspired because they gave a different view on Islam. I did not take part in any discussions, I was just checking them up but eventually became more curious,” she said, adding that she also listened to audioclips on religious teachings online.


Was she your maid?

In an interview with Indonesia’s TVOne news channel broadcast on Tuesday (Dec 13), Dian Yuli Novi said she spent one-and-a-half years in Singapore, looking after three children aged 11, nine and five months. She did not mention when she worked here but Indonesian media said it was in 2014. She reportedly decided to work abroad when her parents became sickly.

 ..also revealed that she worked in Taiwan for three years as a caretaker for a 78-year-old.

She claimed to speak English and Mandarin. She spoke a bit of Mandarin when asked to by the station’s senior reporter Ecep Yasa. “Ni hao,” she said, explaining that it is hello in Chinese.


Indonesia Tightens Security After Foiling Terrorist Bomb Plot in Jakarta – Wall Street Journal


JAKARTA, Indonesia—Indonesian police Sunday ramped up security in the capital Jakarta after foiling a plot by Islamist militants to use a female suicide bomber to attack the country’s presidential palace.

Investigators said the suspects who planned the attack are believed to be part of the same network of Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian extremist operating out of Syria, whom police believe had orchestrated previous attacks in the city in January that left four bystanders and four attackers dead.

On Saturday, Indonesian police arrested three suspected terrorists and safely detonated a 3-kilogram, high explosive “rice cooker” bomb on the outskirts of Jakarta, Mr. Yuwono said. The suspects were allegedly planning to attack the presidential palace during a changing-of-the-guard ceremony that is open for public viewing on Sunday mornings.

National Police spokesman Awi Setiyono separately said the planned attack revolved around the deployment of a female suicide-attacker. He said police have been following the three people for a while. Law enforcers acted after inspecting a package that the female suspect left at a post office which they found to contain a will, Mr. Setiyono said.

According to investigators, the woman was in direct communication with Mr. Naim.


Indonesia woman planning to be suicide bomber worked in Singapore


JAKARTA – A woman who was planning to be a suicide bomber had worked in Singapore as a maid.

Dian Yulia Novi, 27, was arrested in an anti-terror raid last week for plotting to attack the presidential palace in the capital.

In an interview with TVOne news channel, which was broadcast on Tuesday, Dian said she was first exposed to radical Islam through Facebook while working as a maid abroad.

“On Facebook, I opened profiles of jihadists, who had inspired me,” she told TVOne senior reporter Ecep S. Yasa.

“I did not join any groups, just looked through, but became more curious.” She was interviewed while in custody.

Dian said she also collected articles and audio clips of religious teachings on the Internet.

The woman, from Cirebon in West Java, said she had worked in Singapore for 1½ years for a household with three children, aged five, nine and 11 years old. Local media said she had worked in Singapore in 2014.

Dian said she had also worked as a maid in Taiwan for three years. She said she was “active” on social media and spoke in English while in the Republic. While working as a maid, she said wore the headscarf but not a veil and had never taken a day off, she said.

Dian is one of two women from the same cell who were nabbed by police while planning to suicide bomb the office complex of President Joko Widodo.

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