Ali Tinju, Red Shirts & Umno Youth marches to DAP HQ in protest of ‘insulting’ Aidifitri post

13 July 2016

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I always tell my children their future is screwed because of people like Ali Tinju & those who sponsored him.

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12 July 2016

Swift police action prevented demo at DAP HQ from escalating further


Protest was a success, claims angry mob at DAP HQ


The winner of today’s UMNOprotest against DAP is a Kedai Menjual Barangan Sembahyang Cina which is very likely owned by a DAP supporter.

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How shameful! Don’t even dare name the Red Shirts, AliTinju & UMNO Youth who took part in demo. Only dare mke general statemt

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UMNO supporters led by Ali Tinju vs

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I agree. Ali Tinju is ugly.

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Umno Youth members and Ali Tinju protest at DAP HQ: A group of protesters gathered outside the DAP headquarte…


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UMNO supporters led by Ali Tinju protested outside ‘s HQ over “anti-Islam” posting by

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Red-shirts descend on DAP HQ, see red over police blockade


Temperatures rose despite the rain when what was supposed to be a simple submission of a memorandum turned into a fracas when some 200 protesters were prevented by the police from approaching the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

2h2 hours ago

Ali Tinju beserta Pemuda UMNO Wilayah cuba memasuki ibu pejabat DAP bagi menghantar memorandum


Cheras Umno Youth will stage a protest against Nga Kor Ming for his postings allegedly insulting Malay and Islam.


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