Lost on Kledang Hill, Menglembu, Ipoh? Yes, it can happen to you!

Kledang Hill

Kledang Hill stands at 800m (2640 feet) and located at Menglembu township. The hill is highly popular with Ipoh folks. You can see many people at dawn and dusk working out enthusiastically here. The assortment of outdoor activities includes biking, walking, running and jungle trekking. From the many trails leading towards the peak you can view far and wide. The hill is also rich in bio-diversity with an array of flora and fauna.

The trails to hilltop consist of several jungle treks, including a paved road. The four most prominent hiking trails are 4-2 (an hour), 4-3 (1 ½ hour), 4-9 (2 hours) and RTM (4 hours). The locals fondly refer to the longest trail as RTM as it ends at a broadcasting tower, perched on top of Kledang Hill.  You can actually drive a car (4wd preferable) all the way up to the broadcasting tower or popularly known as RTM station at the peak.


Thursday, 2 June 2016 | MYT 10:19 PM

Teenagers ‘rescued’ by sirens

IPOH: Four teenagers were “rescued” by sirens after being lost on Kledang Hill for almost three hours.

A Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) spokesman said the group of 18-year-olds, who had hiked up the hill at about 7am on Thursday, became lost when trying to descend the hill.

“We sounded the siren and got them to follow it. They eventually managed to find their way onto the tarred road,” he said, adding that the teenagers were unhurt.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016 | MYT 11:04 AM

Kledang Hill hiker rescued after spending night lost in the forest

IPOH: A 22-year-old woman was rescued by Bomba after she went missing for almost ten hours in Kledang Hill on Monday.

The individual known as Aida Fatin Ahmad was hiking through the forest track route to the substation peak while her husband used the tar road to hike.


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