The Oldest Profession is alive and thriving in Malaysia! In small towns and big cities. Supplied by human traffickers.

The originator of the phrase “the world’s oldest profession” was Rudyard Kipling. His 1888 story about a prostitute begins, “Lalun is a member of the most ancient profession in the world.”

Such terms as GRO and masseuse are synonymous with prostitute.

10 December 2017


10 March 2018

Penang police nab foreign GROs for ‘dirty dancing’

POLICE arrested a group of foreign guest relations officers (GROs) for “dirty dancing” at an entertainment centre in Jalan Burmah, George Town, last night.

The suspects, said to be behaving indecently, were also found to have abused their social visit passes by working as GROs.

They comprised 14 Vietnamese and seven Chinese nationals, aged between 19 and 30.

A police spokesman said the women were nabbed under Op Noda about 11pm.

He said the operation was carried out after police received a tip-off and gathered intelligence on vice activities at the entertainment centre, where some GROs allegedly offered sex services from as low as RM100.

5 March 2018

1m1 minute ago

14-year-old Malaysian teen has sex with 35 men to buy smartphone


A 14-year-old girl prostituted herself 35 times to save up for a smartphone, reported China Press.

The paper quoted SAC Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa, who is Bukit Aman Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice Division (D7) principal assistant director, as saying the case was one of many involving underage schoolgirls allegedly involved in the sex trade the past year.

Based on police intelligence, local underage prostitutes were offering their “services” for as low as RM300 (S$101.50), he said.

Part of that sum would be divided by syndicate members.

“This means the 14-year-old girl would only receive RM150 as her cut,” said SAC Rohaimi.

“To afford a smartphone that costs around RM5,000 (S$1,691) , she would have had to entertain her customers 35 times,” he said.

2h2 hours ago

Polis turut menemui tuala, tisu, kondom serta pelincir dipercayai digunakan dalam kegiatan seks.

Dua bapak ayam dicekup


Police bust prostitution ring and rescue five foreign women

2 December 2017

Penampang cops nab eight foreign women for offering sex via WeChat

PENAMPANG: Police here arrested eight foreign women suspected of offering sexual services via social media.

All eight were nabbed during a raid at a hotel here at about 11.30pm on Thursday.

“The Thai nationals, aged between 19 and 31, were (advertising their sexual) services via WeChat.

“Two young men involved in the prostitution (ring) and five men believed to be clients, aged between 22 and 42, were also arrested,” Sabah Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Salehhuddin Abd Rahman said in a statement.

He added that the raid also saw the seizure of 72 condoms, cash totalling RM3,962 and 11 mobile phones.

26 October 2017

Terengganu cops bust WeChat vice ring

POLICE in Kuala Terengganu busted a prostitution ring that used the WeChat application to enable customers to seek its services.

State Criminal Investigation Division chief Assistan Commissioner Fazlisyam Abdul Majid said three local men, aged between 19 and 38, and a Vietnamese woman, aged 18, were arrested in a raid on a hotel on October 24 at 12.30am.

“The syndicate had been operating for a week here and using six WeChat accounts to get clients from around the city for the sex services offered.

“Our initial investigation found that prior to this, the syndicate was being hunted down in Kedah and Kuala Lumpur, and would operate at a location for only a week or two before moving on.

“The Vietnamese woman detained in our operation is believed to be a victim of human trafficking and is now placed under police protection to assist in the investigation,” he said today.

Fazlisyam said during the raid, police found condoms, and seized a van and RM380 in cash, believed to be proceeds from the sex services offered to clients.

1 October 2017

9h9 hours ago

Dalam serbuan itu, 10 wanita dan tiga lelaki gagal mengemukakan dokumen pengenalan diri yang sah.


Nasrawati Syarifuddin

SERAMAI 15 warga asing ditahan Jabatan Imigresen Cawangan Tawau di sebuah pusat karaoke di Bandar Sabindo, Tawau, semalam.

Ketua Imigresen cawangan Tawau, Noraini Rasi berkata, dalam serbuan 10.30 malam itu, 10 wanita dan tiga lelaki gagal mengemukakan dokumen pengenalan diri yang sah manakala dua lagi lelaki melanggar syarat pas.

“Dalam operasi itu, wanita warga asing membabitkan dua warga Indonesia dan lapan Filipina ditahan kerana tidak memiliki dokumen pengenalan diri yang sah.
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28 September 2017

Four transvestites among 80 foreigners detained during raid

KUALA LUMPUR: The Immigration Department has arrested a total of 80 foreigners, including four transvestites, during a raid on an entertainment outlet in Kepong here.

Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said that a total of 143 people were screened during the raid on Wednesday.

He added that a total of 54 Thai women and four Thai transvestites, eight women from Laos and two women from Indonesia were arrested.

Mustafar added that the department also detained eight Thai men, three men from Myanmar and a Bangladeshi man.

He said all 80 foreigners detained are believed to be working either as guest relations officers (GRO), dancers, singers, musicians or waiters in the entertainment outlet.

Mustafar said that intelligence gathered and monitoring by the Quick Response Team found that there were immoral activities as well as prostitution in the premises.

He added that there were catwalk performances on the stage including “flower garland” activities.

“The payment for a flower garland is RM20, a crown is RM100 while a robe is RM668. Customers would give these items to the women they choose as ‘tips’.

“Customers who bought robes would be allowed the take the women out of the premises with them,” he said


16 August 2017

Syabas lagi STAGG gempur maksiat seluruh negara sepanjang minggu lalu, tkap 227 org GRO dan tukang urut.


3 August 2017

Polis menyelamatkan 49 wanita warga asing dipercayai mangsa pemerdagangan orang di sebuah premis hiburan tanpa lesen di Taman Koop, Seremban




10m10 minutes ago

Police rescue 49 women from Seremban entertainment outlet

SEREMBAN: Forty nine women, believed to be human trafficking victims, were rescued from an entertainment outlet by the Seremban police in a raid at Taman Koop here last night.

The victims, aged between 18 and 46 years old, were rescued in the 7.45pm operation.

Seremban district police chief Assistant Commissioner Thiew Hock Poh said, the outlet had failed to produce a valid entertainment license during the raid.

“We believe the victims, who have valid social visit permits, have been forced to work as guest relations officers (GROs) at the outlet,” he said.

Thiew said the raid also saw the arrest of a 27-year-old local man, believed to be the caretaker of the outlet.


22 July 2017

Prostitution a big problem in Malaysia, says ex-hotel security man

He says forced prostitution in the country is tied to other problems such as human trafficking, minors being forced into prostitution, undocumented foreigners and the spread of disease and drugs.


PETALING JAYA: A former hotel security officer has warned Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar against ignoring how “big a problem” prostitution is in the country.

Recently, Khalid acknowledged that prostitution existed in Malaysia but added that authorities had been able to contain it.

JK Associates principal consultant Khen Han Ming said his experience as a hotel security officer from 2012 to 2016 had brought him up-close to the prostitution trade in the country and he claimed it was a bigger problem than the IGP thought.

“We have basically two scenarios,” he told FMT. “Forced prostitution and freelancers.”

“Forced prostitution is what you mostly see in streets such as Bukit Bintang, Lorong Haji Taib, and Chow Kit Road where prostitution is run from shop houses or cheap hotels modified into brothels.

“Then you have freelancers who are foreigners who come on social visits and don’t have pimps or agents. They cater to the ‘upscale market’ and operate around Jalan P Ramlee, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang and of course Bukit Bintang. Basically, anywhere near luxury hotels.”

He said it was important for police to address forced prostitution in the country as there were numerous other crimes tied to it including human trafficking.

“Forced prostitution involves foreigners who are smuggled into the country. Nowadays, they travel with valid documents and are on social visit passes but have either overstayed or are brought in and out of the country by syndicate operatives.”

Khen claimed that some of those involved in “smuggling” prostitutes included hotel operators, food operators and taxi drivers.

“Usually, these are the ones working closely with human trafficking,” he claimed.

18 July 2017

In a small town like Sitiawan…

Wanita warga asing yang ditahan itu berusia 20 hingga 35 tahun.


Farah Suhaidah Othman

WANITA mengandung lima bulan antara 21 wanita warga asing yang ditahan polis kerana dipercayai bekerja sebagai pelayan pelanggan (GRO) di sebuah restoran dalam ladang kelapa sawit di Pekan Gurney, Sitiawan, jam 6.30 petang hari ini.

Serbuan Ops Noda itu dijalankan empat pegawai dan 15 anggota Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah, Maksiat, Perjudian dan Kongsi Gelap (D7) Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Perak yang diketuai Pengawai Turus D7, Deputi Superintendan V Annadurai.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJ) negeri, Datuk Gan Tian Kee berkata, kesemua wanita warga asing yang ditahan itu berusia 20 hingga 35 tahun.

Katanya, 12 daripada mereka adalah warga China, lapan Vietnam dan seorang Thailand.

Menurutnya, dalam serbuan itu pihaknya turut menahan dua wanita tempatan berusia 30-an dipercayai penjaga semua wanita warga asing berkenaan.


17 July 2017


Singaporean ‘uncles’ flocking to JB for fun with hookers

July 17, 2017

Most of the senior citizens are willing to part with between RM80-150 each, every time they meet with hookers from Vietnam and China.


PETALING JAYA: There’s something tantalising across the Causeway and it’s neither the food nor shopping in Johor Bahru. For a number of Singaporean retirees, it’s the lure of foreign prostitutes that keeps them coming for more.

In an article in The Star Online, that quoted the China Press, a street in Johor Bahru has been earning a reputation for itself as a “red-light district”, thanks to the many older men from Singapore who head there to meet prostitutes from Vietnam and China.

The meeting places are common coffee shops dotting the street, where girls decked in revealing attire, approach the “uncles” as they are called.
…another Singaporean, refusing to give his name, said he and his friends headed to Johor Bahru at least once a week in search of these women. He also said they typically spent between RM80-150 on the girls each time they met, depending on the girl’s age and how she looked.

16 July 2017

10 women rescued in raids at Johor Baru’s massage parlours

JOHOR BARU: The state police have rescued 10 foreign women believed to be victims of sexual exploitation in raids held at several massage parlours in the city last night.

The victims comprised of eight women from Vietnam and two from China, aged between 16 and 34.

Johor’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Azman Ayub said police also arrested 30 women, comprising seven Thais, 20 Vietnamese and three Indonesians, aged between 18 and 28, in the operation called ‘Ops Noda’.
“Also hauled up were 17 patrons, all men, comprising locals and six Singaporeans, aged between 23 and 41,” he said.

Ten officers and 42 members of the Johor CID raided the five massage centres and one entertainment outlet in Johor Baru city.

Meanwhile, at the entertainment outlet, 29 local men and seven from China aged between 30 and 52 were detained.

Monday, 10 July 2017

‘Cover girl’ prostitutes on the menu

LOCAL syndicates have been hiring professional photographers to produce “cover girl” shots of prostitutes to attract more customers, Harian Metro reported.

The photographs would then be shared among specific groups on social media app WeChat to advertise the prostitutes.

Disguised as a potential custo­mer on WeChat, a Harian Metro reporter found that the going rate for the advertised sexual services was between RM180 and RM500.

However, only customers who passed the syndicate’s “vetting” process were allowed to enter the hotel designated for the purchased services.

A raid by the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department at a spa in Cheras earlier this month uncovered a studio fully equipped with high-quality photography devices and beds used by prostitutes to model in erotic poses.

The so-called spa offered the services of Vietnamese and Indonesian prostitutes.

Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department intelligence and operations chief Mohd Shahrulnizam Ismail said the spa offered nude massages and sexual services to customers, who were further enticed with discount vouchers worth RM20 each.

30 June 2017


Cheras police nab 49 GROs, 12 suspected foreign pub workers in raid

KUALA LUMPUR: Cheras police raided a pub at Menara PGRM here for operating beyond permitted hours.

The raid saw police arrest 49 foreign women believed to be GROs as well as 12 foreign men – eight Bangladeshis, three Pakistanis and an Indian – believed to be working at the pub.


19 June 2017

Penahanan warga asing itu menerusi serbuan di pusat hiburan di Kompleks Bebas Cukai Stulang Laut.


Mohd Sabran Md Sani

SERAMAI 69 warga asing berusia 15 hingga 41 tahun ditahan dalam Op Gegar oleh Jabatan Imigresen malam tadi.

Ketua Pengarahnya, Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali berkata, penahanan warga asing itu dilakukan menerusi serbuan di pusat hiburan Kompleks Bebas Cukai Stulang Laut, pada 11.30 malam.

Beliau berkata, 57 wanita ditahan itu membabitkan 53 wanita Vietnam, dua Indonesia dan masing-masing seorang Thailand dan China.

6 June 2017


Sembilan warga tempatan dan 20 warga asing yang ditahan



19 May 2017

2h2 hours ago

Sex worker stabbed by disgruntled client at Penang hotel

GEORGE TOWN: A Thai transgender sex worker was nearly killed at a hotel here after allegedly being stabbed multiple times over a bargain that went sour.

Northeast district chief ACP Anuar Omar said it started when a man going by the name of “Tommy” found the 28-year-old transgender’s contact on WeChat.

He said Tommy then met the transgender at a hotel along New Lane, which is famous for its roadside hawkers, at 11.30pm and started bargaining over the “expensive rates”.

He said the man finally appeared to agree to the price offered. However, instead of reaching for his wallet, he went for his knife and started stabbing the worker in the stomach.

“The victim was hurt in the abdomen, back, arms, neck and face,” Anuar told reporters today.

“Initial investigations showed that (the transgender) is a tourist who arrived in Penang last week and was returning very soon.”

13 April 2017

Police arrest 17 foreign women in anti-vice raids


SIBU: Anti-vice officers arrested 17 foreign women – 10 from Indonesia and seven from Vietnam – in separate raids here.

On Tuesday night, the officers carried out an operation at the night market area at about 10.30pm.

They arrested the 10 Indonesians for soliciting customers.

The women were operating on their own from a budget hotel nearby.

The 66-year-old owner of the hotel was also detained.

The police team later raided a reflexology centre nearby and detained the seven Vietnamese women.

District police chief ACP Saiful Bahari said two of the women were in the midst of performing oral sex on customers when the officers burst in.


12 April 2017

2h2 hours ago

36 foreign women among 41 held in raid on spa



JOHOR BARU: Thirty-six foreign women and five Malaysian men were detained by police in a raid on a spa in Bandar Seri Alam, Masai, here.

Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Kamarul Zaman Mamat said the 41, whose ages range from 18 to 37 years, were arrested for vice activities and human trafficking at around 12.30am on Wednesday.

He said the women comprised 18 Vietnamese, 10 Thais, four Indonesians and four Laotians, while the five local men were involved in running the outlet and handling cash.

“We also seized 24 condoms, business receipts, lubricant oil and a paper listing all the sexual services offered at the centre,” he said in a statement.

SAC Kamarul Zaman added that all the suspects were arrested under Section 372B of the Penal Code, for offering sexual services for the purpose of prostitution, and Section 6(1)(C) of the Immigration Act 1959/1963 for failing to produce proper travel documents or having expired passports.


21 March 2017

Hotel directors, staff, charged with running a brothel

KUALA LUMPUR: Three directors and staff of a hotel spa management company were hauled to the Sessions Court today for allegedly running a brothel with a male and eight female prostitutes at Dang Wangi here.

Rapid Promotion Sdn Bhd and its representatives and the owners of the company’s building, Moi Fong Mei, 50, Koo Fan Yong, 53, and Liew Poi Shan, 34, were charged with using the premise as a brothel.

The trio were also charged with hiring nine China nationals without valid permits.

Meanwhile, Mok Kwui King, 51, who was the cashier at the company, was charged with managing the brothel.

They allegedly committed the offences at Mirama Health Club, 1st Floor, Mirama Hotel, 95 Jalan Maharajalela in Dang Wangi here at 7.30pm on March 6.

16 March 2017

2h2 hours ago

Penang Immigration detains nine female GROs, 15 men


BUTTERWORTH: The Penang Immigration Department detained nine female GROs and 15 men during an operation on Wednesday night.

A department spokesman said they were detained at three entertainment outlets on the island and mainland during the 9pm operation.

He said the outlets were at Jalan Gemilang 2, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah and Jalan Anson where 60 people were screened.

“Five GROs from China, two each from Vietnam and Thailand were detained,” he told reporters.

The spokesman said the women were aged between 29 to 40 while the men comprised of nine Bangladeshis, three Burmese, two Pakistanis and an Indonesian aged between 22 and 35.



15 March 2017

They came in on 90-day social visit passes.

Immigration Department cripple international prostitution syndicate

PUTRAJAYA, March 14 — The Malaysian Immigration Department has crippled an international prostitution syndicate at a three-star hotel in Jalan Raja Laut in Kuala Lumpur in Ops Gegar yesterday.

Its director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said 28 women, who were from Kazakhstan (six), Vietnam (five), Thailand (four), Indonesia (four), China (three), Mongolia (three), Russia (two) and Turkey (one) were detained in the operation on the fourth and fifth floor of the hotel.

He said five local men, who acted as supervisors and middle men, were also detained.

“The two floors were tightly guarded and also monitored via closed circuit televisions (CCTV) to avoid detection by the authorities,” he said in a statement here today.

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14 March 2017

It was believed the suspects accepted bribes between RM300 and RM10,000 for each massage parlour under their protection.

12 enforcement personnel on massage parlour payroll arrested

By Kenneth Tee

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 — Condoning the very act they swore to eliminate, 12 enforcement personnel including two police station chiefs have been arrested for “protecting” massage parlours.

They allegedly received bribes monthly from massage parlour owners operating illegally in two districts in Selangor, in return for their protection.

The busts came after a three months stakeout by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The suspects, aged between 26 and 53, were two inspectors who are police station chiefs in Selangor, five police officers, four Fire and Rescue Department personnel and an officer from the Kajang Municipal Council.

They were picked up simultaneously in a special operation in Kajang, Sungai Buloh and Kampung Pandan around 9am yesterday.

MACC said the bribes were collected to turn a blind eye on various offences committed by the premise owners such as unlicensed business conducts, employing undocumented foreign workers and violating building fire safety aspects.

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11 March 2017

Police rescue 20 victims of sex trade in Ipoh


IPOH, March 11 — Bukit Aman’s Anti-Trafficking In Person and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants (ATIPSOM) Unit in an operation on Thursday rescued 20 foreign women believed to be victims of sex exploitation.

Perak Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Gan Tian Kee said the women comprising 19 from Shan, Myanmar and one from Vietnam were rescued during a raid at a beauty centre in Jalan Kampar here around 5.45pm.

“Five men were also detained during the raid — the person guarding the ground floor entrance, the counter worker, and the ‘captain’ and two customers,” he said in a statement here late last night.

He said police also seized cash totaling RM6,670 and other items including 175 condoms, two walkie-talkies, two television sets and four mobile phones.

Also seized were two closed-circuit television recorders, two remote controls to secret doors, two remote controls to the main entrance, a business licence and one cash register.

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8 March 2017

Medical student and hotel worker claim trial to 54 prostitution-related charges

A medical student from a university in Egypt and a hotel worker pleaded not guilty in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today to 54 prostitution-related charges.

Khairul Azzuar Yusuff, 28, and Mohyuddin Ahmad Fajarudin, 23, made the plea after all the charges were read out to them before judge M Kunasundary.

The offences included for living on the earnings from prostitution where Khairul Azzuar, who is waiting to do his housemanship in May this year, and Mohyuddin faced 13 and nine charges, respectively.

Khairul Azzuar and Mohyuddin also faced 23 and six counts, respectively, and another three counts jointly, under Section 372(1)(f) of the same law for acting as intermediaries in the prostitution activity.

All the offences were allegedly committed at several hotels in the federal capital between June 2016 and Feb 7 last year, involving 14 victims aged between 16 and 41, including two Indonesians.

Khairul Azzuar also pleaded not guilty to another charge of raping a 14-year-old girl at a house in Bandar Sri Permaisuri here.

2 March 2017


21 wanita warga asing bekerja sebagai GRO ditahan dalam Ops Noda.


Raja Noraina Raja Rahim

Seremban: Seramai 27 orang ditahan menerusi Ops Noda yang dijalankan Bahagian Perjudian, Kongsi Gelap dan Maksiat (D7), Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Negeri Sembilan di sebuah pusat hiburan di Taman AST, tengah malam tadi.

Mereka yang ditahan dalam operasi bermula jam 12 tengah malam itu terdiri daripada 21 wanita warga asing iaitu pelayan pelanggan (GRO), seorang penjaga premis, dua ahli kongsi gelap dan tiga lelaki memiliki dadah.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah negeri Asisten Komisioner Norazman Mohamad Yusof berkata, wanita warga asing terbabit terdiri daripada 11 warga China, Vietnam (8) dan Laos (2) yang dipercayai bekerja tanpa permit kerja sah di pusat hiburan berkenaan.

12 Feb 2017

How much for a session with the Uzbekistan women? RM240 or more. No GST.


Saturday, 11 February 2017

International prostitution ring busted

Detained: The female foreigners held following the raid on the serviced apartment. — Bernama


3h3 hours ago

George Town prostitution ring busted

PUTRAJAYA – A newly set-up international prostitution ring, operating from a high-security serviced apartment in George Town, Penang, was busted by the authorities early yesterday, Asiaone reported.

Immigration officers detained 19 women from Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Vietnam, all between the ages of 17 and 38. Also nabbed were three local men believed to be pimps.

Authorities also seized RM12,629, a Mercedes Benz and a Proton Exora during the operation.

Immigration director-general Mustafar Ali was quoted as saying the syndicate housed the women in the highly-secured apartment with a strict visitor policy.

“We believe the ring has been operating for two months, offering sex services via social media application WeChat.

10 Feb 2017

Clients paid between RM240 and RM350 per session, either via walk-in and outcalls at hotels chosen by the clients.

2h2 hours ago

Penang-based prostitution ring featuring Uzbek women smashed

PUTRAJAYA: A Penang-based prostitution syndicate, which included Uzbek women as among its ‘offerings’, was smashed by the Immigration Department in an operation in George Town last night.
The raid by the Penang Immigration Department and the Putrajaya enforcement division, was carried out at a service apartment in the state capital.
Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said the 1am raid led to the detention of 19 women, aged between 17 and 38.
“Sixteen women were from Uzbekistan, one from Indonesia and two from Vietnam,” he said in a statement today.
The serviced apartment in George Town was home to the syndicate’s vice activities due to tight security.

It is understood that only those with clearance were allowed to enter. Mustafar said the syndicate is believed to have been active for about two months, offering sex services via the WeChat app.

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26 Jan 2017

1h1 hour ago

GROs found in sophisticated underground rooms


IPOH: Police “unearthed” about 38 foreign female guest relations officers who were hiding in underground rooms during a raid at an entertainment outlet in Medan Ipoh here.

The women from China and Vietnam, in their 20s and 30s, had hid themselves in two underground rooms, which uses hydraulic systems to lock its metal doors. It took the police several hours to locate them.

The operation was conducted by Bukit Aman’s Special Tactical Squad Anti-Vice, Gambling and Gangsterism (Stagg) on Tuesday night.

Stagg operations chief Supt Fazlisyam Abdul Majid said the police had to get the Fire and Rescue Department to pry open the metal doors to bring out the GROs.

“This is the first time a raid we conducted involved people hiding in locked underground rooms with hydraulic systems.

“Previously, we’ve only encountered cases whereby the GROs just hid in storerooms, in secret rooms behind walls or up in the ceiling,” he told reporters after the raid.

“The rooms are two metres high with an area of 46sqm and equipped with mattresses, air conditioning and food supply,” he said.

“This is a sophisticated hideaway. Its construction could have been costly,” he added.

19 Jan 2017

They come to earn a living and do not expect to die.

Vietnamese masseuse falls to her death fleeing from raiding team

KLANG: A 31-year-old Vietnamese woman fell to her death when she was believed to have slipped while trying to leap from one building to the next in a bid to escape from the Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (STAGG) raiding team yesterday afternoon.
Nguyen Thi Don, believed to be working as a masseuse in Bukit Tinggi, tried to evade the raiding team by jumping from the window on the first floor of a building here in Bukit Tinggi.
Klang Selatan district police chief Assistant Commissioner Alzafny Ahmad said the raiding team stormed the massage centre and was checking the premise when they received information that Nguyen and another woman was at the next building.
“The raiding team was prying open the grille door to enter the building when they heard a loud scream from the upper floor. Once they went into the premise, they found a foreign woman hiding in the toilet.

“Further checks revealed that the kitchen window was opened and the raiding team looked down to find Nguyen sprawled on the road,” said Alzafny.

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15 Jan 2017

Pusat hiburan perangkap penjawat awam supaya tak ambil tindakan

Servis GRO percuma


Johor Bahru: Bilik karaoke bernilai ribuan ringgit diberikan secara percuma disertai pelayan pelanggan (GRO) warga asing antara taktik pemilik empat pusat hiburan memerangkap enam penjawat awam supaya tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap mereka.

Bahkan dua daripada pegawai kerajaan itu didapati positif dadah dipercayai akibat terlalu kerap menggunakan keistimewaan itu dan kini berdepan risiko diberhentikan perkhidmatan selepas ditahan dalam empat serbuan berasingan bermula jam 12 tengah malam, kelmarin, hingga 9 pagi, semalam.

8 Jan 2017

WAO: Women are commodities to men who pimp wives

PETALING JAYA: The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) believes that men who force their wives into prostitution do not regard women as human beings in the first place.

WAO executive director Sumitra Visvanathan said the men thought nothing of prostituting their wives because they had very little respect for women in general.

“In his mind, she has no right to make any choice and she has no integrity as a person so in the end, all she is to him is just a ‘thing’. He can prostitute a thing,” she told FMT.

Sumitra said most women who suffered domestic abuse also lose self-confidence, and as such the value they placed on themselves was significantly diminished.

“When a man assumes power and control, in the case of domestic abuse, the power and control is taken from the woman.”


6 Jan 2017

He needed money and the Bangladeshi wanted sex, so he rented his wife to the Bangladeshi for RM50. The woman was caught while entertaining the client.


Man forces wife to prostitute herself for RM50

ALOR SETAR: A 34-year-old man was detained after he allegedly forced his wife into offering sexual services to foreign workers since December last year.

On Thursday, the 24-year-old wife was caught by Rukun Tetangga staff investigating “suspicious” activities at a house in Bandar Amanjaya, Sungai Petani.


Jobless man arrested for allegedly prostituting wife

An unemployed man has been arrested for allegedly forcing his wife into prostitution in Sungai Petani, Kedah, according to the police.

In the 9.30pm incident last night, the 23-year-old woman claimed her husband forced her to have sex with a Bangladeshi for RM50.

Kuala Muda district police chief Md Zukir Md Isa said the woman claimed she had to follow her husband’s instruction for fear of being physically assaulted by him.

“The woman claimed she was forced to prostitute herself when the house was raided by Rukun Tetangga (members) who received a complaint that ‘khalwat’ (close proximity) was taking place.

“The husband, who was waiting in a car, was also detained but the Bangladeshi managed to escape,” he is quoted as saying by Utusan Online today.

Md Zukir said the case is being investigated under Section 372(1)(a) of the Penal Code, which relates to exploiting a person for purposes of prostitution.

1 Nov 2016

3m3 minutes ago

Ops Noda dan Judi: 25 warga asing diperiksa Selanjutnya di :


MELAKA: Seramai 25 warga Thailand, Vietnam dan Nepal diperiksa, sebelum sembilan daripadanya ditahan dalam operasi bersepadu di beberapa hotel bajet, di sekitar Jalan Tun Ali, di sini, dalam usaha membendung aktiviti maksiat di negeri ini.

Semua individu berumur lingkungan 20 hingga 38 tahun itu ditahan dalam Ops Noda dan Judi bermula jam 3.30 petang semalam, dan berakhir jam 11.30 pagi tadi, selepas disyaki terbabit dengan kegiatan tidak bermoral.

Setiausaha Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB), Sheikh Mohd Nasir Sheikh Salim, berkata berdasarkan pemeriksaan awal, pihaknya mendapati seorang lelaki tempatan berusia 62 tahun dan lelaki Nepal dipercayai bertindak sebagai ‘bapa ayam’.

27 Oct 2016

8 women arrested in Kovan and Hougang during anti-vice blitz

October 27, 2016

SINGAPORE — Eight women, aged 25 to 47, who allegedly advertised sexual services online and operated within rented residential units were arrested in an anti-vice operation conducted on Wednesday (Oct 26), the Singapore Police said in a statement.

During the 13-hour operation, officers from the Ang Mo Kio Division conducted raids in the Hougang and Kovan, seizing S$780 in cash, along with mobile phones and related documents.

The police said investigations are still ongoing.

22 Oct 2016

Dressed as a woman, bra and all, he is arrested for prostitution.

6h6 hours ago

‘Wanita celup’ baru keluar penjara antara 6 individu ditahan disyaki terbabit pelacuran


Melaka: “Apa salah saya, mana ada saya bawa perempuan dalam bilik ni, itu coli saya. Kenapa serbu bilik saya, (sebab) saya tak buat apa-apa, saya baru keluar penjara.”

Begitu jerit seorang lelaki berlagak wanita kepada sepasukan anggota penguat kuasa Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (JAIM) dan Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB) yang melakukan pemeriksaan di bilik sewa lelaki berkenaan dalam operasi bersepadu di Jalan Tun Ali, di sini, jam 10 pagi semalam.

Lelaki berusia 28 tahun itu antara enam individu iaitu dua lelaki dan empat wanita ditahan atas kesalahan bersekediaman, disyaki terbabit dalam aktiviti pelacuran dan lelaki berlagak wanita.

Ketika pemeriksaan dilakukan, lelaki berkenaan sedang berehat di dalam bilik namun dia bertindak agresif dengan memarahi anggota penguat kuasa yang didakwa mengganggunya.

Hasil pemeriksaan mendapati lelaki itu beberapa kali ditahan JAIM dalam pemeriksaan sebelum ini kerana berlagak seperti wanita.

A rose by any other name….

Massage parlours evolved into Reflexology centres some years back but whatever the name, they  offer sexual services.

17 Oct 2016

Police collared a 35-year-old man and 11 Vietnamese women at a reflexology centre along Jalan Tun Jugah, Kuching…


Kuching District police chief ACP Abang Ahmad Abang Julai said a team led by ASP Ooi Jin Bing raided the outlet at 5.45pm under ‘Ops Noda’.

They seized business licences and the customer log book, added Ahmad in a press statement yesterday.

The prime suspect, he said, was a Chinese residing in Stampin Resettlement Scheme at Jalan Stutong here.

5 men nabbed. One masseuse also nabbed. Did one service five?

24 September 2016

Six nabbed for indulging in more than foot massages

The Terengganu Islamic Religious Affairs Department has arrested five men and a masseuse for indulging in more than the service offered at several foot reflexology centres here.

The department made the arrests during the raids it conducted between 10pm and midnight last night on nine foot reflexology and entertainment centres in this town, said its principal assistant commissioner Nik Zulhaiza Ismail.

Those arrested were aged between 20 and 40, he said.

Police rescue reluctant members of the oldest profession from the Philippines.

8 August 2016

8 August 2016 | MYT 8:52 PM

Cops rescue 10 Filipinas exploited for sex


SIBU: Ten Filipinas who were said to have been exploited for sex were rescued by police when they raided a building Monday.

A CID team led by Insp Hairul Hussin rescued the women, aged between 22 to 30, in the noon operation at Hardin Walk here.

Two hours later, a 54-year old man was arrested for further investigations.

Police believe that the women were victims of human trafficking.

24 July 2016

Girl, 15, among those detained by Immigration in Johor flesh trade crackdown



BATU PAHAT: Two nightclubs in Yong Peng and a reflexology centre in Kluang were raided early today for employing illegal immigrants as workers.

In the three separate operations, the Johor Immigration Department rounded up 44 foreign women from China, Vietnam and Thailand aged between 15 and 35, employed as guest relations officers (GROs) at the three premises.

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44 wanita warga asing dicekup Jabatan Imigresen di Yong Peng, Batu Pahat dan Kluang


Ketua Bahagian Penguatkuasa Jabatan Imigresen Johor, Masri Adul berkata, turut ditangkap dua lelaki tempatan berusia 25 dan 29 tahun yang bertindak sebagai penjaga premis dua pusat hiburan di Yong Peng.

19 June 2016

A place to earn a living?

Mr Gilbert de Silva, a PI from SecureGuard, says most, if not all, of the women who offer sexual services under the guise of masseuses are foreign nationals, some on tourist visas.

The spas are located a block away from each other – one is in Sophia Road and the other is in Prinsep Street. Both opened in 2012.

Dhoby Ghaut spa ‘almost like a brothel’

Suspect your husband is cheating on you?

Chances are, you might find him at two spas in the Dhoby Ghaut area, private investigators (PIs) tell The New Paper on Sunday.

Among the litany of spas that offer illegal sexual services in Singapore, the PIs claim that these two massage parlours are the most notorious of the lot.

This is primarily because of the number of cheating cases that have led PIs to them, say the two investigators.

Also, one of the spas is supposedly the largest “dirty” massage establishment in Singapore, says veteran PI James Loh from International Investigators.

“Others might have five to 10 girls. This one is very well run and has 20-plus girls, so there are more options for the customer,” says Mr Loh, who has visited both places four times each for separate investigations.

“It is almost like a brothel.”

Another PI, who wanted to be known only as Mr Tan, agrees.

He says the two spas have run these services “for quite a number of years”, and have so far avoided closure.

Mr Tan reckons that out of every 10 divorce cases he handles, one can be traced to the husband visiting one of the two spas.

4 June 2016


GEORGE TOWN: Nineteen women, all foreigners, were arrested in a raid at an entertainment centre in Jalan Baru Perai, yesterday.
Seberang Perai Tengah police chief Assistant Commissioner Rusli Mohd Noor said that the 11.30pm raid, conducted by the criminal investigation unit, saw the arrest of a 34-year-old local man, supposedly the “caretaker” of the premise.

“The women, aged between 19 to 42, are from Vietnam(10), China(8) and Thailand(1).

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Pendedahan kali ini pula mengenai sebuah lagi Pusat Pelacuran dan Perjudian yang terletak berhampiran dengan IPK Kuala Lumpur. Premis yang diberi nama Casanova Kafe ini jaraknya dengan IPK Kuala Lumpur cuma 200 meter sahaja.

Di dalam premis ini terdapat puluhan pelacur yang terdiri daripada warga Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, dan juga China. Malah kesemua pelacur ini telah menyalahgunakan pas lawatan sosial yang diberikan. Sindiket yang menaungi premis ini turut menjalankan khidmat “escort girl” dengan bayaran tertentu.

Tidak cukup dengan perkhidmatan pelacuran, Casanova Kafe turut menjalankan perniagaan perjudian siber di dalam premis ini. Premis ini mempunyai lesen perniagaan hotel dan kafe minuman yang sah tetapi menyalahgunakannya bagi menjalankan aktiviti haram pelacuran dan perjudian.

Kewujudan premis pelacuran dan perjudian berhampiran IPK Kuala Lumpur bukan lagi sesuatu yang menghairankan oleh kerana PDRM Kuala Lumpur masih belum bangun dari tidur mereka dan tiada kesungguhan ditunjukkan untuk membanteras kegiatan tidak bermoral ini walaupun di depan mata mereka.



20 May 2016

Sixty is not too old.


20 May 2016 | MYT 4:43 PM

Woman, 60, fined RM500 for offering herself to cop

KUALA LUMPUR: A 60-year-old woman was fined RM500 by a magistrate’s court here for offering sex to a police officer.

Magistrate Ahmad Solihin Abd Wahid handed down the sentence to Norbibah Shamsudin, 60, after she pleaded guilty to the charge of soliciting for the purpose of prostitution.

According to the charge sheet, the offence was committed at a food stall in Jalan Sultan, Dang Wangi near here, on May 18 to police officer G. Bala.

12 May 2016

While their stable of prostitutes earned money the hard way, spreading their legs for clients, this couple had it easy…They were the pimps.

Singaporean and wife earned up to $28k monthly from prostitution enterprise

z1q.jpgQuek Choon Leong, was sentenced to 33 months’ jail and his wife business raked in $25,000 to $28,000 a month until their arrest on 23 July 2013. His wife was jailed 29 months on 8 August 2015, pleading guilty to 34 counts of living on prostitution earnings, harbouring women procured for prostitution, receiving them at Changi Airport, and obstructing the course of justice. Quek’s trial has been postponed as he makes arrangements for their two children. Photo: The Straits Times

A Singaporean who, together with his Vietnamese wife, earned a tidy sum of $25,000 to $28,000 a month from vice was jailed for 33 months yesterday.

Quek Choon Leong, 34, and Huynh Thi Kieu Trang, 35, had operated a large-scale and sophisticated enterprise with 32 prostitutes and 10 other staff for two years until their arrest in July 2013.

To run the enterprise, the couple recruited several helpers, including two agents in Vietnam to procure attractive women. Each woman would pay Huynh $450 a month, raised to $600 in 2013, for lodging. They signed a tenancy agreement, with a set of “rules” imposed by the couple.

Huynh would arrange for the women to solicit customers in Geylang and hire lookouts for law enforcement officers so she could warn her workers.

On average, the couple had about 20 women working under them per month, and received prostitution earnings of $25,000 to $28,000.

Quek used part of the earnings to gamble at the Resorts World Sentosa casino, converting chips worth between $23,630 and $29,000 on three occasions in June and July 2013.

DPP Zhou said investigation showed that in October 2014, Quek rented a unit in Changi Road at $3,000 a month. They were on court bail at the time.

And some time before early August last year – weeks before she was jailed – Huynh again arranged for three Vietnamese women to come and work as prostitutes.

For that, she was given an additional 10 months’ jail in April this year which will take effect after she finishes her current jail sentence.

– See more at:

9 May 2016

Police raid sex den in Jalan Silang, 52 prostitutes detained Read More :


KUALA LUMPUR: Police today raided five prostitution dens at Jalan Silang and arrested 105 people including 52 prostitutes of various nationalities.
The prostitution dens offered sexual services for between RM40 and RM50.
A team from the Bukit Aman Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (STAGG) conducted the operation, codenamed Ops Noda, between 4pm and 6pm.
The prostitutes comprised women from Bangladesh (30), Myanmar (2), Indonesian (5), and 15 Malaysians.
Two of the Malaysians were transvestites.

Also arrested were the outlet operators, workers, and customers. All those arrested were aged between 29 and 53.

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10 April 2016

Teenaged boys and the oldest profession

Those interviewed said national service is one stage in life where many young men get introduced to paid sex by their more sexually experienced mates. Take, for example, full-time national serviceman Raymond (not his real name), who had his first sexual encounter with a prostitute last year when he was 18.


Allure of paid sex for teenage boys

 Prof Wong and PhD student Junice Ng studied 300 heterosexual boys aged between 16 and 19 who visited the Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control (DSC) Clinic between 2009 and 2014. The government clinic focuses on the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI).

More teenage boys paying for sex: Study

Never having had a girlfriend, or one who is sexually active, and watching pornography frequently are the two strongest reasons why teenage boys turn to prostitutes, according to the first study here on teens who pay for sex.

Other reasons that some boys are more likely than others to visit prostitutes include the fact that they started having sex before the age of 16, said Associate Professor Wong Mee Lian of the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore, who led the study.

They could have reached puberty earlier and tend to have older friends who exposed them to behaviour that included smoking, drinking and sex with prostitutes, she said.

Another factor is that these teens have lower self-esteem.

“These boys want to feel accepted and want to boost their ego. They may not have a girlfriend to boast of, but they can pay to ‘conquer’ a prostitute,” she added.

Her study found that educational background or the type of home the family lived in was not a factor in whether a boy was more likely to go to a prostitute.

Doctors and social workers interviewed are concerned by the high proportion of teens who went to prostitutes. They believe this is because of the proliferation of online sex sites and forums.

Besides Singapore, some boys also visited prostitutes in neighbouring Johor Baru, Batam and Bangkok, the study found.

8 April 2016

In France: You may practise the oldest profession legally but it is illegal for your client to pay you!

This is to help stamp out sex trafficking. Only a minority enter the oldest profession willingly. Many are forced to it by circumstances and dire financial need.

Others are trafficked…

The French Government estimates 90 per cent of the country’s 20,000 to 40,000 sex workers are victims of Nigerian, Chinese and Romanian sex trafficking networks.

Top news story

It is illegal to buy sex in France now. no pimps allowed & no more criminalizing prostitutes. End Sex Trafficking!

Prostitution in France made legal under new laws, but paying for it ruled illegal


France has introduced new prostitution laws, making soliciting sex legal, but activities around it such as brothels and pimping have been made illegal.

Supporters said the legislation would make it easier to crackdown on sex trafficking, but prostitutes said it would leave them in limbo.

The changes have been met by rallies, with some people calling for the abolition of prostitution all together, and others demanding the laws be scaled back.

People who want to pay for sex could now cop a 1,500 Euro fine, which increases if they are found re-offending.

Those prosecuted would also have to attend education classes, about the harms of the sex trade.

Why are the laws changing?

The French Government estimates 90 per cent of the country’s 20,000 to 40,000 sex workers are victims of Nigerian, Chinese and Romanian sex trafficking networks.

MP Guy Geoffroy, member of the conservative party Les Republicans, said from now on the onus would be on the clients.,-but-paying-for-it-illegal/7307058

LONDON: A new law passed in France that makes it an offence to pay for sex and moves the punishment from prostitutes to clients, has been hailed as revolutionary by activists who hope it will help stamp out sex trafficking.

Under the law, passed on Wednesday, those who pay for sex will face fines of up to 1,500 euros ($1,700) for the first offence, and up to 3,750 Euros ($4,300) for subsequent offences.

They may also have to attend a prostitution awareness course. France follows Northern Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Iceland in introducing laws designed to punish the client without criminalising those who have been driven into prostitution.

“That’s a revolution in France because they’ve been criminalised for the last 76 years,” Gregoire Thery, secretary general of the French non-profit Mouvement du Nid, which works with men and women in prostitution, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Thursday.

There are between 30,000 and 37,000 sex workers in France, according to the Central Office for the Suppression of Trafficking of Human Beings.

Nearly 85 percent of them are victims of human trafficking, mainly from Bulgaria, Romania, Nigeria, Cameroon and China, Thery said by phone from France.



Only a minority enter the oldest profession willingly. Many are forced to it by circumstances and dire financial need.

Others are trafficked…

“When the child is eight years old, they’re sold for sex. This is a ‘long-term investment’ for the syndicates,” she said.

5 April 2016

Tenaganita: Sex workers treated like ‘baby factories’ via

Sex workers’ babies are sold for up to RM40,000 while rejected babies are returned to syndicates to be brought up as future sex workers.

PETALING JAYA: Syndicates are capitalising on Malaysia’s stringent child adoption procedures and turning sex workers into “baby factories”, Tenaganita claimed today.

According to a report by The Sun Daily, Tenaganita coordinator Aegile Fernandez said some childless couples were resorting to adopting children outside official procedures.

The legal process for adopting a child can take up to two years, and involved a lot of paperwork, interviews and monitoring by the Welfare Department.

Fernandez said in the past, a pregnant sex worker would be sent for an abortion, but now, the pregnant sex worker would be forced to continue providing sex services while carrying the child, putting the baby at risk of developing health problems, including HIV.

“Now the syndicates send her to a clinic for the baby’s delivery, after which a doctor would provide a letter furnishing a different identity complementing the new parents,” she said.

The sex worker’s baby can fetch high prices depending on the child’s gender, weight, health and even skin colour.

A booking fee alone for a child is between RM5,000 to RM7,000.

The price for a girl is priced no more than RM25,000, while a boy can be sold for between RM12,000 to RM40,000.

Fernandez further claimed that rejected babies were handed back to the syndicate to become a victim of child trafficking or brought up to be a future sex worker.

“At some places where we’re involved such as Chow Kit, there are children being watched over by another sex worker.

4 April 2016


4 April 2016 | MYT 4:59 PM

Mum-of-one who offered sex to cop fined RM2,500

KUALA LUMPUR: A mother-of-one was slapped with a RM2,500 fine in default two months’ jail by the magistrate’s court here for offering sex to a policeman.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Hua, 33, pleaded guilty before magistrate Siti Radziah Kamarudin on Monday to the offence committed at an entertainment outlet in Dang Wangi here at about 9.30pm on March 24.

The Vietnamese national, who was represented by Vincent Chew, had offered the policeman sex for RM500.

20 March 2016

Massage parlours and reflexology centres are often a front for whore-houses or brothels…

27 foreign women arrested in raid on Setapak massage centres Read More :

By FAISAL ASYRAF – 20 March 2016 @ 5:21 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Police detained 27 foreign women in a raid conducted at three reflexology and massage centres in Setapak last night.
The women were believed to have been working here without valid passes. Three men who allegedly operated the centres were also arrested.
The raid was carried out by a team of police officers from Bukit Aman’s Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division (D7), as well as a Wangsa Maju police team headed by Superintendent Mohammad Roy Suhaimi.

Of the 27 foreign women, nine were Filipinos; four China nationals; three Vietnamese; nine Thais; and two Indonesians.

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26 wanita warga asing ditahan: Semua yg ditahan berusia 20 hingga 35 tahun

This is ‘Miss Nora’.zq

Did you book ‘Miss Nora’? Sorry, she can’t keep the appointment but don’t be surprised if the police contacted you.

A log book recording the schedule of sexual services she was offering in each state was also found in the hotel room. Is your name on it?

Log book tells tale of Miss Nora’s activities Read More :

MELAKA: A 33-year-old woman suspected of offering sexual services at hotels throughout the country was detained at a hotel in Melaka Raya, here on Saturday.

Enforcement Head of the Melaka Islamic Religious Department (JAIM), Rahimin Bani said the woman, using the pseudonym ‘Miss Nora’ offered the immoral activities via social media at four-star and five-star hotels, while clients must pay a deposit to ‘book’ for the services.

He said the married woman, who hails from Penang, was detained during a raid by JAIM enforcement team following a public complaint at about 10.55 pm at a hotel room.

“Upon an inspection at the room, we found a bottle of lubricant, 14 condoms including one which had been used, cash amounting to more than RM6,000 believed to be payments for prostitution activities, two sets of handphones and a laptop computer,” he told reporters here today.

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2h2 hours ago

Miss Nora yang “panas” di Facebook dan Wechat akhirnya terjerat jua

14 February 2016

By Chuah Bee Kim – 14 February 2016 @ 7:00 PM

JOHOR BARU: A total of 13 Thai women working as guest relations officers (GROs) and two men, believed to be their caretakers, were detained in an anti-vice operation carried out on Saturday night.

Johor Immigration enforcement chief Masri Adul said most of the GROs, aged 22 to 34, were resting in their rooms in a double-storey bungalow in Taman Pelangi here when it was raided by 12 enforcement officers led by Masri.

“All the GROs were detained for not having valid passes nor permits,” Masri said.

The two men, aged 32 and 34, were locals. One of them had just returned to the house with several GROs. It was believed he had just fetched them from the various entertainment outlets they were working at.

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69 GRO kena cekup. Selanjutnya di

12 February 2016

2h2 hours ago

GEORGE TOWN: A total of 17 illegal immigrants were nabbed yesterday in a raid by the Immigration Department at a pub near Jalan Burma.

A state Immigration Department spokesperson said those arrested were from China and Vietnam.

“The suspects are all women, aged between 20 and 40 years old.

“We also detained a local for harbouring illegals,” he said today.

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11 February 2016

85 months’ jail, S$130,000 fine for pimp who earned more than S$2.5 million from escorts

SINGAPORE: Chew Tiong Wei, a pimp who earned more than S$2.5 million from his social escort business, was jailed 85 months and fined S$130,000 on Thursday (Feb 11). The 38-year-old started the business in 2007 and over the years procured more than 20 prostitutes, many of whom were underage.

Chew has also been ordered to pay a penalty of S$152,893.95 relating to offences under the Income Tax Act for tax evasion, to the tune of S$26,964.65 from 2012 to 2013. He had also fraudulently obtained S$24,000 in cash payouts and bonuses from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme.

Chew pleaded guilty in December last year to 28 charges, the bulk of which relate to living on the earnings of a prostitute and procuring women for the purpose of prostitution. Another 73 similar charges, including 22 charges for making obscene films, were taken into consideration during sentencing.

District Judge Lim Keng Yeow had strong words for Chew, whom he called “a corrupting influence” on “misguided minors”. Chew had earlier admitted to multiple charges for commercial sex with a minor. He would tell the teen girls that he needed to “try them out” before employing them, and would give them “pointers” on how to improve their sexual performance when servicing clients.


China’s citizens can travel to Malaysia visa free.

Malaysia will be a preferred nation for Chinawomen practising their profession of prostitution.

Between 2013 and April this year, over 11,000 women from China, mostly on social visit passes, were arrested for prostitution. According to the authorities, the number of those who escaped is definitely more.

Read More :

By Farrah Naz Karim – 11 February 2016 @ 11:00 AM

A foreign woman in a skimpy red dress that looked like it had been painted on her, stood handcuffed at the corner of this police district headquarters.

There was not the slightest sign that the world had crashed around her, as she, along with about 50 of her friends, remained engaged in their intense conversation… sharing a giggle every now and then.

From the other end of the lobby, my eyes were fixed on her as the senior police officer, whom I had joined in a midnight raid earlier at several locations in the city, tells me of the powers she had that he couldn’t seem to counter, despite his long years dealing in anti-vice work.

“You see that woman in red? I have arrested her twice… this will be the third.

“For a foreigner who is clearly abusing the country’s laws, she seems to be bigger than that and everything else combined,” he said of the woman they had plucked out from a dingy room littered with used condoms, in one of the city’s back alleys.

These foreign working girls, with Chinese and Vietnamese nationals topping statistics, are abusing the privilege of being allowed to visit this country to make a killing in the lucrative vice trade.

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5 February 2016

Old man dies during sex with prostitute, woman stays attached to his genitals

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Elderly Chinese man dies during sex while still physically attached to prostitute

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An elderly Chinese man died while having sex with a prostitute, according to several online media outlets.

Disturbing footage of the pair being wheeled out of an unidentified building in China has emerged online. It was first shared on Chinese video sharing platform Miaopai before being shared by other users on LiveLeak, The Daily Mail reported.

The clip shows paramedics wheeling a supposedly dead body on a hospital stretcher – with a moving person still on top. Both of them were covered with a blue blanket.

Bystanders could be seen watching on in horror.

The two were reportedly sent to a hospital to be surgically separated, according to online news website

Although uncommon, it is still possible to die during sex and it can also be caused by an increased strain on the heart, The Sun reported. This strain can lead to a heart attack, which is more common among men.

Another possible occurrence during intercourse is penis captivus, where two sexual partners become stuck together during sexual intercourse. Vagina muscles clamp down on the penis harder than usual, according to The Daily Mail.

It is still unknown as to what happened to the pair in China.

2 February 2016


The Batty Post

Geylang visit ruined after SG husband unknowingly hires own wife

A 52-year old Singapore man has had the shock of his life after arranging to meet up with a prostitute in the Geylang district last Friday evening. Unknown to the client, his female companion for the evening turned out to be none other than his wife of 23 years.

The terrible mix-up occurred after the man made a Friday night appointment at a Geylang establishment and was told his regular girl was unavailable. The receptionist was apologetic but mentioned that a new employee had recently been hired who was receiving rave reviews from a number of clients. “Book me in!” said the man, and the wheels were set in motion for a fateful meeting later that evening. After being ushered into a vacant room at the venue, the man showered and was relaxing on the bed when the door swung open and his own wife entered the room. The couple reportedly froze for several moments before the wife reacted first, emitting a shrill scream and taking off her 12-inch heel and hurling it at her husband’s rapidly-deflating kukubird.

The man angrily stormed out of the room and tried to exit the venue, where he was detained by a large security guard for failing to settle his bill of SG$700. After a heated discussion with the brothel’s manager, he was able to negotiate a discount and only had to pay SG$250 for the brief encounter with his wife.

Geylang visit ruined after SG husband unknowingly hires own wife

31 January 2016


Three elderly men charged with trafficking women for prostitution

JOHOR BARU: Four suspected pimps, including three in their 60s, claimed trial at a Sessions Court for allegedly trafficking foreign women in Bandar Sri Alam here.

Three of the girls are underaged.

Chin Kong Peng, 61, Ching Joo Toon, 60, Ong Kiat, 62 and Fan Chon Kwee, 49, faced charges under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 and another under the Section 55B of the Immigration Act for employing illegal immigrants.

According to the facts of the case, Chin and Fan had together trafficked three Vietnamese girls, ages 17 to 15, at a spa at a resort in Bandar Sri Alam on Jan 17.

All four men allegedly trafficked three Indonesian women at the same place and date.

6 January 2016

Seven naked Vietnamese male masseurs arrested

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BUTTERWORTH: Seven naked Vietnamese men entertaining customers at a massage centre in Perai Jaya here were arrested during a raid yesterday.

State Immigration Department detained the men, aged between 20 to 33 years old, in a raid at about 4.25pm.

The department assistant director Abdul Rahman Hassan said six local men aged between 30 to 50 years old, who were in the midst of being massaged were also detained.

“All suspects were naked and in the midst of entertaining their guests when the raid took place.

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The North Ma]
7 Vietnamese “massage lang” suspected of sexual services provided by the reu penang immigration detention, customer full body nude massage but enjoy the occasion were banned, a face of a stunning!

3 January 2016

The oldest profession can be a dangerous profession…

Man robbed prostitute after sex — and even slapped and molested her flatmate

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Amir Hussain
The Straits Times
Jan 1, 2016

A technician who spent the night with a prostitute, then robbed her at knifepoint and molested her flatmate has been jailed for more than five years and sentenced to 16 strokes of the cane.

Cao Lichun, a Chinese national who turns 33 today, took $6,400 in cash, a $2,000 designer watch and a mobile phone from the two women at their rented apartment in Dalvey Road.

A district court heard that Cao went to see the prostitute in the early hours of Dec 1, 2013, after exchanging messages.

Her flatmate was present when he arrived.

Both women – also Chinese nationals – cannot be named to protect their identities.

Cao had sex and paid the prostitute $200, then fell asleep in her bedroom.

At about 8.30am, he woke her and demanded money. She ignored him as she thought he was joking.

Cao then used a piece of wire to throttle her from behind. He also tied her wrists and ankles with cable ties.

He pocketed her $2,000 Titoni watch and mobile phone.

Cao also pointed a knife at her, threatened harm and asked where she kept her bag. She told him it was in the living room and he took $400 in cash from it.

Cao then went to the flatmate’s bedroom. When she answered the door, he grabbed her neck and pushed her onto the bed.

He used one hand to cover her mouth and the other to molest her.

Before leaving the apartment, Cao cut the cable ties off the prostitute’s hands and molested her friend again. He then returned $100 to the prostitute and $1,000 to her flatmate.

31 December 2015

From tissue seller to masseur to ‘oldest professional?

‘Tissue paper sellers’ offer massages at Chinatown hawker centre.


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At a Chinatown hawker centre, some women are selling packets of tissue paper as a cover for earning money from on-the-spot massages on beer drinkers.

They walk around the food centre on the pretext of selling tissue paper, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Hawkers and customers at the People’s Park Food Centre said that earlier this year, these women could be seen almost every night, going around the tables asking men if they would like a massage.

They usually targeted those drinking beer, said a drinks stall worker who wanted to be known only as Madam Chen.

Shown pictures of the masseuses, the 43-year-old, who is originally from China, told The New Paper she used to see the women approach her customers every night.

“I recognised one of the women very well, she is from Vietnam,” said Madam Chen.

The women would knead the men’s back and shoulders over their shirts, but Madam Chen had seen a number of men take off their shirts, sitting bare bodied on the hawker centre chairs during the massage.

She added that some of the women would even sit down with their customers for drinks after the massage.

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25 December 2015

Japan’s gift to Filipino prostitutes is arrested for child pornography

Malaysian Insider

Japan teacher who paid for sex with 12,000 women convicted over naked child photographs

A former school headteacher, who reportedly paid for sex with 12,000 women in the Philippines, has been convicted in Japan for taking photos of naked Filipino girls.

The Yokohama District Court sentenced Yuhei Takashima, 65, to two years in prison with the term suspended for four years, a spokesman told AFP.

Takashima, who reportedly had sex with girls as young as 14, escaped prison with a promise not to offend again.

Quoting the verdict, Japan’s Jiji Press said the girls pictured were “aged between 12 and 14” and were photographed at a hotel in the Philippines about two years ago.

According to local media, Takashima had meticulously catalogued nearly 150,000 photographs of his sexual encounters over a 27-year period in around 400 separate albums.

Takashima was quoted as having said in court that he “has a habit of collecting things” and wanted “to keep the memories”.

The former middle-school principal started paying for sex when he was dispatched to a Japanese school in Manila in 1988.

He later went on three sex tours a year to the country, making a total of 65 visits.

During that time, he had sex with more than 12,000 women, with Nippon TV saying they were aged between 14 and 70.

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23 December 2015

Man offered threesome at massage parlour — and pays $400 to get away

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A man has claimed that he had to pay a total of $400 in order to break away from two masseuses who were insistent on having a threesome with him, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The man, who declined to be named, said that the incident happened last month when he and his girlfriend visited a massage parlour along South Bridge Road.

The couple, who are in their 30s, had each chosen a one-hour session that cost $50. They were then brought to separate rooms on different levels – the man went to the third floor, while his girlfriend went to the second.

The man told Wanbao that after about 15 minutes into his massage session, his masseuse, who was wearing a tight low-cut top and miniskirt, asked him whether he wanted to “overtime”.

After he rejected the offer, he claimed that the masseuse asked him if he wanted a “special service”. That was when he wanted to leave, but he said that the masseuse wouldn’t let him wear his clothes.

To get away, he agreed to an additional half an hour of massage. The masseuse then brought her colleague into the room, and both of them started suggesting a threesome, the man claimed.

He said that he eventually paid $400 for his massage session, the additional time and “other expenses”. He has since notified the police and Ministry of Manpower regarding the incident.

17 December 2015

Ipoh, my home town and where I still live, was famous for its massage parlours but INFAMOUS for the fact that massage parlours were often fronts for whore houses (prostitute dens).


24-hr massage parlour in Bukit Batok reportedly revealed to be front for ‘special services’

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Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015

A 24-hour massage parlour in Bukit Batok has been revealed to be a front, with the female masseuses offering “special services” to customers.

The massage parlour, which opened at a Bukit Batok shophouse about six months ago, provides foot massages and full-body massages, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

One woman, an assistant at a nearby shop, said that about five or six female masseuses worked at the parlour. The woman all seemed to be in their 20s and 30s, and spoke with Chinese accents.

She told Lianhe Wanbao that although the massage parlour was open 24 hours, there would usually only be a steady stream of customers from the afternoon onwards.

“The customers are mostly male. Some enter from the front, while others enter from the back door.

To find out the truth, a reporter with the Chinese evening daily visited the massage parlour pretending to be a customer.

The reporter found out from one of the masseuses that besides massage services, three other “special services” are also provided, with one of the services reserved for regulars only.

Customers who had made reservations would immediately be ushered into the shower once they went into the rooms. The reporter chose the one-hour massage package.

The first 45 minutes proceeded like a typical massage session. But at the end of the session, the masseuse told him: “We can’t earn much if you don’t take up the extra services.”

Temporarily unable to practise their profession.


13 December 2015




警方在過去24小時內,在全國各地雷厲風行,針對淫業架步展開近百項突擊行動,其中18項有斬獲,逮捕128名涉嫌賣淫活動的本地及外籍男女! 全國警方在週六的24小

Prostitution is legal in NZ but workers have to be citizens. Can’t be on tourist or work visa.

Under the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, only New Zealand citizens and residents can work in the sex industry.

Foreign prostitutes work here to make money but enter as tourists

Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Foreign prostitutes work here to make money but enter as tourists

“In recent years there has been a steady increase in sex workers from a number of countries travelling to New Zealand to work in the local sex industry,” the police summary of facts said.

Last year, 97 people were stopped from boarding flights or entering New Zealand because they were suspected of travelling to work in the sex industry, up from 67 in 2013, according to figures released by Immigration New Zealand.

In the past three years, 42 foreign nationals have been found illegally working in the sex industry by Immigration New Zealand.

Twenty-five came on visitors’ visas, eight on student visas, seven on work visas and two were overstayers.

Immigration adviser Tuariki Delamere, who had represented more than 30 foreign sex workers on immigration matters, believed the actual number of illegal prostitutes was much higher.

“Immigration’s figures are only of those detected, but my guess is the numbers are possibly 10 times higher,” he said.

Foreign prostitutes work here to make money but enter as tourists

13 December 2015

Celebs nabbed in Jakarta anti-prostitution sting
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Two celebrities were arrested in an anti-prostitution sting operation in Jakarta.

They are a 27-year-old actress and a 22-year-old beauty pageant finalist, the Jakarta Globe reported.

Both women were busted in a room at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in Central Jakarta on Thursday night in a state of undress.

Also nabbed were the actress’ manager and a fixer, the report said. The client was an undercover officer.

Head of the National Police’s vice unit Umar Fana, said the two celebrities are being treated as human-trafficking victims.

He said they will be placed in the custody of the social services department to undergo “moral guidance” and training, “just like other prostitutes”.

The two men face charges of pimping.

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11 December 2015

Police arrest more celebrities
in high-class prostitution


Celebrity pimp Robby Abbas attends his trial at the South Jakarta district court in relation to an online prostitution ring that involved several celebrities on Sept. 22. Robby has been sentenced to one year and four months in prison for his role in the high-class prostitution ring. (Tempo/M. Iqbal Ichsan)

The National Police arrested two alleged pimps and two celebrities in an operation targeting a high-class prostitution ring, a police officer said on Friday.

Sr. Cmr. Umar Surya Fana, an officer at the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit (Bareskrim), said that police investigators arrested two pimps and two female celebrities, with the initials NM and PR, at a five-star hotel in Central Jakarta on Thursday evening.

Umar said that clients had been paying between Rp 50 million and 120 million for three-hour sessions with the two celebrities.

Umar added that that the two pimps were connected with Robby Abbas, who was arrested in May as part of an operation targeting high-class prostitution. He was later sentenced to one year and four months imprisonment.

“We will charge them with human trafficking,” he said adding that NM and PR would be considered victims in the case.
Umar said that NM and PR were arrested after they had taken off their clothes to fulfill the legal requirements of charging a person under prostitution laws.

23 May 2015

The woman from Batam, Indonesia was believed to be a prostitute.


Woman’s semi-naked body found in hotel room

By T.N.Alagesh – 23 May 2015 @ 8:38 PM

KUANTAN: A hotel employee stumbled on the semi-nude body of a woman in a room at Jalan Pasar here today.

Efrinda Yuni Lubis, 38, believed to be murdered, was found at 2.45am before the staff alerted the police about the incident.

He said policemen recovered the victim’s international passport and Indonesian driving licence near the body.

You can expect the Singapore Police to raid the place soon.

Rail Corridor near Sungei Kadut Avenue turns into makeshift brothel when night falls

When night falls, this 300m stretch is frequented by those in search of fast love and illegal nicotine kicks. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

Zaihan Mohamed Yusof and Muhammad Azim Azman
The New Paper
May 18, 2015

On weekends, nature lovers and joggers are often seen in this part of the Rail Corridor near Sungei Kadut Avenue.

Its ties to Singapore’s past lives on as it used to be the route along which train travellers journeyed to and from Malaysia.

But when night falls, the 300m stretch of Rail Corridor is frequented by another type of lovers – those in search of fast love and illegal nicotine kicks.

A two-day investigation by The New Paper revealed that the vicinity of the nature trail is being used by an outdoor prostitution ring and contraband cigarette peddlers.

We were first told about the activities by a jogger who declined to be named.


Free Malaysia Today

Sex trade gives young men enormous…perks

April 28, 2015

Lucrative returns attract college and uni students, and white-collar workers into gigolo industry

PETALING JAYA: Metro Ahad has reported that an increasing number of young men in colleges, universities and white collar workers are getting involved in the underground sex trade for its lucrative returns.

Known as “money boys”, this group of young men can be seen online posing in provocative outfits in order to lure potential customers.

They are reportedly making between RM200 and RM3000 for hourly or weekly sessions in the Klang Valley.

Services include massages, sex and companionship. Clients choose whether they would prefer to be attended to in a hotel or at home.

Apart from the good pay, these men are also often given overseas trips by their clients. Some of them even have their shopping bills taken care of, reports Metro Ahad.

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SELLING GARLANDS? Her job sounds suspiciously like the oldest profession. It’s likely that she is selling her own ‘flower’….

Thai girl working at S’pore disco posts about how she earns $30k in a month

10 April 2015

Stomper Sherman came across postings made on Facebook by a Thai girl flaunting her wealth.

According to the Facebook posts, the Thai girl works at disco in Singapore and earns over $30,000 in one month.

Sherman added that the Thai woman sells garlands and that it is shocking to see her earn so much.

lawmakers debate punishing prostitutes or clients

France lawmakers debate punishing prostitutes or clients

Published on Mar 30, 2015 7:31 PM

zttSexual work union (STRAS) members hold placards as they gather to protest against a plan to penalise the clients of prostitution, on March 28, 2015 in Paris. French senators will on Monday, March 30, debate whether the law should punish prostitutes or their clients, as France resumes a divisive discussion on how to crack down on the world’s oldest profession. — PHOTO: AFP – See more at:

PARIS (AFP) – French senators will on Monday debate whether the law should punish prostitutes or their clients, as France resumes a divisive discussion on how to crack down on the world’s oldest profession.

The proposed law completely revises a bill passed by France’s lower house in 2013 that never took effect.

That bill would have repealed a 2003 law that made offering sex for sale a crime and would have instead pushed the onus on to clients, making them subject to a fine.

The draft legislation passed by the lower house, the National Assembly, two years ago made clients of prostitutes liable for a fine of 1,500 euros (S$2,240) for a first offence and more than double that for subsequent breaches.

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Dozens arrested in Macau prostitution crackdown

Malaysian Insider

Dozens arrested in Macau prostitution crackdown

A prostitution ring has been broken up in Macau, with police arresting 42 mainland Chinese in a major crackdown. – Reuters pic, March 18, 2015.A prostitution ring has been broken up in Macau, with police arresting 42 mainland Chinese in a major crackdown. – Reuters pic, March 18, 2015.

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Macau police break up prostitution ring, arrest 42

HONG KONG: Police in Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub, have broken up a prostitution ring and arrested 42 mainland Chinese in the second major crackdown since Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the southern Chinese territory at the end of last year.

Macau, the only place in China where citizens can legally gamble in casinos, has been reeling from the impact of a corruption crackdown by Xi. Gaming revenue growth has plunged for nine straight months and is set to drop 40 percent in March.

Yu Zhihua, a spokesman for the Macau Public Security Police, told Reuters on Wednesday all those arrested were from the mainland, with the youngest aged 17.

The prostitution ring shut down on Tuesday had recruited women from the mainland through the use of mobile telephone applications. The syndicate was operating in a Macau hotel but Yu was not permitted to give the name.


A newly met girlfriend is not your girlfriend when you’re giving her money all the time. A man learnt this the hard way.She asked for money several times, and he later discovered that she may have had 350 sexual partners.


Thursday January 22, 2015 MYT 7:15:36 AM

IT man worried masseuse girlfriend infected him with HIV

A SOFTWARE engineer from Kuala Lumpur is worried that he may be infected with HIV after finding out that his girlfriend had multiple sex partners.

Major Chinese dailies reported that the 32-year-old man, who was only known as Tan, befriended the masseuse from China on the WeChat social networking app six months ago.

They started dating after meeting up in Petaling Jaya a month later.

He claimed that he had given her RM113,500 in several transactions after the woman claimed that she was having troubles, but realised he was being cheated when she asked for more money.

They broke off the friendship after he refused to give her more money.

Tan’s further investigation revealed that she could have slept with other men for money.


The posts on the website displayed services like “relaxing station for men” and “cosmetic services for women”. The site displayed photos of scantily clad women.

More than 1,500 young prostitutes sell their body online in Singapore

A posed photo that shows the site that claims to be “the website with the hottest babes in Singapore” has information of over 1500 women and its services over many parts of the island. PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao
Posted on 21 January 2015

A website that claimed to have “information to the hottest babes” was revealed to be a site that allows visitors to “hook up” or purchase sexual services from over 1,500 prostitutes.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the site masked it’s darker nature, boasting itself as the “best site in Singapore” for information of the “hottest babes”.

It is in fact a site for visitors to purchase sexual services from over 1,500 young prostitutes online.


Greenburgh is a town in the western part of Westchester County, New York, United States. The population was 88,400 at the 2010 census. (,_New_York)


Greenburgh Introduces Law That Strengthens Massage Parlor Regulations

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — A proposal was introduced Tuesday to require massage parlors to apply for licenses and special use permits in the Town of Greenburgh, subjecting them to closer oversight by police.

The proposal is being made as new massage parlors opened up during the past week along Central Avenue in the Edgemont section of town.

During a special meeting of the Greenburgh town board on Tuesday, resident David DePietto told town council members, “We don’t have time. We are not going to be patient. I think your actions should speak as loud as your words. We’re going to hold you to it.”

Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner said, “We have a lot of young women who are being sexually abused. I feel there is an urgency.”

Feiner said the new legislation “provides the police with the tools to close down facilities that are operating illegally.”

Greenburgh: Some massage parlors front for prostitution

The town of Greenburgh is cracking down on massage parlors that are allegedly fronts for prostitution.

Officials want to enact new rules that would require special permits for massage parlors.

They say a number of operators have been busted for prostitution, then merely close up shop and reopen somewhere else, where the illegal activity continues.


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