The sky is not falling but see what came down from above! In Singapore.

20 January 2018

8m8 minutes ago

Maid arrested for throwing items from 2nd-storey Ang Mo Kio flat


SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper was arrested on Friday (Jan 19) for throwing items from a second-storey flat in Ang Mo Kio.

The police said they were alerted at around 2.30pm on Friday to the incident at Block 623 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9. The domestic helper, who is 31 years old, was arrested.

Channel NewsAsia understands that no one was injured in the incident.

A video circulating on WhatsApp and social media showed the woman tossing items out of the flat’s window, including a rice cooker, kettle, pots and pans, and a bamboo pole.

Source: CNA/cy

30 June 2017

Woman fined $1,600 for repeatedly throwing used sanitary pads out of Toa Payoh flat


Image of the used sanitary pad (circled) thrown out of the window.PHOTO: NEA

SINGAPORE – A 28-year old woman was fined $1,600 and sentenced to three hours of Corrective Work Order (CWO) for repeatedly throwing used sanitary pads out of her home at Block 111, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh between Sept 29 and Oct 1, 2016.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a statement on Friday (June 30) that it had received 10 complaints about high-rise littering at the block between January and September 2016. Despite repeated rounds of educational outreach conducted by the town council and stake-outs by NEA officers at the block, the problem persisted.

A surveillance camera deployed by the NEA revealed that the28-year-old was behind three acts of high-rise littering over three days.

On each of the days, the offender would open her window to throw a used sanitary pad out, and shut it immediately after that.

29 June 2017

5h5 hours ago

ICYMI: Man hurt after air-con unit fell on him in Bedok


SINGAPORE – A man at an industrial estate in Bedok was injured after an air-conditioning unit apparently fell and hit him on Wednesday (June 28).

A video making the rounds on social media showed a man on a stretcher being tended to by officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), with a dented air-con unit lying on the ground nearby.

SCDF said it responded to an emergency at 3018 Bedok North Street 5 at around 5.40pm.



25 June 2017

Watch out! It’s raining sofas! Just two, anyway…

Two sofas ‘fall from the sky’, narrowly missing car on Grange Road


LTA on Friday tweeted about “obstacles” near Grange Road at 11am and 11.15am.

But it was not clear if the obstacles included the sofas.

ST visited Grange Road and understands that the sofas came from the 20th floor of the Cliveden at Grange condominium at 100 Grange Road.

ST understands that after a resident complained that the chairs were missing, the chairs were found on the road with a few dents.


1 March 2016

There is a limit to what fines can do to reduce littering.

3 million people in Taipei with 5,000 cleaners. 5 million in S’pore with 70,000 cleaners, says MP Lee Bee Wah

Parliament: 2,800 cases of high-rise littering reported to NEA last year

SINGAPORE – Some 2,800 cases of high-rise littering were reported to the National Environment Agency (NEA) last year, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor said in Parliament on Tuesday (March 1).

This was up from the 2,500 cases of feedback the agency received in 2014 and 1,600 cases in 2013.

While no one was killed by killer litter last year, some people were injured after being hit by killer litter, and the police arrested two people over these cases, she added.

To nab persistent high-rise litterbugs, the NEA deploys surveillance cameras once a suitable site has been identified, Dr Khor said.

More than 3,000 such cameras have been deployed since August 2012.

Dr Khor said the NEA took enforcement actions in 800 cases last year, a 68-fold increase compared to 2011, before surveillance cameras were introduced. Those who were prosecuted in court were fined between $700 and $5,600.

Several MPs suggested increasing penalties and naming those involved to deter killer-littering.

Dr Khor said: “Regarding name-and-shame, I think it is something we will monitor and consider.”

She also urged Singaporeans to play their part to combat high-rise littering, saying: “While the effective conviction of high-rise litterbugs will serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders, I would like to urge every member of the public to play his part to cultivate social graciousness, good habits, and a sense of shared responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of our neighbourhoods.”

10 January 2016

Man arrested after killer litter rained down from 11th floor of flat;3 cars damaged

Embedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink

Lee Min Kok

SINGAPORE – Police arrested a 60-year-old man on Sunday (Jan 10) morning after he allegedly threw more than 10 items from his Housing Board flat in Boon Keng.

Three cars – a Toyota, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen – parked below the block suffered varying damage due to the killer litter, which included flower pots, an electrical rice cooker and even a shopping trolley.

A resident, Mr Wang, told Lianhe Wanbao that he heard crashing noises from outside his flat at around 7am.

When the 32-year-old information technology executive went out to investigate, he saw a rice cooker flying out from the 11th-floor unit.

Residents below were scrambling for cover, and the floor was littered with the wreckage of items that had been hurled down.

Mr Wang estimated that more than 10 items had been thrown by the man – four flower pots, the rice cooker, the trolley, pots, ceramic dishware, a telephone and metal cups.

10 December 2015


Phew! That was close!

Falling concrete slab narrowly misses passers-by in Orchard

Embedded image permalink


Two women escaped being injured by a slab of concrete that fell from a pedestrian bridge outside Orchard Plaza early yesterday morning.

Just minutes before the concrete fell, the women had walked under the bridge linking Cuppage Plaza and Orchard Plaza.

A witness, who wanted to be known only as Mr David, 48, said he had stepped out of a pub in Cuppage Plaza for a smoke when he heard a loud thud across the road, about three minutes after the two women walked past.

The incident happened at 3.20am and there were no reported injuries.

When TNP visited the site at around 11am yesterday, police had cordoned off the area surrounding the slabs of concrete and bent metal pieces.

The fallen debris was later covered with canvas sheets.

The area is a popular spot for smokers and for shop assistants at Orchard Plaza to chat.

At any one time, there would at least be seven to eight people gathered there, said Mr Ching Soon Huat, 54, a shop assistant at Orchard Plaza.

– See more at:


15 February 2015

WHAT WAS THAT? A BICYCLE! Thank goodness it wasn’t a person!

Police called in after bicycle gets thrown out of 6th storey condo unit during lovers’ quarrel

15 February 2015

A bicycle was apparently thrown out of a sixth storey unit at Chantilly Rise Condo in Hillview Avenue during a dispute, at around 6am this morning (Feb 15).

“A red car was smashed by the bicycle and three police car came soon after.”

A police spokesperson told Stomp:

“Police received a call today at about 6.22am requesting for assistance at a building along Hillview Drive.

“Upon police arrival, it was established that a case of rash act had occurred at the said location.

At the walkway at Block 276, Tampines Street 22

Axe crashes through walkway roof, narrowly missing mother and toddler

She was taking her toddler son to her husband who was waiting at the carpark below their Tampines flat.

As the pair was walking along the block’s sheltered walkway, they heard a sudden loud crashing sound behind them.

“It was less than two metres away and we were shocked by it,” said the woman, 35, who wanted to be known only as Madam He.

She did not stop to see what had caused the sound, but returned to the spot after leaving her four-year-old son with her husband, who would take him to kindergarten.

What she saw on the ground at the walkway shocked her.

“It was an old, rusty axe that had shattered a part of the walkway roof when it fell. If we had walked any slower, my son could have lost his life.”

43 cases of falling windows in first 11 months of the year


If a window falls due to lack of maintenance, the homeowner could be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to a year, or both.

43 cases of falling windows in first 11 months of the year

Published on Dec 12, 2014 11:40 AM

SINGAPORE – There were 43 recorded cases of windows falling from Housing Board flats and private homes in the first 11 months of the year, equal to the total number last year but fewer than in the years before, according to a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) statement on Friday.

Said BCA chief executive officer John Keung: “One fallen window is one too many. It can pose a safety risk to the public and potentially be fatal.”

“Because lives may be at stake, we urge homeowners to be responsible in checking and cleaning their windows twice a year, and if need be, change them,” he added.


1. The casement windows which fell this year were found to have corroded aluminium rivets. These rivets secure the window’s friction stays, which are flat hinges that hold open windows steady. Homeowners should ensure that all casement window rivets are made of stainless steel instead, and check that fasteners are not rusty or loose.

2. As for sliding windows, those which fell did not have safety stoppers and angle strips which keep window panels in place on the track. The windows were also unable to slide smoothly along the tracks.

Homeowners should check that safety stoppers or angle strips are in place and not damaged, and should change any that are worn out. They should also clean the tracks and check that the window panels can slide smoothly.

Sitting or standing under a crane is always dangerous. In this case, it was fatal!

Man dies in construction site accident at Pasir Ris

SINGAPORE – A man died in an accident on Wednesday at a construction site near Pasir Ris MRT station. He was in the crane operator’s seat of a lorry that was transporting metal construction materials when the materials toppled on him and pinned him, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

See what could have come down from the sky!

Young woman sitting on window ledge at Thomson Road rescued by SCDF

Update at 3:50pm: Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel have successfully rescued the lady.

Stomp contributor Sylvester also sent in photos of the woman being rescued to safety.

Heart-stopping moment as girl sits on window ledge at Thomson Road condo (new photos)

Update at 3:50pm:

The SCDF has successfully rescued the lady.

Stomper Sylvester also sent in photos of the woman being rescued to safety.

UPDATE: SCDF doing their best to help rescue the poor girl trying to commit suicide.


Girl spotted sitting on window ledge at Thomson Road

SINGAPORE – Stomp contributor Anonymous was horrified when she passed by Thomson Road today, Nov 6, and saw a girl sitting on the ledge.

The youth sat with her legs dangling over the edge from an apartment that appeared more than ten storeys high.

In the photos, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel are seen rescuing her and other concerned residents are also seen looking out for her from their balconies.

When contacted by Stomp, the SCDF said: “the rescue is still ongoing”.

My Singapore friends, you don’t want to be using the junction between Pioneer Road and Tuas Avenue 20!

See what could come falling down on you? There would be nothing left to be found!

Why are cement blocks suspended in the air just metres above the road?



TAKING OUT THE TRASH: (Above) The rat had landed on an empty tray at Food Republic at Westgate mall. Photo: Kim Kool

TAKING OUT THE TRASH: A cleaner catches the rat by trapping it between two trays. PHOTO COURTESY OF MS KHOO AI KIM

This was at the food court in the Westgate Mall.

The Straits Times SoShiok

Rodent lands on tray at Westgate foodcourt

Rodent lands on tray at Westgate foodcourt
She was tucking into her favourite dish at her favourite foodcourt on Wednesday evening when she heard screams.When Ms Khoo Ai Kim, 56, looked up, she saw the reason for the ruckus. A rat had dropped from the ceiling, causing diners to bolt from their seats in shock.

Rodent lands on tray at Westgate foodcourt

6 September 2014

Part of a plant fell from the 11th storey of a Serangoon block, just missing a boy!


It barely missed a woman and her son.



It was found below a block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue .


The person who reported this said that the kitten seemeded to have been thrown down from a block of flats at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2.

“The kitten is a grey striped male tabby and was found dead in a pool of blood at the bottom of the block.

“I am terribly upset that anyone would do such a thing to a poor, innocent animal.”


SHE IS HANGING ON TO HER LIFE! Add your prayer to those of others that she will recover.

The girl is warded in the intensive care unit of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Malaysia Chronicle

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 17:35

Naked girl survives 7-storey fall; dad makes OFFERINGS where she fell

For 20 minutes, the couple silently prayed and made offerings at the foot of the block yesterday evening.

Not a word was uttered between them.

The man handed the woman some joss sticks that he had lit and they planted them at the edge of the grass verge.

They knelt at the spot where a badly injured girl was found earlier in the day after falling from a height of seven storeys at Block 431, Bukit Panjang Ring Road.

When The New Paper asked the man if he was aware of the incident, he nodded slowly before saying: “She’s my daughter.”

The man, who declined to be named, kept his hands clasped in prayer and focused his gaze on the spot where his daughter was discovered.

“I was at work when all this happened,” he said softly.

“I still don’t know how or why this could have happened to her.

“Hopefully she gets well soon. There’s so much on my mind but I can’t talk right now.”

The 18-year-old girl, who was naked, was found lying face-down, eyewitnesses told TNP.

Neighbours told the daily that she occasionally works out at the estate’s open-air exercise area.

TNP understands that the girl is warded in the intensive care unit of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

One elderly neighbour, who knows the girl’s family, told TNP that it was “not over” yet for the family.

She said in a mix of Malay and Mandarin: “What the family must do now, particularly since it’s the ghost month, is ‘qu mei yun’ (Mandarin for get rid of bad luck). You don’t want to tempt the bad spirits.”

Police are investigating. -


Naked she fell, all of 7 floors! And still alive..

The Real Singapore


A naked 18 year old girl suddenly fell from the sky in Bukit Panjang this morning and survived her fall.

She had apparently fallen from a 7th floor flat and landed on the common area at the foot of block 431. She suffered serious injuries and had blood flowing from her head but was still alive and rushed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

A Passer-by had used a piece of cloth to protect her modesty as best as she could while waiting for the ambulance.

The girl, surname Chen, is understood to have lived in a corner flat on the 7th floor. Her brother, 21, was the only person in the flat with her at the time but it is unknown how she fell as he was sleeping at that time.

He only discovered that she had fallen when police knocked on his door.

He only discovered that she had fallen when police knocked on his door.


WHILE MUM WAS OCCUPIED, HER CHILD, 4, DROPPED ‘BOMBS’ ONTO THE ROAD BELOW! He threw everything down except the kitchen sink.


4-year-old boy throws household items out of Jurong West unit while mum remains oblivious
Posted on 17 August 2014

Numerous household items such as plastic basins and clothes were thrown out of a unit at Jurong West Street 62 yesterday afternoon (Aug 16).

“This killer incident happened earlier at Jurong West Street 62, at about 3.35pm.

“These items were being thrown out of the unit opposite mine. I was knocking on their door for nearly 10 minutes but no one opened the door.

“When a woman did open the door, she said she didn’t realise what her son had done as she was busy cleaning the hall.

“The police were called in and went to the said unit. The woman said her son was the culprit and she was let off with a warning.”




Resident on the 5th floor rests chair on aircon compressor

Posted on 04 August 2014

Stomper Told By was shocked when his friend shared photos of a neighbour drying a chair on top of the air-conditioner compressor.

In an e-mail to Stomp, he said that the resident lives across from his friend, on the fifth floor of the opposite block.

Resident on the 5th floor rests chair on aircon compressor







Terrifying near-miss as glass ceiling comes shattering down at building in Somerset

Posted on 23 July 2014

If she had walked a few steps slower, the shattering glass would have come crashing down on Stomper Agnes. 

The Stomper shared that she was walking past the foyer at ground floor of the building at 111 Somerset Road at 8am this morning, Jul 23.

She heard a loud bang right behind her — the two-storey high glass ceiling shattered just mere seconds after she walked under it.

She said:

“A huge amount of heavy glass fell from the double-storey high roof and missed me by just a few seconds.”

“I felt very lucky to escape death or severe injury, and no one else was hit.



Two weeks of complaints, yet no action taken on Tampines resident who put potted plant on 10th floor ledge, fumes neighbour

Posted on 20 July 201

Stomper Astro was left fuming after no action was taken against a resident who had placed a potted plant on a narrow window ledge on the 10th floor of block 339 Tampines Street 33.

The Stomper said he had been emailing and calling the relevant authorities on the matter, yet nothing had been done about the issue.



Taxi windscreen shattered by 6m metal rod which fell from Yio Chu Kang construction site

Posted on 05 July 2014

This unfortunate taxi driver may have picked the worst spot to park at.


According to a report on Lianhe Wanbao, he parked his cab near Xinming Pri Sch at Yio Chu Kang.

However, a 6m metal rod fell from the site and pierced right through the windscreen.

As it was raining, construction workers reportedly helped to tape up the cracked windscreen to prevent water from getting in.






Madam Mahani Abdullah, the 67-year-old woman who was struck by a bicycle wheel thrown from the 14th storey of a block of flats, died in hospital on Friday night, June 6.

In order to regain use of her limbs, Madam Mahani had to undergo spinal cord surgery at the Singapore General Hospital after the incident.

She was reportedly in stable condition and out of intensive care a week after the incident.

However, on Tuesday (June 3), she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

She had slipped into a coma as she had suffered brain damage when her heart stopped.

According to a report on Lianhe Wanbao, she finally died in hospital, after being in a coma for four days.

A 16-year-old student, Abdul Hamid Rahmat, was charged last month with hurling the wheel from the HDB block.


Video: Killer Litter Tampines Tropica Apartment Singapore


Killer litter caught on video: Condo resident endures rain of batteries, toys and more from unit upstairs

Posted on 08 June 2014

Stomper LEK captured this video of objects landing in his home from a unit above.

According to the Stomper, the resident above has thrown objects down into his home on several occasions now.

The Stomper wrote:

“I managed to video the onslaught of killer litter from my neighbour staying above me at Tropica condo at Tampines.

“This is the third police report which happened on June 3.

“I have received many doses of litter over the years but the litter is getting worse and worse.

“I had sanitary napkins and also a steel spoon which dug into the canvas umbrella and fortunately we were not there or we could now be in ICU.

“Many photos and many objects were given to the condo management until the manager even avoided talking about this.

“Probably the manager thinks we are a pain.

“But he is not staying at the estate and is not a resident.

“The culprit’s unit was identified this round. However, we are very traumatized and now fear very much to venture out into our garden.




5kg potted plant smashes through parked car’s windscreen at Yishun Street 81

Posted on 03 June 2014

Ms Wang, 42, was informed by a neighbour about the damage to her car at around 3pm on Sunday. Photo: Shin Min

A potted plant weighing about 5kg plunged nine storeys and smashed through the windscreen of a car parked at Yishun Street 81 on Sunday (June 1).

According to a report in MyPaper, the car belongs to Ms Wang, 42, whose Toyota was parked at the carpark of Block 871 in Yishun Street 81 when the plant fell on it.

Ms Wang’s husband estimated the repairs could cost him more than $3,000.



Witnesses said that the wheel had been thrown from Block 1 at Eunos Crescent.






Elderly woman hit by bicycle wheel at Eunos Crescent: Alleged culprit is same teen arrested in Dec over killer litter

Posted on 19 May 2014
The photo on the left (WANBAO) shows Madam Mahani lying at the foot of the block after she was hit by the wheel while the photo on the right (SHIN MIN) shows her in hospital.

A 16-year-old teenager was charged in court on Saturday after an elderly woman was hit by a bicycle wheel which had apparently been thrown from a block of flats.

On Friday, Stomper Nurdina saw paramedics attending to a woman who had been hit by the wheel that was thrown down Block 1 at Eunos Crescent.

67-year-old Madam Mahani Abdullah was conveyed conscious to Singapore General Hospital.

She was on her way to play chess at a nearby senior citizens centre when the wheel landed on her head, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The alleged culprit is the same teenager who was arrested in December last year in relation to a series of rash acts of throwing items down a housing block in Eunos Crescent.

These items included bricks, a dumbbell and a water dispenser.

In one incident, police were called in after a brick hit a man on the hand.


Killer litter that hit man in Eunos Crescent: 15-year-old suspected of throwing bricks from flat arrested

Posted on 18 December 2013

A 15-year-old teenager has been arrested in relation to a series of rash acts of throwing items down a housing block in Eunos Crescent.

According to the STOMPer, items such as bricks, flower pots and even a bicycle have been flung off the block before.

The Straits Times reported that the police have arrested the youth suspect on Dec 17 in the vicinity of Eunos Crescent in relation to four incidents that took place between Jun 22 and Dec 13 involving items such as bricks, a dumbbell and a water dispenser.


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