#Kelantan: Pharmacy fined for poster of #UncoveredModel

Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday that Zamri had said outfits that did not adhere to the Islamic dress code were deemed ‘indecent’, though he added that this would not apply to non-Muslims in Kelantan.

“We will make clear the conditions for business permits including a proper dress code for female models in posters,” he was quoted as saying.


10 August 2016

10 August 2016 | MYT 11:29 AM

Kota Baru pharmacy faces fine over poster of ‘uncovered’ model


KOTA BARU: Another controversy has emerged after a pharmacy here was fined for displaying a poster showing a female model who was not wearing a head scarf and covering her aurat.

According to one of its employees, who declined to be named, Municipal Council enforcement officers came to the pharmacy at Aeon Mall on Jul 26 and issued a summons to the management for displaying the poster.

“I was told the manager has to pay RM150 for the offence,” said the employee, adding that the poster was only put up recently.

Council president Zamri Ismail, when contacted, confirmed that a summons had been issued against the pharmacy and that the council was very serious in getting traders to adhere to strict codes concerning posters.

“I cannot understand why traders cannot comply with the conditions stipulated on their business and premise permits.


KUALA LUMPUR: MCA slammed PAS for its moral policing that descends into harassment against non-Muslim businesses after a pharmacy was slapped with a fine for an “indecent” poster in Kota Baru.

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau deputy chairman Datuk Ng Chok Sin said the officers “really kept true to their words by stalking on non-Muslim business entities.”

“As MPKB officers considered the poster so offensive, at the very least, they should have displayed magnanimity and gave time to the retailer to remove it and advised how the models should be feature.

“Even in such a situation, MCA opposes the action of issuing summons to a non-Muslim retailer as coercing one’s hardline religious values unto adherents of a different faiths.

“Hence, PAS’ claim that their religious values or hudud enactments do not affect non-Muslims is pure shambolic.

“Non-Muslims suffer income loss not only in paying the fine, they also have to redesign the posters which incurs new fees payable to the model, designer and printer. They also risk non-renewal of business licence.

“So long as the posters are modest, and do not reveal cleavage nor are pornographic in appearance or related, neither PAS nor MPKB should raise any consternation and then fault the retailer,” Ng said.


30 July 2016

Report: Kota Baru council defends sexy posters fine


The Kota Baru municipal council (MPKB) has insisted it is right to issue a summons to a retailer for displaying ‘sexy’ posters at his watch shop, The Star reported today.

“The question here is not whether the model is Muslim or not. For Muslims, such attire (as seen in the posters) is sexy.

“We do not allow the display of posters with sexy models at public areas,” MPKB president Zamri Ismail was quoted as saying.

The posters provided by the brand manufacturers were displayed at Swee Cheong Watch & Pen Co. at Aeon Mall in Kota Baru.

One of the posters depicted Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai in a strapped black dress, wearing a Longines watch.

The other poster showed a man and a woman next to each other with their arms interlocked, with the woman wearing a checkered red-and-white sleeveless dress. They both displayed Guess watches prominently.

The shop owner, Lee Kuan Chuan, said he had gone to the council to apply for a permit for the outlet, but was told to settle previous fines for supposedly similar offences in the past.

“I was hit with a total RM2,000 in fines but the amount was reduced to RM400. I had to pay the sum before I could get the new permit,” he said.


29 July 2016

Expenses of businessmen up after ‘sexy’ posters ruling

July 29, 2016


Business owners in Kota Bharu are forced to spend extra to design new posters following the crackdown by the municipal council on “sexy” posters.



PETALING JAYA: Business operators in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, have been forced to fork out extra money – no thanks to a ruling by the district municipal council to disallow “sexy” posters from being put up at business premises.

The Star reported that suppliers and manufacturers had stopped supplying such posters to business owners after the council started issuing summonses.

Recently, a non-Muslim watch retailer was summoned by the council over two “sexy” posters at their premises, including one of Indian actress Aishwarya Rai.



26 July 2016 | MYT 3:04 PM

MCA: ‘Sexy pics’ summons in Kelantan shows Syariah law do affect non-Muslims

PETALING JAYA: PAS’ claims that Syariah laws will not affect non-Muslims is a fallacy after a non-Muslim business operator in Kelantan was slapped with a summons for displaying sexy pictures, said Kelantan MCA secretary Datuk Lua Choon Hann.

“PAS has proven its fallacy of its often repeated claim that the Kelantan hudud enactments hold no bearing on non-Muslims.

“On July 25 a summons was issued to a watch retailer operating on the ground floor of a shopping mall in Kota Baru for violating MBKB’s (Kota Baru City Council) conditions (on sexy pictures),” Lua said in a statement on Tuesday.

Lua said this clearly demonstrated that the PAS-led state government’s enforcement do target and deem non-Muslims as law-breakers.



It’s long-sleeved uniforms for women working in Kelantan KFC

July 12, 2016

Fast food chain has made its female staff abide by a soon to be implemented “cover aurat” rule, since April.


PETALING JAYA: Fast food chain KFC has started to dress its female staff in Kelantan in long-sleeved uniforms, to abide by a “cover aurat” ruling by the state government, set to take effect next year.

New Straits Times (NST) reported that KFC, which has 20 outlets in Kelantan – 10 of it in Kota Bharu alone, introduced the new uniforms back in April following talks with the PAS-led state government.

“Our company has no problem adhering to the regulations put up by the Kelantan government and we will ensure our female workers wear the uniform all the time,” a KFC spokesman told the daily.

Yesterday, NST reported Kelantan Local Government, Housing, Youth and Sports Committee chairman Abdul Fattah Mahmood saying that the new uniform rule is to ensure female Muslim staff covered their aurat.

The ruling would affect Muslim women working in hypermarkets in the state.

Non-Muslim female workers in the state are not bound by the rule, but were told to dress decently.


17 June 2016

Bukan Islam Kelantan turut tolak ‘pakaian seksi’ via


Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan berkata kalau golongan bukan Islam terlampau mendedahkan aurat, ia akan menjatuhkan imej masyarakat Cina Kelantan juga.

PETALING JAYA: Masyarakat Kelantan yang tidak beragama Islam mendakwa mereka tiada masalah dengan tindakan Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Kelantan (JAHEAIK) memberi kaunseling kepada wanita berpakaian ketat, menjolok mata dan seksi.

Pengerusi Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan (PPCK) Lim Kham Hong berkata mereka menyambut baik usaha yang dilakukan JAHEAIK, malah turut mengalu-alukan jika pendekatan sama dibuat kepada wanita bukan Islam dengan syarat ia tidak melanggar batas tertentu.

Katanya, sebagai bukan Islam mereka juga tidak selesa jika ada wanita memakai pakaian seksi di tempat awam.

“Itu hak Islam, agama Islam nak melarang sekiranya (ada wanita) tidak menutup aurat, kami tidak halang. Malah kami juga tidak ada apa-apa kesan dengan pelaksanaan itu.

“Memang tidak sesuai kalau kita (bukan Islam) pakai pakaian menjolok mata di tempat orang ramai, walaupun agama kami tidak melarangnya.

Sekiranya JAHEAIK menegur bukan Islam supaya berpakaian sopan sekalipun kita terima kerana itu cara menegur orang bukan Islam dengan betul, asalkan ia tidak menyentuh soal agama kami, kami terima,” katanya kepada FMT.



Kelantan’s On A Religious Mission To Catch Muslim Women In Tight Clothes

31 Muslim women in Kelantan were hauled up in the first week of Ramadan.

The Kelantan religious department has been detaining Muslim women for not wearing tudung (head scarf) or donning inappropriate clothing like tight-fitted pants and tops.

On 11 June, the media reported that out of the 31 women that were detained, 24 were let off with a warning, while the rest were sent off to undergo counselling.


11 June 2016


31 women arrested in Kelantan for clothing violations

Thirty-one women have been arrested in northern Malaysia for wearing tight clothing or not donning a headscarf, in a crackdown during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a media report said today.

The drive against inappropriate clothing will continue for the whole month of Ramadan, the report said.








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