Mamak nasi kandar restaurants in Penang: No, we don’t serve dog meat as mutton!

Eaters of Bat meat, Dog meat, Monkey brains and other weird stuff…

16 Dec 2016


It’s a hoax! Nasi kandar restaurants deny allegations of using dog meat


BUKIT MERTAJAM: The Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Operators Association (Presma) today denied allegations that nasi kandar restaurants in the country are using dog meat in place of mutton.

“Actually, the news and images used in that Facebook account is from a television channel and portal in Tamil Nadu, India, which were reporting on briyani rice (there that was served) with dog meat. “Udin Di Raja used the those images, including that of dogs being slaughtered, and claimed that nasi kandar restaurants in Malaysia have been using dog meat to replace mutton,” he told a press conference, here today.

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We don’t serve dog meat, assert mamak restaurants

December 16, 2016

Indian Muslim restaurant owners in Kulim claim business has been affected by a widely circulated message warning of dog meat being passed off as mutton.


EORGE TOWN: Provoked by a viral message accusing mamak restaurants of using dog meat instead of mutton in their soup, a group of nasi kandar restaurant owners have lodged a police report to clear the reputation of the famous Penang staple.

Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Operators Association vice-president Kadhar Shah Abdul Razak said the message on social media had caused many patrons to wonder if they were being served dog meat in Indian Muslim restaurants.

“The action of certain quarters spreading such false news is regrettable.

“The actual incident of dog meat being served as mutton in a restaurant happened in Tamil Nadu, India, not Malaysia.

“The story became viral when it was aired by one of the television stations there.

“We strongly deny using dog meat in Indian-Muslim shops as we are 100% halal and Muslim,” he told reporters here today.

In the WhatsApp message making its rounds on social media, the image of a carcass of a skinned dog is accompanied by a message in Malay that says: “Subhanallah berhati-hati semua sahabat2 yang berugama Islam bila makan sup, kerana sekarang berluasa kat Restoran2 Mamak sekitar kawasan KL dan Kulim, takut nanti terkena sup anjing pulak sepertimana didalam wassap ni. Disebabkan kebanyakan Restoran Mamak ni pekerja berugama Hindu.”

Translated, the caption reads: “Be careful, all Muslims friends when having soup. More and more mamak restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Kulim are using dog meat. This is because many of the restaurant workers are Hindu.”

Oct 2014

Guang Ming Daily Exposé



Sell dog owners don’t happen very often, not at fixed locations to do business, law enforcement officers to catch him is not easy … (Translated by Bing)

阿依淡巴剎驚傳賣野狗 網上廣傳 市局捉不到人



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