Fined the maximum RM100: Woman who signed ‘babi’ on the traffic ticket and shouted, “My name is ‘babi’!”

20 Dec 2016

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Wow!! Very generous sentence for disposing off the body of murdered Kevin Morias. Will AG Apandi appeal????

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17 Dec 2016


DPM orders review of laws related to police and Home Ministry


Tulis ‘babi’ atas saman: Peguam negara saran kaji hukuman lebih sesuai
December 17, 2016

Apandi berkata, rayuan tidak akan dilakukan kerana saman RM100 yang dijatuhkan ke atas wanita itu adalah hukuman maksimum dibenarkan di bawah Seksyen 14 Akta Kesalahan-kesalahan Kecil 1955.

KUALA LUMPUR: Jabatan Peguam Negara berpendapat hukuman yang diperuntukkan di bawah Seksyen 14 Akta Kesalahan-kesalahan Kecil 1955 (Akta 336) perlu dikaji semula.

Merujuk kes seorang ibu tunggal didenda RM100 oleh Mahkamah Majistret atas kesalahan itu di Johor Bahru kelmarin, Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali berkata, sudah tiba masanya kajian terhadap hukuman di bawah peruntukan tersebut dilaksanakan agar hukuman lebih sesuai dikenakan.

Apandi berkata, hukuman yang dijatuhkan ke atas wanita itu adalah hukuman maksimum yang dibenarkan di bawah peruntukan tersebut.

“Oleh yang demikian, rayuan ke atas hukuman tidak akan dibuat,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan semalam.

15 Dec 2016


3m3 minutes ago

Pemandu wanita tulis babi pada kertas saman didenda RM100



RM100 fine for driver who signed ‘babi’ on traffic summons


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 ― The driver of a Mercedes Benz who signed her name as “babi” meaning “pig” on a traffic summons chit was fined the maximum RM100 by a Magistrate’s Court in Johor Baru today.

Housewife Tan Yeoh Foong, 53 pleaded guilty when charged under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955, which carries a maximum fine of RM100, The Star Online reported.

The punishment was meted by Magistrate Mohd Azlan Shah Mohd Allias today and was read out in Mandarin for the housewife to understand.

The word “babi” is seen as a pejorative in Malaysia where consumption of the animal is forbidden to Muslims.

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14 Dec 2016




She could get a RM100 FINE. Is that all? For someone who drives a Mercedes Benz?

The woman was obviously unhappy over receiving a summons for not obeying traffic rules as she blocked the traffic by parking her gold Mercedes Benz at a double-lined lane and for ignoring traffic signals.

She could be fined RM100 for insulting a policeman.

Woman arrested for signing ‘babi’ on traffic ticket

December 14, 2016

She also shouted at the officer, saying her name was “babi”, says Johor police.

PETALING JAYA: A woman has been arrested for writing the word “babi” (pig) on a summons issued to her by a Johor Bahru traffic policeman.

According to Johor Bahru Selatan police chief ACP Sulaiman Salleh, the incident took place at 8.50pm yesterday when the 53-year-old woman parked her Mercedes-Benz in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

A traffic policeman saw that the car was obstructing traffic and told the woman to park elsewhere, but she refused to budge.

He then issued her a summons for obstructing traffic, ignoring traffic signs and for parking her car along a double line.

“Instead, the suspect wrote the word ‘babi’ when she signed her name (on the summons) and shouted at the officer, saying her name was ‘babi’,” said Sulaiman when contacted by FMT.

“We believe she did that with the intention of insulting the officer.”

The officer, with the help of a surveillance unit, arrested her on the spot.

“She is currently in police custody and will be charged in the Johor Bahru Sessions Court at 9am tomorrow. If found guilty, she can be fined up to RM100 for insulting a policeman.”

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