Crocodile! Yes in Malacca. None in Port Dickson.

Excuse my England. Trying to speak Malinglish since some minister thinks our English to be better than Singaporeans’ Singlish…


28 June 2016 | MYT 11:16 AM

Grass cutter stumbles across sunbathing crocodile


A CROCODILE in Port Dickson! In the sea! Really?




Ingatkan biawak rupanya buaya.

Buaya tembaga sepanjang dua meter dipercayai tersesat di dalam longkang di Melaka Perdana ditangkap anggota JPAM negeri, 11 pagi tadi

MALACCA: A two-metre long crocodile, believed to have lost its way in the monsoon drain in Melaka Perdana, Ayer Keroh, was caught by members of the Malacca Civil Defence Department (JPAM) this morning.

The reptile, weighing about 80 kilogrammes, was caught at 11am after a grass-cutter doing work in the area stumbled upon the animal, Harian Metro reported.

State JPAM director Effendy Ali said seven personnel were involved in the capture of the reptile.

“Our men took about 30 minutes to capture it. We had to subdue it first as it was behaving aggressively,

China Press (中國報)

3 hrs ·

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Reptilia seberat kira-kira 80 kg itu ditangkap pada 11 pagi.

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