Emil Kaminski, the Sabah Minister of Tourism is NOT a fool though we’re NOW sure YOU ARE.

Who is Emil Kaminski, the man who ‘trolled Malaysia’?

1 Sabah Earthquake: Bung Mokhtar BUNG-LES with EARTHQUACK. Bungquack?
2 Naked at Mt Kinabalu, Sabah: Blamed for the Earthquake!

Emil Kaminski was not among those arrested, charged and sentenced.

The four were British student Eleanor Hawkins, 24, Dutch national Dylan Snel, 23,  and the Canadian siblings Lindsey, 23, and his sister Danielle Peterson, 22.

Naked at Mt Kinabalu, Sabah: Blamed for the Earthquake! 4 arrested.

Emil Kaminski, described by an Englishman as that ‘half-wit Canadian’, now says he was never naked on Mt Kinabalu, that he was merely ‘trolling’ Malaysia.

Well, there are trolls and there is a half-wit Canadian troll.

It’s too late, Emil. You deserve everything you get. And more.

The Independent Friday 12 June 2015

Mountain stripping: Canadian man who posted naked photos and called politician a ‘deranged p***k’ says he was ‘trolling Malaysia’

A Canadian man who enraged Malaysians by posting pictures of himself posing naked up mountains has said he was not one of the stripping tourists blamed for causing an earthquake on Mount Kinabalu.

Mr Kaminski, who runs travel blogging site Monkeetime, said last night that he was merely “trolling” and was not even in Malaysia.

Describing the “virtual experience” in a YouTube video, he said he got “flared up” by politicians blaming the tourists who stripped for an earthquake that killed 18 people six days later.

He claimed that anger inspired him to post a Facebook status on Sunday calling a Malaysian politician who attributed the earthquake to travellers showing “disrespect to the sacred mountain” a “deranged prick”.


Eleanor Hawkins dad slams ‘halfwit’ backpacker Emil Kaminski for stirring up row with Malaysia

Eleanor Hawkins’ dad slams ‘halfwit’ backpacker Emil Kaminski for stirring up row with Malaysia

Eleanor’s father Tim, 58, blasted Kaminski for his remarks, saying: “The guy stirring up a media storm – the halfwit Canadian guy – is not doing anyone any favours.”

Eleanor, one of five tourists being held, was arrested on Tuesday at a Borneo airport as she tried to fly to Kuala Lumpur.

Police were able to identify the former head girl, of Draycott, Derbys, because she gave a copy of her passport to guides before going on the mountain.

Tim, who owns an engineering firm, added yesterday: “We spoke to her. She’s okay, she’s very scared and very upset.



Anal Kawankski

If anybody is looking for Anal Kawankski…oh sorry, I mean Emil Kaminski, he works here… http://kohtaodivemasters.com/why-us/ Koh Tao Divemasters / DJL Diving 14/102 Moo 2, Sairee Beach Koh Tao, Suratthani Province Thailand, 84360 Website: http://www.kohtaodivemasters.com Phone: +66 77 456 604 Thanks for your insult Emil, I’m never going to stop hunting you.


If you can believe them: terminated because he “caused several fatalities in a classroom”. What do you think?


In light of the recent controversy, the management of Koh Tao Divemasters would like to let everyone know that Emil Kaminski is no longer associated with this company. His contract has been terminated about 6 months ago after he caused several fatalities in a classroom.

za The DJL Divemaster Program is overseen by Emil Kaminski, a PADI Master Instructor with well over a decade of teaching experience in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.  Emil trains dive masters and new instructors via an energetic mix of classroom knowledge development as well as practical sessions both in our dive training pool as well as out at sea.  Easily sliding between English, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, and Russian, he shares his passion for diving with unmatched enthusiasm and confidently sends his graduates to all corners of the underwater world.  His many of his students are now gainfully employed at a variety of dive resorts and liveaboard boats throughout the world, and a fair number of them have even moved into the very sophisticated and technical world of commercial diving, working on oil platforms and undersea installations.  Emil makes himself easily accessible to all his students and is always willing to help out with whatever questions need answering.  If not explaining dive theory in a classroom or chasing whale sharks out at sea, he can be found all over the island, trail running, kayaking, rock climbing, or eating too much. zb http://kohtaodivemasters.com/why-us/AN EXCHANGE OF TWEETS between and

so next time you see naked people in public, expect an earthquake! A gov minister said this so it must be true.

— Star

Thursday June 11, 2015 MYT 7:25:43 AM

Kaminsky the ‘cultural terrorist’

Kaminsky runs a travel blog called Monkeetime. Besides pictures of him being nude, Monkeetime’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog also contains insults against religions and cultures of the countries he visits. Calling his group Backpackers Behaving Badly, he goes out of his way to annoy the locals wherever he visits. Before his stunt in Sabah, he is said to have done similar misdeeds in Brunei two years ago, where he insulted the Sultan and Islam. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/06/11/Kaminsky-the-cultural-terrorist/

So much butthurt in Malaysia right now… People do some streaking on a mountain, get blamed for earthquake.

— Star

Tuesday June 9, 2015 MYT 6:20:01 PM

AirAsia has nothing to do with nudist’s blog, wants logo removed

PETALING JAYA: AirAsia says they are not sponsoring Canadian serial nudist Emil Kaminski’s blog monkeetime.com and wants their logo to be removed. In a press statement on Tuesday, the airline said they have requested for the logo removal. “While AirAsia works closely with many bloggers and supports the creativity of online content creators, we definitely do not condone any behaviour that disrespects any culture of the communities we serve,” said AirAsia.

don’t view monkeetime YT,every click he gets paid.Ban the site.Lots of adverts in his site now.DON’T VIEW his site

Ban and his FanPage.

Embedded image permalink

Also complain to Facebook & Youtube to remove Emil Kaminski and Monkeetime sites! This dumbo deranged jackass craves attention and notoriety

Video: Trolling Malaysia This is a long, boring monologue, so no one would blame you for tuning out after 2 minutes. https://youtu.be/8ZpG8WGPl-IMonkeetime’s YouTube page was founded on March 2007, and has over 10,000 subscribers and over five million views. – See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/sabah-quake-nudist-dismisses-local-culture-superstition#xtor=CS1-2Is AirAsia a sponsor of Emil Kaminski’s Monkeetime?

please pull sponsorship from and . Do you want to be associated with that?

Can you guess who will be waiting for Emil Kaminski when he tries to board the Tawau-KUL flight on Wed 10 June 2015 at Tawau Airport? He owes Sabah’s chief tribal priest a buffalo.On Twitter, Emil Kaminski’s post attracts insults like trash attracts flies! …

Thanks to Emil Kaminski, I learned a new terminology today: “Typical White Trash”

1h1 hour ago Naga, Kedah Ban terus whitetrash nudist tu from Malaysia

sorry, dude. if Monkeetime is trying to mix Vice’s raw journalism with Jackass+CKY’s spirit..it’s not working.

Apparently the Mt Kinabalu nudist trolling Tawau too. Ah, typical white trash.

Embedded image permalink

wow.. emil kaminski, man with big balls.. unfortunately.. small brain.

I just learn a name of a new specie of worm today – Emil Kaminski. … 3h3 hours ago

Matilah Emil kaminski & monkeetime

CobraCommander retweeted Astro AWANI

Emil Kaminski, you’re a moron and show disrespect towards Malaysians. We don’t need idiots like you in our land!

CobraCommander added,

— Malaysian Insider

Nudist tourist’s Facebook post on ‘dumbass’ Sabahans goes viral, attracts death threats

The Facebook post of a Canadian, who claims to be among those who stripped atop Mount Kinabalu recently, has gone viral and attracted death threats, after he wrote that the “dumbasses” in Sabah could not track him down. …

Mohd Hairi Jamal, Nehemiah Kong, Lulu Alesana, Afiq Tiamin and large number of other users responded to Kaminski’s post by vowing to kill him in Tawau, while some threatened violence. Melissa Soh’FeiNa suggested that fellow Malaysians “hang him and his friends” in front of Mount Kinabalu without clothes and food for 10 days. Larius Opung wrote: “People of Tawau… find him until you get him… look in every hotel… kill him! Don’t let him run away!” Victoria David told him that the shamans of Sabah would make his life miserable and drive him to kill himself. – See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/nudist-tourists-facebook-post-on-dumbass-sabahans-goes-viral-attracts-death?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.EzGMF2RN.dpuf

— · KKCity’s Photos zzAsked if he planned to file a police complaint against his Twitter critic, Masidi said he is too civilised to “stoop to his level” and argue with him. – See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/on-twitter-sabah-minister-exchanges-monkey-gibes-with-nudist-tourist#sthash.KvAP1bs9.dpufEmil Kaminski, a foreigner who is being investigated for naked in the peak of Mount Kinabalu on May 30 last, calls the Sabah Minister of Tourism a fool.

Malay Mail Online

On Twitter, Sabah minister exchanges ‘monkey’ gibes with nudist tourist


Screenshot from Masidi’s twitter account. KOTA KINABALU, June 8 — Branded an “idiot” and a “dildo” on Twitter, Sabah’s tourism minister went on the microblogging site today against his critic, believed to be among several tourists who had stripped nude while on Mount Kinabalu recently. State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun chided Twitter user Emil Kaminski over the brouhaha that Friday’s 5.9-magnitude quake that shook Sabah’s west coast was caused by the nude acts on the mountain summit last May 30. “Just got this very complimentary posting from the nudist. I say, “it takes a monkey to call another person a monkey”, Masidi, whose official account is @MasidiM, said in a reply to Kaminski’s handle, @monkeetimevideo. Kaminski had on Saturday tweeted “Masidi Manjun, you are an idiot, not a minister of tourism,” along with an photos of a naked man’s derriere with the background of several mountain tops. An earlier tweet also referred to the minister as a “dildo” for blaming the earthquake on nudity. “He is (one of the nudists) from his FB postings,” the minister told Malay Mail Online. – See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/on-twitter-sabah-minister-exchanges-monkey-gibes-with-nudist-tourist#sthash.KvAP1bs9.dpuf

Goodness! This is quite an a******, huh..!?!

2h2 hours ago Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Detail tiket mamat Emil Kaminski yg akn terbang drpd tawau ke KL. Hopefully tiada org kg ku cari ko d airport.

Embedded image permalink

I think that jerk, Emil Kaminski has deleted his facebook!! I can’t open it. Go to hell you freaking uncivilized piece of shit!!

Free Malaysia Today

Pendaki bogel hina Menteri Sabah dan penduduk Tawau

June 8, 2015

Emil Kaminski memanggil Masidi Manjun sebagai bodoh kerana mengaitkan kejadian gempa dengan pendaki bogel


PETALING JAYA: Seorang lelaki warga asing yang sedang disiasat kerana berbogel di puncak Gunung Kinabalu pada 30 Mei lalu, menghina Menteri Pelancongan Sabah, Masidi Manjun, dengan gelaran bodoh. Ia dibuat sebagai reaksi terhadap kenyataannya yang mengaitkan bencana yang berlaku dengan perbuatan itu. Emil Kaminski menerusi akaun Twitternya menulis Masidi tidak layak menjadi seorang Menteri Pelancongan. “Masidi Manjun, kamu bodoh, bukan Menteri Pelancongan,” tulisnya. Masidi menerusi akaun Twitter kemudian membalas ejekan Emil, “Hanya monyet memanggil orang monyet,” tulisnya. Bukan itu sahaja, menerusi laman Facebook pula, Emil memanggil penduduk Tawau bodoh dan tidak tahu apa-apa kerana mendakwa kawasan itu tiada kemudahan internet. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/bahasa/2015/06/08/pendaki-bogel-hina-menteri-sabah-dan-penduduk-tawau/ ———————————————————————————————————-

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15 Responses to Emil Kaminski, the Sabah Minister of Tourism is NOT a fool though we’re NOW sure YOU ARE.

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  3. Claude Berube says:

    Mr. Kaminski,
    What an idiot you are.
    You make all Canadian living in Malaysia look bad.
    Fortunately, I can still say ” I am FRENCH Canadian” and we do not behave like this. There is nothing wrong about nudity, but to disrespect Malaysian officials when you are a visitor is another game.
    You are just another Justin Bieber .
    Claude Bérubé

  4. Willion YONG Wei Lin says:

    Thanks & Regards, Frm Co-operation, Willion YONG Wei Lin, +6017-282 2242,

  5. J.L. says:

    So much for arresting this jerk. Apparently “the most wanted man in Sabah” walked through the immigration at Tawau airport like nothing, and boarded an Airasia plane out of town yesterday.

    If this prick really managed to leave the state, do Immigration and PDRM care to explain?

  6. Anal Kawankski says:

    If anybody is looking for Anal Kawankski…oh sorry, I mean Emil Kaminski, he works here… http://kohtaodivemasters.com/why-us/ Koh Tao Divemasters / DJL Diving
    14/102 Moo 2, Sairee Beach
    Koh Tao, Suratthani Province
    Thailand, 84360

    Website: http://www.kohtaodivemasters.com
    Phone: +66 77 456 604

    Thanks for your insult Emil, I’m never going to stop hunting you.

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  8. Get Kaminski locked up. says:

    Emil Kaminski is now stating he was not there. This is a lie. He has edited his original video. Look at the tweets and you will see that the youtube link addresses are now different. In his original video he admits to being up there. Youtube keeps backup of all video, edited or deleted, I’m sure this could be used as evidence.

  9. Get Kaminski locked up. says:

    If Emil Kaminski is no longer associated with nor working for Koa Tao diving how come he has his email linked to THEIR site and is busy building a NEW Koa Tao diving page, that has been worked on recently. All of the sites listed within the page are traceable back to his address..

    And the one he is currently working on for Koa Tao.


    Its seems very odd and out of place that a seriously incompetent employee fired six months before is creating a new website for THEM using HIS email.

    I am coming to the conclusion, they are one and the same. please forward to the Malaysian police.

  10. Get Kaminski locked up. says:

    and as it turns out…

    Emil Kaminski IS the OWNER of Koa Tao diving. The police will love that. So will I.



    I wonder how the Thai community will react when they see what he had to say about their culture.

    Nowhere to run to Emil. 🙂

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  12. Dear Wee Hing Thong,
    slimeball emil kaminski is working at ko tao divemasters in Thailand. His facebook claiming to work for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong is a TOTAL lie. I have checked with Legco and they confirm that he has NO connection with them at all. Emil kaminski does not live in Hong Kong as he claims on his FB page. All LIES! Emil kaminski is at ko tao divemasters in Thailand. Can we get him deported back to canada? Let us all unite to hunt him down and put him out of business. Any vigilantes out there, you know where to find this creepo…ha! ha!

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