#NoFearOfTheLaw: Armed robbers ambush bulletproof vehicle in Kuala Lumpur!

Assassins paid RM60,000 to kill Datin Renyce Wong!
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An assassination in broad daylight and now this!

27 July 2016

Three friends cheat death after bulletproof vehicle shot at in attempted robbery

A bulletproof Toyota Fortuner carrying three men was shot at as it was heading to Kuala Lumpur and passing through the KLIA toll plaza before entering the Elite highway. — wiki pic

SHAH ALAM, July 26 — Three men cheated death when the Toyota Fortuner they were in was shot at by a group of unidentified men in an attempted robbery at the Putrajaya-bound exit of the Elite Highway near here, this morning.

Kuala Langat police chief Supt Zailan Tasir said in the 9.30am incident…“After sending off a friend at klia 2 with their company-owned money, they headed to Kuala Lumpur passing through the KLIA toll plaza before entering Elite highway.

“As they arrived at the Putrajaya exit, the victims’ vehicle was stopped by four men on two Yamaha 125Z motorcycles, a white Toyota Camry and a grey (Proton) Wira Aeroback,” he said in a statement here today.

“The victims saw a masked man alight from the Toyota Camry and shoot at them.

“(At the same time,) the two motorcycles had also come near to the victims’ vehicle on both sides before the men on the them fired shots,” he said.

Zailan said subsequently, the Toyota Fortuner driver reversed the vehicle a bit before driving off into the highway to save their lives.

Armed robbers mistakenly ambush bulletproof vehicle

PETALING JAYA: A daring armed robbery attempt failed in more ways than one when a group of robbers ambushed a bulletproof vehicle with no cash.

In the 9.30am incident on Tuesday, three men were travelling from KL International Airport 2 to Kuala Lumpur after they had transported their colleague who was carrying a bag full cash for their company, a money changer.

Kuala Langat OCPD Supt Zailan Tasir said as the three men neared the Putrajaya toll plaza on the Elite highway, they were ambushed by several men using two motorcycles and two cars.

“The first car, which was initially parked at the side of the road like it had broken down, and another car blocked the front while men on two motorcycles came up on either side of the victims’ Toyota Fortuner and opened fire,” he said when contacted.

…the car which had no money, was also bulletproof. So the three men managed to reverse and flee unharmed.


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