Cement truck goes against traffic flow in Sembawang, Singapore: Driver arrested!



SATURDAY, 31 MAY 2014: THE SINGAPORE POLICE WILL SOON ASK FOR DETAILS. Wait for imminent arrest and charging of the cement truck driver.



Cement truck driver who drove against flow of traffic in Sembawang arrested after Stomp report

Posted on 03 June 2014

The cement truck driver who was caught on camera going against traffic flow, thus causing other motorists to stop and swerve out of its way, has been arrested by Police.

The Police have responded to Victor’s Stomp report in a statement that mentioned the arrest of the driver.

Said a spokesperson for the Police:

“Police have arrested the driver for the offence of Rash Driving under Section 279 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, and investigations are ongoing.

“The Traffic Police would also like to request for the person who had witnessed and uploaded the video, and/or anyone with further information to come forward to contact Traffic Police at SPF_Feedback_TP@spf.gov.sg to assist with ongoing investigations.

“Thank you.”



Cement truck goes against traffic at Sembawang, forcing motorists to stop and swerve out of its way

Posted on 31 May 2014


Stomper Victor sent this video to Stomp, which shows a cement truck goes against the flow of traffic at a traffic junction in Sembawang Drive.

In the video, the the truck is stopping while making a righ-turn.

The vehicle than reverses before turning into the opposite side of the road.

Other drivers can bee seen stopping and swerving out of the way of the large truck.

Click on the link for the VIDEO:



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