Crime in Malaysia: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics 2


THE AUTHORITIES KEEP TELLING US THAT CRIME STATISTICS ARE FALLING… Lies, damned lies, and statistics is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. Wikipedia For an earlier Post, click on Crime in Malaysia: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (1)


IPOH: A 51-year-old woman was found dead with neck injuries at her home in Taman Tanjung Emas, Tanjung Rambutan.

Family members found the woman’s lifeless body in her bedroom at about 3am Wednesday.

Police believed she was murdered and her attackers made it look like a break-in as the drawers in the bedroom were opened.

Three youths, aged between 15 and 19, have been detained for investigation.

3 suspek ditahan bagi bantu siasatan kes isteri anggota polis maut dikelar di Tanjung Rambutan. Selanjutnya di

Isteri anggota polis maut dipercayai akibat dikelar dalam kejadian samun & bunuh di Taman Tanjung Emas, Tanjung Rambutan hari ini

LOKASI mangsa dibunuh.

Oleh Muhammad Apendy Issahak

Tanjung Rambutan: Isteri seorang anggota polis ditemui mati dipercayai akibat dibunuh dengan dikelar leher dalam kejadian samun dan bunuh di Taman Tanjung Emas di sini, hari ini.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira 3 pagi itu, mangsa berusia 50 tahun yang juga isteri kepada seorang sarjan polis yang berkhidmat sebagai peronda lebuh raya, ditemui tertiarap dalam bilik tidur di kediamannya.

Memurut jiran mangsa, pada kira-kira 3 pagi dia mendengar jeritan anak mangsa dan kemudian keluar memeriksa sebelum anak mangsa meminta bantuan untuk menghubungi pihak berkuasa.

“Ketika ditanya, anak mangsa yang menangis hanya meminta saya memeriksa ibunya di dalam bilik dan saya terkejut apabila mendapati mangsa dalam keadaan tertiarap serta berdarah.

Businessman shot dead in Bachok robbery

Businessman shot in Bachok

6 February 2015 @ 7:54 AM

BACHOK: A businessman was killed while his daughter was wounded after being shot during a robbery involving three masked men in their shop opposite Sekolah Kebangsaan Beris Lalang here.

Bachok district police chief, DSP Abdul Hamid Che Ahmad said Mustaffar Sidek, 52, was shot in the abdomen and thigh and was confirmed dead at 7.40pm while on the way to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Kubang Kerian, Kota Baharu.

The victim’s daughter Ainul Wahida, 18, was shot on the right knee and was sent to the same hospital for treatment was now reported to be in stable condition, he said here when contacted last night.

The woman claimed that the suspect could not accept the fact that she was going to marry the victim, hence his brutal action.

“He (the suspect) was just jealous. He could not accept that I was going to marry another man and attacked my new boyfriend,” said the woman, who is also a mother of five.

Crime of passion: Man stabs ex-girlfriend’s new love.

KUALA LUMPUR: An ex-boyfriend of a widow stabbed the woman’s new lover after an argument in Chow Kit, here, earlier today.

The 3pm crime-of-passion incident started when the 38-year-old woman and her boyfriend, aged 39, went to Baitulmal office in Jalan Haji Hussein where they bumped into the suspect and his wife.

City police Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Ahmad said the couple and the suspect, who is in his late 40s, had a heated argument which saw several Baitulmal staff had to intervene to prevent untoward incidents.

“However, the suspect who was still not satisfied waited for the lovers outside the Baitulmal office.

“Initial investigations revealed that when the couple were leaving on a motorcycle, the suspect rammed his car into the bike.

“The suspect then approached the couple, and stabbed the widow’s boyfriend in his left chest using a sharp weapon,” he said.



Monday February 2, 2015 MYT 7:16:40 PM

UiTM student found dead with throat slit near Taiping

The victim’s body was found at KM228.2 of the North-South Expressway in Bukit Gantang near Taiping on Monday. – Pix from police

IPOH: A first-year UiTM student is believed to have been killed by her male companion while travelling along the North-South Expressway.

A police spokesman said the 17-year-old teenager was found with her throat slit on the southbound lane at KM228.2 in Bukit Gantang near Taiping at about 11.55am Monday.

“An eyewitness reportedly saw a black Proton Perdana car stop by the side of the road.

“Shortly after, the deceased was seen coming out of the car from the driver’s side and slumped onto the ground.

“The suspect then came out of the car and dragged the deceased to the side of the road before escaping into a nearby jungle,” the spokesman said.

It is believed that the suspect was apprehended by passers-by when he returned to the car to retrieve a mobile phone.


10:37PM Feb 2, 2015

By Bernama

Teen slashed to death by boyfriend

 A teenager died at the Kuala Kangsar Hospital near here, more than an hour after she was attacked by her knife-weilding boyfriend near the Bukit Gantang rest and recreation outlet in Ipoh today.

Nursyuhada Johari, 17, who sustained slash wounds in the neck succumbed to the injuries about 2pm.

Taiping police acting chief, Supt Ismail Che Isa said the boyfriend was detained to facilitate investigations into the murder.

He said several people had earlier, witnessed the couple quarelling in a Proton Perdana at a road-shoulder of the south-bound North-South Highway.

“When they saw the girl slumped outside the vehicle, with wounds on her neck, it became evident she was attacked with a sharp weapon.

“At that juncture, a few of the witnesses turned on the boyfriend, overpowered him and handed the man over to the police,” he added.

– Bernama




BANTING: It took just three minutes for four armed men to rob a jewellery store inside a Giant hypermarket in Banting earlier today.

The men wore ski masks, gloves and jackets.

According to eyewitnesses, a man wearing a red ski mask entered the jewellery store and fired two warning shots before aiming his semi-automatic pistol at the store’s all-women staff.

It is understood that the man then ordered the staff to exit the store, yelling ‘Keluar’ multiple times as the staff scrambled in fear while the rest of the robbers entered with hammers and started smashing display cases in the store and grabbed the jewellery.

The men were said to have entered the store at 11.47am and dashed through the hypermarket’s main door at 11.50am and made their escape in a silver Naza Citra with plate number WTQ7731, heading towards Dengkil.

Port Dickson

Boy, 5: Kidnapped but rescued by the police 10 days later…

The child was kidnapped on Jan 22. An SMS was sent to the father, demanding a ransom in three different currencies:US$100,000 (RM363,155),A$100,000 (RM282,135) and RM200,000.



Sunday February 1, 2015 MYT 7:01:08 AM

Cops’ raid cuts short talk on ransom demand

SHAH ALAM: It was close to midnight and the kidnappers were busy discussing how they were going to get the ransom of RM845,300 that they had demanded for a five-year-old boy.

Unaware to them, a team comprising Bukit Aman’s Special Task Force on Organised Crime and the Selangor Criminal Investigation Department was listening to their conversation from outside the Corus Paradise Apartment in Port Dickson and waiting for the right time to strike.

At 12.05am, the armed policemen wearing helmets and tactical gear, broke the door of the apartment and barged in, catching the five suspects inside by surprise.

Among them was a 16-year-old boy.

The abducted boy was found in one of the bedrooms. He appeared in a daze, leading police to believe that he could have been drugged or sedated.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said the five men were arrested at the apartment while another man was nabbed at a house in Jalan USJ1/9, Subang Permai in Subang Jaya, two hours later.


KLANG: The six suspects nabbed this morning for kidnapping a five-year-old boy will be remanded for a week, starting from today.

Klang Selatan police chief Assistant Commissioner Kamarul Zaman Mamat said the suspects were remanded starting from today to assist investigation.

He said the victim, who was rescued at about 4am today was unharmed.

“He is currently undergoing thorough checkup at a hospital but he was not injured,” he said, declining to reveal which hospital the victim was sent to.

It was learnt that the victim was kidnapped last Thursday.

“Three suspects had barged into the house, grabbed the child and an iPhone before fleeing from the scene,” a source close to the investigation said.

It is learnt that the kidnappers had demanded for a RM1 million ransom from the boy’s family.

Bukit Aman Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Stafoc) and Selangor Criminal Investigation (CID) Department nabbed the six suspects including its mastermind in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan this morning.

獨家:匪闖屋綁男童 警越州捉5人

匪闖屋綁男童 警越州捉5人













Thursday January 22, 2015 MYT 7:38:56 AM

Man brutally murdered while having drinks

SHAH ALAM: A brawl at a restaurant in Section 15 here left one man dead from severe stab wounds and his arms mutilated.

The victim, Danny Lechumiah, was reportedly having drinks with four other friends along Jalan Pahat at about 6am yesterday when an unknown number of parang-wielding assailants approached them.

Shah Alam OCPD Asst Comm Azisman Alias said Danny’s group started to run at the sight of the attackers who only went for the 26-year-old, slashing and stabbing him in the street.

“A patrol team rushed to the scene where they found Danny’s body in a pool of blood. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim had suffered deep stab wounds to the back of his head and back, while his right thigh was slashed five times.

“The victim’s arms were mutilated. His right limb was cut off and is missing while his left arm was left barely attached to his body. A K9 unit was sent to try and locate the victim’s missing arm but it could not be found,” he said.


SHAH ALAM: Staff at Restoran Al-Muazz Maju, Section 15, here, ran helter-skelter when a group of masked individuals suddenly attacked a table of patrons in the restaurant early yesterday morning, resulting in the death of a 27-year-old man.

The restaurant’s owner, who only wanted to be known as Tam, 34, said he was behind the cashier counter when he saw about four suspects, with covered faces holding machetes, rushing to attack four customers sitting at a table outside the restaurant.

My staff and I immediately ran and escaped through the back door when we realised what was happening,” he told reporters at the restaurant yesterday.

After about 20 minutes, he returned to his restaurant and found everything in its place and nothing missing from the cash register.

However, he noticed that one of the patrons had been slashed and was lying motionless in one of the alleys about 100 metres away from the restaurant.

Another source said the victim had suffered injuries to the head while his right hand had been chopped off and was missing from the crime scene.


Remaja, 16, ditemui maut akibat dipukul kabel elektrik di kedai cuci kereta di Jalan Carnavon, Georgetown, hari ini.

MANGSA (gambar kecil) adalah anak yatim piatu dan tinggal di rumah perlindungan anak yatim.

Georgetown: Seorang remaja ditemui maut akibat dipukul kabel elektrik di kedai cuci kereta di Jalan Carnavon, di sini, hari ini.

Dalam kejadian 7.30 malam itu, mangsa Muneeswaran, 16, dikatakan dipukul dua lelaki yang juga rakannya.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah negeri, Datuk Mazlan Kesah, berkata polis sedang memburu seorang suspek yang juga pemilik kedai cuci kereta terbabit bagi membantu siasatan.

“Siasatan awal mendapati mangsa adalah anak yatim piatu dan tinggal di rumah perlindungan anak yatim.


Wednesday January 21, 2015 MYT 11:21:36 PM

Teenager found beaten to death at car wash

GEORGE TOWN: A teenager was found dead at a car wash centre in Gat Lebuh Prangin here, believed to have been bashed to death by at least two men.

Muneeswaran, 16, allegedly stole items from the centre, which provoked the men into beating him using electric cables.

Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mazlan Kesah said the deceased was an orphan who lived at a children’s home in Jalan Scotland.


SHAH ALAM: Staff at Restoran Al-Muazz Maju, Section 15, here, ran helter-skelter when a group of masked individuals suddenly attacked a table of patrons in the restaurant early yesterday morning, resulting in the death of a 27-year-old man.

The restaurant’s owner, who only wanted to be known as Tam, 34, said he was behind the cashier counter when he saw about four suspects, with covered faces holding machetes, rushing to attack four customers sitting at a table outside the restaurant.

My staff and I immediately ran and escaped through the back door when we realised what was happening,” he told reporters at the restaurant yesterday.

After about 20 minutes, he returned to his restaurant and found everything in its place and nothing missing from the cash register.

However, he noticed that one of the patrons had been slashed and was lying motionless in one of the alleys about 100 metres away from the restaurant.

Another source said the victim had suffered injuries to the head while his right hand had been chopped off and was missing from the crime scene.


Monday January 12, 2015 MYT 6:46:27 AM

Cops gun down three robbers after dramatic car chase

Fatal ending: A crowd gathering at the scene of the shootout in Sungai Siput.

Fatal ending: A crowd gathering at the scene of the shootout in Sungai Siput.

IPOH: Three robbers who had been terrorising their victims since July last year finally paid with their lives during a shootout with the police.

Believed to be foreigners, they were about to break into a house at Jalan Lasah, Sungai Siput, when a special task force from the state police contingent spotted them at about 4.45am yesterday.

State deputy police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk A. Paramasivam said that the suspects attempted to escape when they spotted the police and started shooting when ordered to stop their car.

“A chase followed and they continued to fire shots at the police throughout the 2km route.

“At one point, they lost control of their vehicle, but even then they continued shooting,” he told reporters yesterday.

DCP Parasivam said the suspects were eventually killed in the shootout.

“This incident follows the arrest of four other foreign men at a house in Kanthan Baru, Chemor, on Jan 7,” he said.

“We believe that all seven foreigners are part of the same group behind at least 17 armed robberies that have been reported in the Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Taiping, Sungai Siput and Kuala Kangsar districts since July last year,” added DCP Paramasivam.




Factory worker in M’sia jumps out of car to avoid being sold to prostitution syndicate

A factory worker in Malaysia jumped out of a moving car to avoid being handed over to a prostitution syndicate, reports Harian Metro.

The woman, in her 20s, was found injured on the roadside near Taman Melawati, a town north-east of Kuala Lumpur, by road users.

She claims her female friend had convinced her to quit her factory job to take on a better paying job in the outskirts of the city.

After getting into a Proton Perdana with her friend and another person, she overheard a conversation between them about her being sold off to a pimp.

That’s when she jumped out of the car.

Bogus cops assault and rob carpenter, gang-rape his girlfriend

Wanita warga China, 38, dirogol bergilir-gilir oleh empat perompak yang menyamar polis di apartmen di Larkin, Johor Bahru, 9.20 malam tadi

Johor Bahru: Seorang wanita warga China berusia 38 tahun dirogol bergilir-gilir oleh empat penjenayah yang menyamar sebagai anggota polis selain turut melarikan barangan berharga bernilai lebih RM20,000 di sebuah apartmen di Larkin, di sini, kira kira 9.20 malam tadi.

The Rakyat Post

Jan 7, 2015 10:59pm

Bogus cops assault and rob carpenter, gang-rape his girlfriend

JOHOR BARU, Jan 7, 2015:

Five men posing as policemen robbed a carpenter and his China national girlfriend of about RM20,000 in cash and valuables before gang-raping the woman at a unit of a block of flats in Larkin here last night.

The 42-year-old carpenter was also assaulted in the incident about 9.20pm.

South Johor Baru police chief Asst Commissioner Sulaiman Salleh said initial police investigations revealed the 38-year-old foreigner was forced into a room at the unit where the five took turns to rape her.

He said the China national had a legitimate passport and was unemployed while her husband was in Kuala Lumpur.

“The woman has been sent for medical examination at a hospital,” he said in a statement today.



Wednesday January 7, 2015 MYT 5:55:19 PM

Cops nab five over murder of elderly couple

ALOR SETAR: The police have detained five people to facilitate investigations into the murder of an elderly couple in Kuala Pegang, Baling Tuesday morning.

Kedah police chief Datuk Zamri Yahya said the police believed the suspects, in their 20’s could shed light on the killing of Elias Hassan, 65, and wife, Saayah Mat Tahir, 54.

“The suspects resided near where the victims had stayed in Kampung Kuala Balut,” he told reporters when met at the opening of the Islamic Art Festival in the Kedah police headquarters Wednesday.

About 7.50am Tuesday, a neighbour found Elias and Saayah slashed to death outside the couple’s house.

Two of 15 goats kept by the couple in a pen were also missing. – Bernama

Bunuh kerana kambing: Punca kejadian adalah apabila suspek cuba curi 15 kambing milik mangsa

Bukit Kayu Hitam: Polis Kedah tidak menolak kemungkinan suspek yang membunuh sepasang suami isteri di Kampung Kuala Balut, Ketemba, Kuala Pegang, Baling lebih daripada seorang selepas cuba mencuri kambing milik mangsa.

Ketua Polis Kedah Datuk Zamri Yahya berkata, siasatan awal mendapati mangsa, Elias Hassan, 63, dan isterinya, Saayah Md Tahir, 54, dibunuh dengan objek tajam oleh suspek.

Beliau berkata, punca kejadian adalah disebabkan suspek cuba mencuri 15 kambing milik mangsa menyebabkan mangsa yang terdengar bunyi bising cuba melihat apa yang yang berlaku di kandang miliknya yang terletak kira-kira 10 meter daripada rumahnya.

“Bagaimanapun mangsa yang cuba menghalang suspek ditikam objek tajam oleh suspek di halaman rumah manakala isterinya ditikam di ruang dapur.

A case of unintended coitus interruptus. His wife was at home but he was having sex with another  woman in a car.


Wednesday January 7, 2015 MYT 7:12:39 AM

Thief caught during sex romp

KAJANG: A suspected car thief was arrested during a sex romp with a woman.

A team of police officers was observing the 32-year-old suspect, who is wanted for two “bump and rob” cases along the Kajang Silk Highway last Friday.

He had parked his car at an apartment lot at Taman Industri Lembah Jaya in Ampang at about 2.45am yesterday.

The car was “shaking” and upon checking, the officers saw the man having sex with the woman.

A source said the officers had earlier gone to the suspect’s home here but was told by his wife that he had gone out.

“We managed to track him down in a Proton Wira, which we believe he had used in his robberies, at his sister’s flat and were waiting to arrest him,’’ he added.


Saturday January 3, 2015 MYT 7:08:25 AM

Motorist makes costly toilet stop

PETALING JAYA: A man’s decision to answer nature’s call at a public toilet in Kesas Highway, after withdrawing RM115,000 from a bank, proved costly.

He had withdrawn RM115,000 from a bank in Section 14, Shah Alam, and was returning to his office in Putra Heights when he decided to make a quick toilet stop.

“After he came out of the toilet, he saw a black Toyota Hilux parked behind his car. He saw a man breaking into his vehicle. The man fled after grabbing the envelope,” said ACP Yahaya, adding that the man gave chase until the Bukit Jalil exit where he lost the vehicle.

Cubaan lelaki, 42, merompak bank di Kampung Melayu, Ampang gagal apabila dia diberkas sejurus selepas cuba larikan diri bersama RM80,000.

Man, 42, robbed a bank in Kampung Melayu, Ampang of RM80,000 but was arrested shortly after a chase.



Goldsmith loses RM800,000 worth of jewellery in robbery

By HANI SHAMIRA SHAHRUDIN – 26 December 2014 @ 4:23 PM

PETALING JAYA: A gold shop owner lost about RM800,000 worth of gold jewellery in a robbery at a parking lot in Jalan PJS3/34, here, today.

A source close to the investigation said the owner in his 40s and his friend were transporting the jewellery to a warehouse in a Toyota Altis.

“After he parked his car near the warehouse, three men clad in ski masks emerged from a light blue Toyota Camry.

“One of the suspect went to the driver’s side and took away the car keys while another suspect smashed the window of the passenger’s side…At the same time, another suspect had opened up the boot and snatched the bag filled with jewellery,” he said.


This is not your usual bank robber. She is a woman, alone and armed with little knife.

Malay Mail Online

Woman tries to rob bank of RM300m using pocket knife

Published: December 24, 2014 07:07 AM

PETALING JAYA, Dec 24 — A loud shriek echoed through the lobby of a bank in Gombak as a young woman, armed with just a 20cm knife and a hefty bat of desperation, walked up to a bank clerk and yelled: “Alright, give me RM300 million!”

The clerk, stunned, looked at the robber and asked: “Is this a robbery?”

Within 90 seconds, the 23-year-old woman was overpowered by bank staff and handed over to the police.

“She had walked into the bank like a customer, and went towards the banking section,” a police source told Malay Mail.

“She then jumped towards the back end of a banker’s desk and pulled out the knife from her pocket.

“As the staff at the desk attempted to calm her down, another staff member sneaked behind the woman and snatched the knife from her.”

The source said other staff members then got hold of the woman and overpowered her.

They informed security guards and alerted police who arrived within minutes and detained her.


BIDOR: Revenge has been identified as the motive behind the murder of a senior citizen near her home in Kampung Cegar, Jalan Sungkai here, on Saturday.

A. Kamalam, 79, was believed to had been bludgeoned to death before her body was dragged for about 50m and dumped into bushes near her house.

Police believed she was attacked by five men, whom she had
often scolded for making too much noise whenever they were drunk.


REMBAU: A man and a teenage girl who tried to escape from police ended up in hospital.

Rembau police chief DSP Ibrahim Sharif said the male suspect, aged 22, and the teenage girl, 17, were in the condominium unit when police arrived but both tried to escape by climbing down the balcony.

“However, the girl lost her grip and fell from the fifth floor of the condominium and slipped into a coma while the male suspect also suffered head injuries and broken arms. Both were rushed to Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban.”

They were among seven who were in the same condominium unit when police arrived. Four tested positive for heroin while a 20-year-old woman was released.

Remember this report?

Mother and daughter stabbed in early morning break-in

ALOR SETAR: A mother and her daughter were stabbed during an early morning break-in at their house in Taman Harapan, Jalan Kuala Kedah here.

This is the man.

Shackled: Police taking the suspect away after he was remanded at the Alor Setar magistrates court.



Monday December 22, 2014 MYT 7:35:52 AM

Woman fought off assailant

ALOR SETAR: A 22-year-old woman who was attacked at her home in Taman Harapan here last week had fought back because her assailant wanted to rape her, the police said.

It was reported that the man had entered the house through the back door and entered the room where Nur Amira Ashaari was sleeping.

Her screams attracted the attention of her mother, 45-year-old Adriana Ahmad Kamil.

The intruder stabbed both the daughter and mother before fleeing in the 3.30am incident on Dec 18.

Kedah CID chief Asst Comm Mohd Nashir Ya said investigations showed the man was attempting to rape the younger woman during the break-in.

“However, she refused to give in and struggled to protect herself.

“She was then attacked,” said ACP Mohd Nashir yesterday..

He said the assailant was known to the victim, who was staying at a nearby housing area.


Thursday December 18, 2014 MYT 12:25:07 PM

Mother and daughter stabbed in early morning break-in

ALOR SETAR: A mother and her daughter were stabbed during an early morning break-in at their house in Taman Harapan, Jalan Kuala Kedah here.

It was learnt that Amira Ashaari, 22, was awakened at around 4am Thursday by a man entering her room after he had broken in through the back door.

She let out a scream, after which she was stabbed in the chest with a sharp weapon.

Amira’s mother, Ardiana Ahmad Kamil, 46, rushed to her rescue and was then stabbed in her stomach.

The intruder then fled the scene.


Friday December 12, 2014 MYT 12:55:02 PM

Teenage trio arrested for attempted break-in at mobile phone shop

Screwdrivers, knives, a pair of scissors are among some of the items found in the teenagers' bags.

Screwdrivers, knives, a pair of scissors are among some of the items found in the teenagers’ bags.

PETALING JAYA: Three young teenagers were caught red-handed trying to break into a mobile phone shop in Taman Cahaya, Ampang Jaya, early Friday.

A police patrol spotted the trio picking a lock in the alley behind a mobile phone shop at about 2.45am in Jalan 2/2, Taman Cahaya.

“When the constables approached the boys, they ran up the stairs of the shoplot and our officers gave chase, while calling for back up.

“They cornered the teenagers on the third floor of the shoplot.

“One of them was carrying a sling bag that had screwdrivers, two knives, a pair of scissors and a SmartTag,” ACP Khairuldin said.

At the Ampang Jaya station, the teens later confessed to trying to break into a car in a separate case.

“They broke into the car but got scared and ran off when the alarm triggered,” ACP Khairuldin added.


The Star

Stolen goods: ACP Mohd Yusoff along with other police personnel showing the decorated vehicle that was seized during a raid.


Saturday December 6, 2014 MYT 6:55:44 AM

Robbery gang uses stolen car for wedding procession

SEPANG: A gang of robbers described as opportunists by police stole a Perodua Alza – and used it for the wedding of one of their relatives.

Police who nabbed the gang in a series of raids at various homes – including a cowshed – were shocked to find the car decorated with ribbons and accessorised for a wedding procession.

Sepang OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Yusoff Awang said the 10 men were believed to be involved in at least 12 robberies in the Klang Valley and Negri Sembilan.

“We seized the Perodua Alza and found that it was used at a wedding procession for one of the men’s relatives.


In Kota Baru: Robbed, almost raped in broad daylight and at home!


Thursday December 4, 2014 MYT 7:51:26 AM

Victim: He dropped his pants and I was fighting back

KOTA BARU: Armed robbery victim Nur Shafiqa Lah, 22, who was brutalised and almost raped by two criminals this week, accepts her fate that she has to live with a permanent scar on her face.

Recollecting her harrowing experience in her home at Kampung Wakaf Berangan, Pasir Puteh on Monday, Nur Shafiqa (pic before and after the incident) said she was very lucky that one of the suspects left the room after he was summoned by his accomplice who was outside the room.

“The man had dropped his pants. I was fighting back although he was armed with a knife.

“He continued punching my face and slashed me with the knife.

“I thought that it was the end for me until his accomplice called out his name. I locked the door after he left the room, and started yelling for help from the window.

“The robbers then panicked and left the house,” Nur Shafiqa told newsmen after Kelantan Puteri Umno members visited her yesterday.

Malay Mail Online

Harrowing experience for mum and daughter in robbery

By Ushar Daniele
Published: December 2, 2014 07:14 AM

Tema suffered injuries below her right eye and cuts on her left cheek and Shafiqa (inset) suffered cuts on her face. — Picture by Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Dec 2 — A mother and her two daughters had a harrowing experience after two robbers broke into their house in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan on Sunday.

The robbers assaulted Hat Tema Mat Zin, 58, and one of them tried to rape her daughter, Nur Shafiqa Lah, 22, in the 2pm incident.

Investigations revealed the duo broke into the house while Shafiqa was in the shower. Tema was in the living room while her other daughter, 18-year-old Nur Shafatini Lah, was in her room.

The robbers, wearing helmets with visors, attacked the mother upon entering the house in Wakaf Berangan Sri Aman.

“One of them kicked open the bathroom door as Shafiqa was in the shower and dragged her out to the kitchen where her mother was writhing on the floor in pain,” a police source said.

Shafiqa was told by the robbers to remove her mother’s ring.

“After she removed the ring, one of the men took her to a room upstairs and attempted to rape her but was called back to the living room by his accomplice,” the source said.

Shafiqa locked herself in and called for help from the window.

The robbers fled when they heard her crying for help. They escaped with a ring, a bracelet and a mobile phone.





KUALA LUMPUR: Police dug-out a body believed to be of a kidnapped victim’s from a bush area in Bidor, Perak earlier today.

The finding was made following intensive police investigations into the Nov 12 kidnap incident in Sentul, here, which saw them arresting a suspect who finally revealed the body’s location.




KUALA LUMPUR: Police dug-out a body believed to be of a kidnapped victim’s from a bush area in Bidor, Perak earlier today.

The finding was made following intensive police investigations into the Nov 12 kidnap incident in Sentul, here, which saw them arresting a suspect who finally revealed the body’s location.

The victim was kidnapped by four men, armed with two pistols and two parang, who had slashed him before taking him away.

Khairy said the incident happened in front of the victim’s Malaysian wife and their son, aged 5, and six customers.

Not long after the victim was kidnapped, his wife was contacted by a man who ordered her to transfer RM2 million into a bank account registered in Bangkok, Thailand, for her husband’s release.

“Following investigations, police nabbed the 41-year-old suspect at Banting Hospital in Selangor about 8am on Nov 20.

The suspect then led police to the bush area located near the Bidor General Operations Force Camp.

GONE IN 30 SECONDS! Jewellers’ lost RM100,00 in jewellery to masked men.

A jewellery shop owner suffered some RM100,000 losses after being robbed by a group of mask men, who were armed with a pistol and hammers.

In the 5.15pm incident at Parit Buntar here on Sunday, the robbery was over within 30 seconds where the robbers managed to scoop three trays of jewelleries.

The suspects getaway car – a Proton Waja – was later found abandoned and torched at Taman Harapan Sungai Acheh in Penang at 7pm.

Investigations showed the getaway car was reported stolen at Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur on June 14.

Omar Bakhtiar said an eyewitness claimed the suspects escaped in a Nissan Frontier, driven by another suspect, at Penang.


Saturday November 29, 2014 MYT 11:54:31 AM

Penang cops bust drug lab in Bayan Lepas

GEORGE TOWN: Penang police have busted a house turned drug laboratory in Bayan Lepas on Friday night.

They nabbed 12 people and seized an assortment of drugs and drug processing tools during the operation.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, in his Twitter, congratulated the Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING) for the success.




ALOR STAR: Police had arrested a jobless man in connection with the murder of an elderly couple in Taman Desa Bidara in Kuala Ketil, Baling yesterday.

State acting police chief Datuk Zakaria Yusof said the suspect, in his 30s, was arrested late yesterday after recording the statement from the couple’s nephew.

“The suspect is a friend to victims’ nephew and we are tracking down his accomplices,” Zakaria said in a Press conference at the state police contingent headquarters here today.


BALING: An elderly couple from Taman Desa Bidara in Kuala Ketil here were found murdered in their house today.

The bodies of Zahari Yahya and Salmah Hussein, both in their 60s, were found with slash wounds on their neck.

The couple’s son made the gruesome discovery upon returning home for lunch at noon.


钱财未失 · 伤口见骨


■ (左)女死者颈项中刀,卧尸在厨房。(右)不良于行的男死者,后颈被剖开。


KUALA LUMPUR: A 73-year-old man died at Kajang Hospital about 7.30pm today, several hours after he was assaulted and robbed at his house in Kampung Baru Semenyih in Kajang, near here.

The victim – Kow Sin, was found lying unconscious in the living room by his son Kow Tein Fook, 34, about 1.30pm.

Tein Fook told reporters that the victim suffered serious injuries to the head, and was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

The victim however succumbed to his injuries without regaining consciousness.


Single mother secretly recorded in the nude




Single mother secretly recorded in the nude

KUALA LUMPUR: Another nude video case was reported to MCA’s public services and complaints bureau despite many such incidents being highlighted in the media.

The latest involves a 37-year-old single mother from Petaling Jaya, who now lives in fear after her ex-boyfriend secretly recorded her in the nude while she was showering on three occasions on Oct 1, 5 and 7.

The woman, who runs a massage parlour business and wants to be known as Jong, said she knew her boyfriend, who is also in the massage business, since 2007 but they broke off last April.

She claimed that following the break up he continuously disturbed her business causing her to lose customers.

“He also threatened to continue doing so if we did not get back together,” said Jong, adding she eventually did so in August to save her business.

However, on Nov 6, she discovered that her boyfriend had secretly recorded her showering naked using his smartphone after he accidentally left it in her car.

Shocked and worried, she kept the phone and lodged a police report on Nov 7 besides seeking the help of the complaints bureau’s head, Datuk Seri Michael Chong.


Security guard kidnapped and killed in Bukit Mertajam

GEORGE TOWN: A 61-year-old security guard was alleged to have been kidnapped and beaten to death by three Myanmar nationals early this morning in Bukit Minyak, Bukit Mertajam.

State CID chief SAC Mazlan Kesah said the police dog unit (K9) found the victim, K.Poobalan, dumped at an oil palm estate in Taman Impian Alma, Bukit Mertajam, around am.

He said police came to know of the incident after a taxi driver lodged a police report.

Mazlan said the taxi driver claimed to have picked up the three men at a bus stop in Jalan Permatang Tinggi around 5.30pm on Thursday, who told him to take them to Taman Seri Juru.

When they reached the area, Mazlan added, the trio asked the driver to wait for them while they went to look for a friend.

The taxi driver then claimed that after half-an-hour, the suspects returned with a man, whom they forced into the cab and beat up with a stick inside the cab.

One of the three men then brandished a knife to the driver’s neck and asked him to drop them off at Taman Impian Alma, the taxi driver claimed.

The victim who was left in the cab succumbed to multiple head injuries, Mazlan said.

He said the driver then immediately lodged the police report.




KUANTAN: Police scored a double success by crippling a drug and gang-robbery syndicate masterminded by students from higher learning institutions barely 24 hours after the suspects broke into a electrical store here on Monday. The suspects had entered the premise located inside a shopping mall on Sunday night before making off with digital cameras, laptops and handphones worth thousands of ringgit. Acting on a tip-off, police cornered a 20-year-old suspect in front of a private college here about 11am before he took police to his friend’s house in Indera Mahkota where the stolen items were kept. Minutes later, police arrested his 19-year-old college mate at Jalan Beserah here and seized one of the stolen handphone in his possession. District police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Aziz Salleh said the first suspect then led police to his rented house at Taman Polo here before five suspects, including two female students, were nabbed. He said police discovered several packets of ganja weighing some 1.6 kilogram kept in the house. — Star

Wednesday November 5, 2014 MYT 9:13:29 AM

Headless body of woman found floating off Pulau Kendi

GEORGE TOWN: The headless body of a woman was found floating, about nine nautical miles southwest off Pulau Kendi near Tuesday. A group of trawler fishermen stumbled on the partly decomposed body at 1.25pm and alerted the authorities. Penang Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritime 2 District) chief, Captain Kamaruszaman Abu Hassan said Wednesday that no identification papers were found on the woman. — Star

Tuesday November 4, 2014 MYT 8:58:25 PM

Three sisters orphaned after mother killed in robbery

Snatched away: Cheong's (inset) youngest daughter Lai Yan Ping looking forlorn as she looks at her mother's motorcycle.

Snatched away: Cheong’s (inset) youngest daughter Lai Yan Ping looking forlorn as she looks at her mother’s motorcycle.

KUALA LUMPUR: Three sisters were orphaned after their 46-year-old mother was killed during a robbery in Taman Semenyih Mewah, Kajang here. The deceased, Cheong Chooi Mee, a widow, was travelling alone on her motorcycle when she was set upon by four men at around 12.30am Monday. It is believed that she lost control of her motorcycle after one of her assailants kicked the vehicle, hurling Cheong to the ground. Cheong suffered severe head injuries from the fall and was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

POLIS SELANGOR RAMPAS 5,000 MESIN JUDI HARAM BERNILAI RM10 JUTA PETALING JAYA, 4 Nov – Intipan selama sebulan Polis Selangor berjaya membuahkan hasil apabila merampas 5,000 mesin judi komputer bernilai RM10 juta dalam serbuan di sebuah gudang menyimpan barang di Jalan PJU 1A/14 Taman Perindustrian Jaya, Ara Damansara dekat sini, hari ini. Enam lelaki, termasuk penjaga premis, berusia lingkungan 40 dan 60 tahun terdiri daripada dua rakyat tempatan dan empat warga India turut ditahan dalam serbuan pada kira-kira 2 petang itu.

SELANGOR POLICE seized 5,000 ILLEGAL GAMBLING MACHINES WORTH RM10 MILLION PETALING JAYA, Nov 4 Selangor police surveillance for a month with good results when gambling machines seized 5,000 computers worth RM10 million in a raid on a warehouse store in Jalan PJU 1A / 14 Taman Jaya, Ara Damansara, near here, today. Six men, including guards premises, aged between 40 and 60 years, of whom two were locals and four Indian nationals, were arrested in the raid at around 2 pm. za zb — theSundaily

Police recover RM1m from heist

PETALING JAYA: Just a day after the RM2 million heist on Monday, swift action by police led to half the loot being recovered at an undisclosed location in Pahang late Tuesday. Following interrogations just hours after the arrest of the security guards on Tuesday, the suspicions of the police of an “inside job” involved in the heist turned out to be true when a fifth man was held yesterday. Sources said the latest suspect led police investigators to Pahang where the man was held and at least half of the stolen cash recovered.

It is believed that the suspect was a former guard of the affected security company. Police are working on recovering the rest of the stolen cash and expect to make more arrests soon. The fifth suspect was brought to Selangor today where he was remanded for investigations. Selangor police said a press conference will be held soon to divulge more details. … YAHOO! NEWS MALAYSIA

Cops arrest four security guards who reported RM2.2m bank heist

za The vehicle in which the four guards kept the money after collecting it from several banks. The driver claimed he was overpowered by two men, one armed with a gun. — Malay Mail pic … Star

Tuesday October 28, 2014 MYT 5:30:53 PM

Police doubt security guards’ account of RM2mil “robbery”

SHAH ALAM: Four security guards on collection rounds stopped for dinner leaving RM2mil in their van. Along came some robbers and drove the van away. The 9pm incident on Monday was reported by the guards to the police. But the police are somehow sceptical over what happened as described by the guards in their statements. Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Samah Che Mat said there were irregularities in the accounts given by the guards and driver Police believed they were somehow involved in the heist. … The four guards have been remanded and investigated for robbery. … NST

SHAH ALAM: Selangor police arrested three security personnel and a driver of a security services company after more than RM2 million in cash they carried in the company’s van were allegedly stolen in a midnight robbery at Serdang on Sunday.

Youths nabbed at entrance of convenience store they were robbing in Malaysia

A gang of 5 robbers were nabbed minutes after they had robbed a convenience store at Jalan Sungai Kapar Indah, Malaysia, last Sunday. … Northern Klang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Shukor Sulong said that, in the 9.30 pm incident, the store employees were making preparations to close the shop, when five men armed with machetes had rushed into the premises. They forced the shop owner to give them cash. They also took with them a few bottles of liquor. Two of the store’s employees shouted for help. The five suspects panicked and tried to run away. The police who were on patrol were alerted and went over to nab the robbers. Police seized four machetes,six bottles of liquor and a Proton Waja which was reportedly stolen at Bandar Baru Klang recently. ROBBER USED A FAKE PISTOL! When he pointed it at a policeman….!!! Star

Sunday October 26, 2014 MYT 9:09:33 PM

Suspect with fake pistol shot dead in robbery

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy said the man, in his 20s, was shot by a police detective when he took out a pistol, later found to be fake, and demanded money from the cashier in the 2pm incident. … ACP Munusamy said the suspect had pointed his weapon at the detective forcing him to open fire. Checks found that the suspect used a fake pistol. Police recovered a sling bag containing Malaysian and Indonesian currencies and an Indonesian passport. It is not known if the man was behind the robbery at a clinic in Jalan Jambu earlier in the day by a man who was similarly clad in black.


za KUALA LUMPUR: Police shot dead a man armed with a pistol when he was robbing a cyber cafe in Taman Fadason in Jinjang, here, about 2.30pm today. The deceased, later identified as a 22-year-old Indonesian man, brandished a gun upon entering the premises at Taman Fadason’s business centre shortly before a team of policemen confronted him. … Police then fired three shots, which hit the suspect’s body. He died on the spot. YOUR CAR THERE?


za ..

KUALA LUMPUR: Police seized 12 stolen cars and arrested 12 men, including six buyers, in a series of operations around Selangor between Oct 14 and yesterday. The operations were conducted after police received information on a syndicate which had been active in stealing cars before ‘cloning’ them and selling them at very low prices. Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner R. Munusamy said the syndicate cloned the cars by installing registration numbers of other cars of the same model and colour to avoid authorities’ detection. He said the syndicate also had the expertise of counterfeiting road tax stickers. Among the cars they seized were Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Estima, and Toyota Caldina. — NST

Six men arrested, hijacked trailer worth RM150,000 retrieved

By Atiqa Hazellah – Friday, October 24, 2014 – 21:31

SEPANG : Two hijackers assaulted a trailer driver, tied him up and abandoned him in a plantation and drove off with a trailer carrying copper cables worth RM150,000 last Thursday. It was learnt that the 52-year old driver was transporting the copper cables from a factory in Banting before he made a stop by the roadside at 10pm due to heavy rain. … “While waiting for the rain to subside, he fell asleep. Two men, armed with parang broke the trailer’s windscreen and ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle,” he told a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport police station, here, today. Mohd Yusoff said the victim was dumped at nearby oil palm plantation with his hands tied and mouth covered around 3am. … Mohd Yusoff said police were able to track the trailer’s whereabouts with the help of the vehicle’s global positioning system (GPS). “The GPS information showed that the trailer was in a workshop in Jalan Batu Arang, Rawang and a police team was dispatched there. “Police arrested six people, including two local men, a Myanmar and the three Indian nationals. Police also recovered the trailer together with the stolen copper cables in the workshop,” he said. — Star

Friday October 17, 2014 MYT 2:43:57 PM

Long arm of the law catches up with ‘taxi driver’

The 37-year-old had a history of robberies and was even wanted for murder at one point, said police. His latest gig saw him don the white shirt of a cab driver, where he would mostly pick up lone female tourists in the city with intention to rob them. “He would approach people late at night or in the early mornings, offering transport services. Then he would take his victim to a secluded area and hold a parang to her,” said Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Muhammad Azlee Abdullah. After he had taken the valuables, the man would then kick his victim out of the car and drive off, leaving the victim alone in the dark and at a secluded place. … By chance, police spotted a man who fitted the suspect’s description in Jalan Thambipillay on Oct 11 and arrested him. The man later confessed to robbing different passengers in Brickfields, Cheras and Dang Wangi in just October alone. “We seized a laptop, four USBs, a camera, six smartphones, a watch, a wallet and SIM cards from the man. All are believed to have been stolen. “We also found sale letters of some smartphones to various pawn shops,” he told reporters at the Brickfields police headquarters, Friday.

一 名曾4次被限制居留及擁有涉嫌謀殺及偷竊案底的印裔德士司機,從一個月前開始租德士討生話,過後,他利用駕駛德士之便,至各酒店門口或候車亭載送來自韓 國、菲律賓及孟加拉等地的遊客 ,再把遊客載到偏僻之處洗劫一番後,將遊客推下車。這名德士匪在幹下至少6宗劫案後,近日落入警網。


Domestic crime more worrying than Islamic State threat, say experts: PETALING JAYA, Oct 16 ― The increasing nu

PETALING JAYA, Oct 16 ― The increasing number of young Muslim Malaysians subscribing to Islamic State’s (IS) jihad has left enforcement authorities befuddled but appeared not to worry scholars who said the problem is not worrying given rising local crime. Downplaying the threat to Malaysia, International Islamic University (IIU) professor Dr Maszlee Malik higher cost of living as the government rolls back its system of subsidies poses more dangers as it widens the wedge between the rich and the poor. “ISIS is not stealing my motorbike, committing snatch theft, robbing or walking around with grenades. But it is evident that gangs are recruiting in schools and a life of crime is more appealing with the higher cost of living and the lack of suitable employment opportunities,” said Maszlee at a forum attended by some 60 people here yesterday. Unconvinced by official statistics that violent crime nationwide has declined sharply over the years, Maszlee insisted that the soaring crime rate ― which he said has blighted the capital ― requires urgent attention, echoing public criticism that the country’s enforcers are “losing priority”., KL: KIDNAP, DEATH FALL AND ARREST A Nigerian student told the police in Puchong on Sunday that his girlfriend had been kidnapped. A kidnapper demanded RM40,000 for the release of his girlfriend, also a Nigerian student.

After conducting an investigation, police raided an apartment where they found three Nigerian men and two local women, and the girlfriend locked in a room. One of the suspects climbed down the balcony to the unit below but fell to his death. Police arrested the other 2 Nigerian men and the local women.
Selangor police say that a Nigerian student, in his 20s, lodged a police report in Puchong on Sunday, claiming his girlfriend had been kidnapped. — File picSelangor police say that a Nigerian student, in his 20s, lodged a police report in Puchong on Sunday, claiming his girlfriend had been kidnapped. — File pic

Suspect falls to death in kidnap gone wrong: PETALING JAYA, Oct 15 — A suspected kidnap gang came unstuck on M…


Crashed into an excavator, suspected criminal killed, accomplice injured

MALACCA: A suspected criminal was killed while his accomplice injured after the car they were in crashed into an excavator at Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, Limbongan at about 5pm today. A policeman was also injured after the suspects’ car rammed into his motorcycle. Acting Melaka Tengah district police chief Superintendent Razali Bakar said it is believed that the policeman was trying to stop the suspects who failed to stop at a police roadblock earlier. He said police recovered small packages containing powder believed to be drugs and house-breaking tools from inside the wrecked car.

KERETA TERBABAS berhampiran Mc D Jalan Limbungan, Melaka 4.51 petang tadi. 1L maut & 1L cdra

Vietnamese woman found stabbed to death

JOHOR BARU: The semi-nude body of a Vietnamese woman was found at a workers’ hostel in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah here. The victim, in her 50s, was believed to have been attacked by a Vietnamese man who had entered the hostel in Jalan Perkasa here around 9pm on Friday. Johor Baru North OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Khamsani Abdul Rahman said the victim, who sustained stab wounds to her abdomen and back, was believed to have died on the spot. “Her body was found lying face down wearing only a pair of shorts, while blood stains were found on the room walls, door and floor,” he said here yesterday. ACP Mohd Khamsani said another female victim who was also attacked in the incident was in critical condition and has been admitted to Hospital Sultanah Aminah for treatment. …



(新山11日訊)六旬男子身體不適,到診所就診后竟在車內暴斃,手上握住一包藥。 這起疑似暴斃案于今早10時許,在新山柏伶花園新邦路素食店前發生,該素食店也在李氏藥房隔鄰。

zbIS THIS FOR SELF-PROTECTION OF TO COMMIT A CRIME? It’s a little blade inserted into a fake credit card! ZS Not just a credit card: The innocuously disguised pocket blade camouflaged as a credit card can be slipped easily into the credit card compartment of a wallet and becomes a fatal knife within seconds. – ZHAFARAN NASIB / The Star If someone were to walk up to you and say, “Uncle, you dropped your credit card!” and then cut your hand as you reached out for it, you would be in pain and shock. You might hand over your wallet and hand phone.

Not just a credit card. Dangerous products disguised as everyday items sold openly

… Star

Thursday October 9, 2014 MYT 7:14:09 AM

Dangerous products disguised as everyday items found to be sold openly

GEORGE TOWN: Concealed weapons are being displayed in plain sight at shopping outlets here and available for sale to anyone. The weapons, ranging from blades concealed in “credit cards” to pepper sprays, are displayed in glass shelves and can be bought for as low as RM20. A check by The Star showed that an “innocent” looking credit card can be turned into a lethal stainless steel blade in just a few seconds. The plastic credit card camouflage has a thickness of 2mm with edges that can be folded in seconds to form the handle of a 65mm stainless blade. … “Such items are also easily available online but most people opt to buy them from me as there is the risk of the Customs department confiscating them,” he said when met at his shop here.

Man arrested for crashing car into policeman’s motorcycle

IN KUANTAN IT WAS A PROTON SAGA, with different number plates on the front and on the rear! Of course, the police tried to stop the driver. He wouldn’t stop but sped off, chased by police. When he was cornered, he made a U-turn and crashed into a motorcycle ridden by one of the policemen. He was arrested and the policeman was treated for leg and neck injuries.IN KUANTAN

VCD peddler stabbed to death

KUANTAN: A 39-year-old video compact disc peddler died after he was stabbed several times in front of a restaurant at Jalan Haji Ahmad 6 here early today. The 12.30am incident happened when Thong Kong Wai of Tapah, Perak was leaving the restaurant after having supper with two friends. State police chief Datuk Sharifuddin Ab Ghani said a man suddenly attacked the victim with a knife from behind, while he was walking towards his car. …





关丹哈芝阿末路与米昔拉路交界处的商业区,今日凌晨发生命案。网络盛传与桃色事件有关,警方尚未公布内情。– 详情请看中国报 — — in Kuantan.
Play Video Porsche Cayenne, W3247W, is missing! However, the victim can’t be just a mechanic, to own a Porsche Cayenne and to have RM15,000 in his wallet! Star

Saturday October 4, 2014 MYT 5:56:12 PM

Mechanic loses Porsche, RM15,000 to robbers

KUANTAN: Three men, two armed with knives, robbed a mechanic a Porsche Cayenne V6 and RM15,000 in cash near a workshop at the Genting Sempah exit road leading to Kuala Lumpur Saturday. Chan Weng Leong, 27, was driving alone from Genting Highlands and was at the Genting Sempah Petronas petrol station when the hold-up occurred about 4.30am. Prior to the robbery, the victim said a motorcyclist had blocked his path when a black car with its headlights switched off, rear-ended his car. Bentong police chief Supt Mohamad Nor Mansor said when Chan alighted from the vehicle to inspect the damage, two men armed with knives rushed out of the other car and demanded for his wallet. He said the robbers grabbed the victim’s wallet containing RM15,000, several important documents and escaped with the Porsche Cayenne bearing the registration number W3247W.



PETALING JAYA: Police discovered ten stolen cars worth about RM2 million with the arrest of six suspects in a series of raid since Sunday. District police chief Assistant Commissioner Azmi Abu Kassim said the identification of the suspects was made possible after they reviewed a closed-circuit television footage.


zaa —– Star

Tuesday September 23, 2014 MYT 6:33:49 PM

Woman who rammed four cars in escape bid arrested, exposes syndicate mastermind

KUALA LUMPUR: The arrest of a woman who rammed into four vehicles while driving a stolen car in a bid to escape police, led to the capture of a wanted criminal – a car theft mastermind – believed to be her boyfriend. In the incident, police, acting on a tip-off, traced a stolen Honda CRV parked in front of a primary school in Jinjang Utara at 3pm Sunday. Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy said the team then spotted the 32-year-old woman walking to the car with a 17-year-old girl. “The girl was about to enter the car when police surrounded them. She was detained on the spot. “The woman, who was already in the driver’s seat, sped off and rammed into three parked cars in the process,” he said. ACP Munusamy added she managed to drive as far as Jalan Permai when she rammed into another parked vehicle, causing her to lose control of the car which skidded off the road. “The woman tried to flee on foot but police managed to arrest her,” he added. … “We arrested a ‘hard-core’ thief, believed to be her boyfriend, on the same day in Dewan Seri Delima, Kepong.


zz —– Ketum leaves boiled in water and drunk are used as a cheap alternative to satisfy addicts’ craving for drugs.

What is Ketum?
Ketum is a tree native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar [Burma], Indonesia, and elsewhere). Its botanical name is Mitragyna speciosa. Ketum is in the same family as the coffee tree (Rubiaceae). The leaves of kratom have been used as an herbal drug from time immemorial by peoples of Southeast Asia. It is used in folk medicine as a stimulant (at low doses), sedative (at high doses), recreational drug, pain killer, medicine for diarrhea, and treatment for opiate addiction.

Cops nab four restaurant workers selling ‘high’ tea:

Embedded image permalink

by nicholas cheng SUBANG JAYA: Four Thai restaurant workers in Persiaran Puchong Permai were nabbed by cops after they were found to be cooking more than just Tom Yum dishes, but making drinks out of ketum leaves there too. Officers from the Subang Jaya narcotics department arrested the men, who are believed to have been cooking, packing and selling ketum water, during a raid at the premises at 9am Friday. Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Yahaya Ramli said the men, who were employees of the restaurant, were detained at a sitting area behind the premises where they had another kitchen set up to make ketum water. … “Initial investigations revealed that the ketum water would be sold to other foreigners in Puchong Permai, with one small packet priced at RM10,” he said. ACP Yahaya added that two of the Thai men arrested did not have any travel documents. —– MECHANIC ARRESTED IN PENANG FOR RUNNING CAR THEFT RING. Police recovered 5 vehicles, all believed to have been stolen in KL and Selangor. They had fake registration numbers.



Penang cops nab mastermind behind luxury car theft ring

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 15 — Penang police have arrested a local mechanic believed to be the mastermind of a major luxury car theft syndicate here, and seized five vehicles worth over RM2 million found parked near his home.

Penang cops nab mastermind behind luxury car theft ring

Northeast district police chief Asst Comm Mior Farid Alathrash Wahid with the luxury cars seized from a condominium on Jalan Harbour in Butterworth, September 15, 2014. — Picture by Opalyn Mok.

According to Northeast district police chief Asst Comm Mior Farid Alathrash Wahid, the 32-year-old man was picked up at an entertainment outlet in Lebuh Farquhar at about 5am last Friday. He said the arrest also led to the discovery of five luxury cars along with their keys and false road taxes for each vehicle at a condominium on Jalan Harbour in Butterworth. “The suspect, who is from Penang, led us to the condominium where we found car keys hidden in the unit and he later led us to the parking lot where we recovered the luxury cars,” ACP Mior Farid said. The police then seized the five cars — a Porsche Cayman, two Mercedes Benzs, one E200 and a CLA200 model, a BMW 520i and a Toyota Land Cruiser. —– The white BMW 325i and black Toyota Land Cruiser have fake registration number plates and are believed to have been stolen in the Klang Valley. The black Lexus, also with a fake number plate, is believed to have been stolen in Pasir Puteh. Star

Sunday September 7, 2014 MYT 7:35:44 PM

Police arrest man, seize three cars worth RM1mil

IPOH: Police have arrested a 41-year-old man and seized three luxury cars worth about RM1mil during an Ops Lejang raid at Pengkalan Indah. Perak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim said the police, acting on a tip-off had stormed into the home of the suspect on Wednesday at about 10am. “We have seized a white BMW 325i and a black Toyota Land Cruiser during the raid. … “The suspect has seven previous convictions for drug-related case, car thefts and also investigated under laws related to public order and crime prevention,” said Mohd Dzuraidi. Mohd Dzuraidi added that further investigations showed the man had also kept another car near Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam here. —– WE CAN ADD THIS TO THE CRIME STATISTICS

—– WHICH SET OF CRIME RATES DO YOU BELIEVE? SET A, SET B OR NEITHER? Imagine this. You ask your friend how many children he has and get the answer, “3.” The next day, he tells your brother that he has 5 children. That sounds just like what’s happening with crime rates. YAHOO! NEWS MALAYSIA

Why two sets of crime stats, DAP asks Putrajaya

r DAP assistant national publicity secretary Teo Nie Ching, in a statement today, said the home minister had provided two different crime rates for 2013 when asked by Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong and Pengkalan Chepa MP Izani Husin. Putrajaya is providing inaccurate information on crime in Parliament, a DAP lawmaker said today, citing discrepancies in crime statistics last year as the latest example. “How can we have two different crime statistics for 2013? And the difference between the two is huge,” said the Kulai MP. A side-by-side comparison of the statistics revealed differences in the figures provided in the written reply to both MPs. The total indexed crime in 2013, as given to Liew, was 147,062 while in the ministry’s answer to Izani, it was 99,613. This was a difference of 47,449 cases. Statistics provided to Liew showed 29,375 cases of violent crimes in 2013 while Izani’s only had 20,246. Among others, Liew was told that there were 627 cases of murder, 2,718 cases of rape, 16,647 unarmed robbery, while Izani’s document saw only 440 murders, 1,810 rape cases, and 11,507 of unarmed robbery. Liew was told that there were 117,687 cases of property crime while Izani was given 79,367 cases. —– NST

SUNGAI PETANI: Police seized an Uzi machine gun and hundreds of bullets together with eight packets of heroin from a man who was arrested in Kuala Muda last night. In the 7.30pm incident, policemen who were on their crime prevention rounds came across the suspect who was driving a Proton Wira Aeroback in suspicious manner. According to sources, the 30-year-old from Padang Besar was arrested after being chased for about a kilometre from Jalan Hospital heading to Jalan Badlishah in front of the Kuala Muda district police headquarters. “The suspect drove off and knocked into two cars. He tried to escape but the police fired several shots puncturing his tyres forcing him to stop. —– THE PRICE OF LOVE! Star

Friday August 15, 2014 MYT 5:54:33 PM

Besut teenager caged, assaulted with baseball bat for eloping with girl

BESUT: A teenage student who was alleged to have eloped with the girl of his dreams paid a heavy price for love when he was abducted by four men and repeatedly assaulted with a baseball bat. The 16-year-old claims to have been abducted and handcuffed by the four men who locked him in a cage at a housing estate in Jerteh on Monday, before taking turns to assault him with a baseball bat. The assailants are alleged to have struck the teenager on the legs and body during his three hours in “detention”. The four, who had used a car to abduct the teenager from a shop, targeted him for punishment as he was alleged to have eloped with the younger sister of one of the assailants. Following the “punishment”, the assailants left the victim in Kampung Gong Manok, Kuala Besut about midnight.

Besut teenager caged, assaulted with baseball bat for eloping with girl


Wednesday August 13, 2014 MYT 7:36:03 AM

Supermarket thief caught hiding in toilet

HOPING to make his getaway from a supermarket he stole from, after it closed for the day, a thief hid in the toilet only to be discovered by a guard, reported Sinar Harian. The 24-year-old thief was found by a guard just as the supermarket in Klang was closing at about 12.30am on Sunday. According to South Klang district police chief Asst Comm Kamarul Zaman, the guard had gone to investigate after hearing some noises coming from the toilet.

Supermarket thief caught hiding in toilet

—– WHY DID HE THREATEN HIS MOTHER WITH DEATH? DID SHE REFUSE TO GIVE HIM MONEY FOR DRUGS? Drug addicts get extremely desperate when it’s time for a fix but they have no money. There was a man across the street who became violent when my mother-in-law finally refused to give him any more money. One day, he pestered my students for money, making them so scared that one almost burst into tears. Aware of what was happening, I went over to him a long stick and chased him down the road. He never came near our place after that. Star

Monday August 11, 2014 MYT 8:26:41 PM

Man gets five years’ jail for threatening to kill mother

KOTA BARU: An unemployed man was sentenced to five years’ jail by the Magistrate’s Court Monday for threatening to kill his mother. Magistrate Nik Habri Muhamad handed down the sentence on Zulkifli Salleh, 25, who pleaded guilty to the charge. Zukifli was charged under Section 506 of the Penal Code with committing criminal intimidation by pointing a knife and threatening to kill his mother, Mek Bidah Hanapi, 51, at their house at Kampung Tikat, Jalan PCB, Badang here at 7.40pm on June 29 this year. Man gets five years’ jail for threatening to kill mother —– That suitcase contains a woman’s body!


zz Star

Sunday August 10, 2014 MYT 3:07:36 PM

Body of woman in suitcase found in drain

The drain where the suitcase was found. The drain where the suitcase was found. GEMAS: The body of a woman was found inside a suitcase in a drain in Taman Gemas Jaya Saturday. Tampin district police chief Supt Wooi Kooi Cheang said the body was found by a furniture shop worker at about 5pm. “A police team, including from the forensic unit, who rushed to the scene found the body of the woman, in her 20s, fully clothed in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and blue trousers inside the tied suitcase. “Six-centimetre wounds were found on the forehead, believed to be caused by a blunt object, and bruises on both hands,” he said when contacted Sunday. However, he said no identification or BCG jab mark were found on the body. Body of woman in suitcase found in drain —–


Murder giving wrong image — Mayor

Murder giving wrong image — Mayor

by Peter Sibon, Posted on August 8, 2014, Friday

KUCHING: Kuching South mayor Datuk James Chan has described the murder of two British medical students in the wee hours of Wednesday as ‘unfortunate and wrong image’ for the city. As such he called on everyone to continue to work as a community to ensure that the city remains safe for the people and travellers alike. two victims are said to be medical students attached to the Kuching General Hospital. Star

Wednesday August 6, 2014 MYT 4:52:04 PM

Two British students slain in Kuching

KUCHING: Two British medical students were stabbed to death after an early morning quarrel with four local men at Abell Road here. The victims, both male aged 22 and 23, were found lying in the road at about 4.15am Wednesday with stab wounds in the chest and back. According to initial investigations, a quarrel had taken place between the students and the locals while both parties were drinking at a pub. Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP Datuk Dr Chai Khin Chung said both groups had been drinking at different pubs earlier before coming across each other.

Police lifting one of the bodies onto stretcher.

Police lifting one of the bodies onto stretcher.

Two British students slain in Kuching

Two British nationals believed stabbed to death in early morning fracas Read more:
Two British nationals believed stabbed to death in early morning fracas
KUCHING: Two British nationals were believed to have been stabbed to death by a group of local men following an encounter at Abell Road. ..

Two British nationals believed stabbed to death in early morning fracas

Posted on August 6, 2014, Wednesday

KUCHING: Two British nationals were believed to have been stabbed to death by a group of local men following an encounter at Abell Road early this morning. The victims, aged 22 and 23, were found lying on the road several metres apart around 4am with serious bodily wounds. Police are still verifying their identities. The four suspects said to be involved are believed to have been arrested. Confirmation of the arrests is yet to be obtained. …

2名来自英国爱尔兰的实习医生今日凌晨因饮酒作乐时,疑是酒后狂欢,大呼小叫,而引起3名青年不满,在发生争执下,2实习医生被利器刺毙! 这起凶杀案于今日凌晨4时15分,发生在古晋的艾伯尔路一间夜店外。 死者为艾登布朗嘉(22岁)及尼尔戴尔登(23岁),据知,他们都是来自古晋中央医院的实习生。 据知,两人是于事发前曾一同前往一家娱乐中心饮酒作乐。





Tuesday August 5, 2014 MYT 2:28:07 PM

Jealous man slashes ex-wife’s new hubby

KUALA KUMPUR: A man, jealous of his ex-wife’s new marriage allegedly vandalised his replacement’s motorcycle and slashed the man using a broken piece of glass outside his ex’s home in Kg Chubadak Sentul. Police are now looking for 21-year-old Mohamad Syafiq Mohd Alias (pic), who ran off with an accomplice leaving his victim bleeding with shards of glass still stuck in his body. Sentul OCPD ACP R. Munusamy said the suspect and an accomplice came to his ex’s home at around 6.30pm on Monday and began shouting expletives at his ex’s new husband. “Mohamad Syafiq shouted to his victim to come out of the house and face him. “Of course, the guy didn’t come out, so the suspect and his accomplice vandalised and damaged the man’s Yamaha RXZ motorcycle parked outside,” he said Tuesday. When the victim came outside to check on the motorcycle, the suspect “pounced” on him, said ACP Munusamy. … “The woman claimed that her ex-husband then took a broken piece of glass from the smashed window and slashed the victim with it,” ACP Munusamy said. Jealous man slashes ex-wife’s new hubby —–


z1 … Star

Monday August 4, 2014 MYT 9:57:08 PM

Armed robber shot dead…

SHAH ALAM: The police gunned down a man and detained a suspected accomplice Monday, thereby short-circuiting their crime spree in the Klang Valley. There were no identification documents on the dead man who had earlier charged at the police with a machete, upon emerging from a Toyota Alphard, which was stolen last Friday, at a school in Bandar Wawasan Puchong near here. His accomplice escaped in the 3am incident, which occurred in Taman Medan. … “The duo had driven from behind a restaurant when a police patrol car cornered them in Jalan PJS3/1. “At that juncture, a man armed with a machete emerged from the vehicle and lunged at the policemen while his accomplice escaped on foot. “Despite an order to surrender, the man tried to attack the policemen before he was shot dead,” added Mohd Adnan. He said the Toyota Alphard was confirmed to be the same vehicle, which was stolen in Puchong on Friday. A parang and a knife were found in the car. – Bernama


SEREMBAN: Police arrested a couple aged 21 and 19 whom are believed to be involved in the killing of a teenager at a construction site at 3rd Mile of Jalan Labu here yesterday. … He said police are also looking for three more individuals in their 20s who are believed to be linked to the case. In the incident, the body of Amir Fazli Suhaimi, 18, who work at Nilai Sports Complex near here was discovered sprawled in a hole at the construction site at 8:20am on Saturday. Couple arrested for murdering teenagerClick on this link for the video:

An 18-year-old youth was found dead inside a hole near a quary in 6th Mile, Jalan Labu in Seremban. —– HE IS ONLY 15 BUT IS CHARGED FOR MURDER! zzz It is learnt that the boy, along with four others, were allegedly involved in the incident following a robbery gone wrong. theSundaily

Teenage boy charged with murder of elderly woman

KOTA TINGGI: A teenage boy was charged in the Magistrate’s Court today with the murder of an elderly woman last month. The 15-year-old was charged with the murder of Jariah Abu Bakar, 62, at a unit of Block 9, Felda Lok Heng Barat here at 12.05pm on July 22. No plea was recorded after the charge was read out before Kota Tinggi Sessions Court assistant registrar Hairul Azhar Muhamad Teenager charged with senior citizen’s murder —– THE WOMAN HAD A ROOM TO LET but they were really interested in her jewellery! In Besut, Terengganu, two women and a man, posing as potential tenants, robbed a woman of jewellery worth about RM30,000 on Friday. The incident occurred about 5.40pm when Karimah Mohd Noor, 61, was showing the room to two of the people who came to ask about renting it. One threatened her with a parang and the others took what she wore: two bracelets, a diamond ring, a gold ring and a pair of gold earrings. Star, Robbers posing as potential tenants rob woman of jewellery worth RM30,000 —– WE HAD A PASSWORD AS FAR BACK AS 20 YEARS AGO! There were several cases of child kidnappings outside school at the time, so our 3 sons invented a password. One day, their aunt (my younger sister) came to take them out to their grandmother’s place. One little nephew said, “What’s the password, Aunt? If you don’t know it, we won’t go with you!” “Password? If you don’t get into the car, I’ll wallop you?” Everyone laughed. Seriously, although nothing ever happened, being password-protected is important! This is a notice from Mrs B. Gayethn Devi, principal of Little Flower Public School. zq Parents could work out with their children a password. If someone, whether a stranger or friend of a parent, came to school to inform your child that your parents had asked her to come to take you to take your child home, she would ask for the password. No password? Don’t go with them!

All parents should check out this useful tip

Little Flower Public School is an unaided co-educational English medium school in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Founded in 1988, it is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. It prepares students for the ICSE and ISC Board Examinations conducted by the Council. —– Sungai Petani, 28 July 2014 ONE ROBBER DEAD, ONE CAUGHT AND TWO MORE TO CATCH.. FOUR MEN had robbed a petrol station in Sungai Lalang and were driving off when they crashed into a Perodua Kancil that had stopped at the traffic light. Driving by in his car, Izham Md Isa, 28, saw the accident, so he stopped and came out of his car to help the driver of the Kancil. That was when three men got out of their car and ran away. He and others chased after them and caught one, a 17 year-old. The other two got into Izham Md Isa’s car and drove off. They left a 4th man lying by the roadside, dead. It shouldn’t be long before the police track down the two robbers who got away.

NST, Gang member dies in hit-and-run crash ( —– NST

KANGAR: Man set his wife on fire in the bathroom of their house at Kampung Abi Padang Machang here this morning. The victim is in critical condition at Tuanku Fauziah Hospital, after suffering 80 per cent burns on her face and body while the suspect, who also caught fire, suffered 20 per cent burns. The 10am fire was detected by a neighbour who was passing by the couple’s house on his way to work. According to sources the neighbour immediately barged into the house when he saw the fire in the bathroom and found the couple, both 23, on fire and lying on the bathroom floor. He frantically put out the fire using a fire extinguisher while shouting for help.

Police forensics unit conducting investigation at the victim’s house. NST/ AMRAN HAMID


Wednesday June 18, 2014 MYT 5:22:24 PM

Hawker goes home early to watch World Cup, catches wife and helper naked in room

ALOR SETAR: A 28-year-old fried keow teow seller slashed and seriously wounded his 32-year-old wife and 19-year-old stall helper with a parang after discovering the duo naked in the same room in his rented house. The incident occurred at about 2am Wednesday, at a house rented by the suspect in Kampung Langgar near here. … The suspect was remanded for seven days until June 24 to facilitate investigations and the case is being investigated under Section 326 of Penal Code. —– VIDEO: FAIL! SNATCH THIEF AT BANDAR BOTANIC, KLANG. Attempted Snatch Theft At Bandar Botanic —– WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT CRIME AND CRIMINALS IN MALAYSIA WHEN THE HOME MINISTER REVEALS HOW HE CANNOT BE PROTECTED BY HIS OWN POLICE FORCE?

Published on Jun 7, 2014 Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today revealed that he had to quit riding his motorbikes, because police were afraid that gangsters might shoot him.

Zahid, who is the patron of the Superbikers Associaton of Malaysia, said this at the official launch of Tabuan Motors, a sports bike shop, as well as the Tabuan Bikers Club. Zahid: I quit biking because of gangsters —– NST

Soldier shot dead in Lahad Datu scuffle, manhunt for colleague

LAHAD DATU: A soldier was shot dead and two civilians injured after an argument near a 24-hour shop, here earlier this morning. Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said no arrests have been made but a soldier is sought to assist their investigations in the 4.45am incident.

The scene of the incident where a soldier was shot dead and two civilians injured — Harian Metro Pix


Wednesday May 28, 2014 MYT 10:35:07 AM

Manhunt for soldier in Lahad Datu shooting

LAHAD DATU: Police lodged a massive manhunt for a soldier who is believed to have been involved in a shooting incident at a convenience store here on Wednesday. Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said they had identified the suspect and lodged a hunt for the soldier, who is believed to have fired at his colleague.

“We have identified who the suspect is and will make an arrest as soon as we find him,” he said when contacted.

Hamza said two civilians were injured  in the 4.45am incident and had been hospitalised. —– IN MALACCA, THERE IS A VERY SPECIAL GANG OF ROBBERS! GUYS IN MALACCA, WATCH OUT! It could be your turn next! Before leaving, the robbers forced male victims to strip before snapping photographs of them naked. The tactic was used as a threat towards victims so as to prevent them from reporting the robberies to the police. Home Malaysian robbers’ new tactic: Snap naked pics of victims so they won’t go to police

Posted on 20 May 2014

One of the victims’ room after it was ransacked by robbers. PHOTO: Muhammad Hatim Ab Manan

This article is contributed by the Stomp Team.  Three families in Malaysia lost a total of more than $30,000 (RM76,000) after  their houses were robbed by a group of masked and armed suspects. The robberies took place at three different locations around Melaka Tengah last Thursday (May 15) between 6.30 and 8.30 am. … Police believe that the robberies were committed by the same gang as the modus operandi was the same. Police are investigating., 18 May 2014 Dalam kejadian antara 6.30 pagi hingga 8.30 pagi di Bukit Katil, Klebang Besar dan Krubong itu, penjenayah turut membogelkan semua mangsa lelaki sebelum gambar mereka dirakam dipercayai sebagai ancaman supaya tidak melaporkan kejadian kepada pihak berkuasa. —– POLICEMEN WITH GUNS versus THIEF WITH LORRY: There could be only one result, one dead thief! Star

Wednesday May 21, 2014 MYT 6:58:49 AM

Aggressive car theft suspect shot dead

KUALA SELANGOR: Barely a week after being charged in court, a suspected thief who rammed into a patrol car following a high-speed chase in Ijok here was shot and killed by the police. In the 8.20am incident, the 34-year-old man, who was a former convict, resisted arrest when a team of policemen on patrol attempted to stop him from getting away in a stolen lorry. Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said a 20km chase ensued from Sungai Pelong to Ijok. … “As soon as the suspect saw the police zero in on him, he sped off to an oil palm plantation in Ijok where he was cornered. “Realising that there was no way out, he reversed the lorry and rammed into the patrol car,” he said. Due to the suspect’s aggressive behaviour, the policemen had no choice but were forced to open fire, said SAC Adnan. “One of our personnel fired a shot and it hit the man. He was pronounced dead by a medical team,” SAC Adnan added. —–

Nuns attacked outside church

The Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) today expressed shock over the attack on the nuns. “The voices of antagonism and hatred have been on the increase in the country and it would be no surprise if the attack on the nuns were not conspired by those out to cause inter-religious conflict in the country. “The police must investigate this case of outright religious intimidation and fear creation and bring those responsible to justice,” said CCM general-secretary Reverend Hermen Shastri in a statement. ( Free Malaysia Today

Nuns attacked outside Church of the Visitation in Seremban

May 14, 2014

One is undergoing surgery and the other is awaiting a brain scan report.

PETALING JAYA: Two nuns were seriously injured in an apparent attack this morning by an unknown assailant or assailants outside the Church of the Visitation in Seremban. Church caretakers found them in the church compound and sent them to the Seremban  General Hospital. A priest identified one of the nuns as 69 year old Julianna Lim Nyo Nya and the other as 79 year old Mary-Rose Teng. … Star

Wednesday May 14, 2014 MYT 4:47:58 PM

Two nuns attacked in attempted robbery in Seremban

PETALING JAYA: Two nuns were attacked in an attempted robbery outside the Church of Visitation in SerembanWednesday morning around 6am before Lauds, an early morning Christian prayer. In a Facebook post, the Church requested its followers to pray for two of their nuns who were in hospital – one of whom is reported to be critically injured. The two nuns have been identified as Julianna Lim and Mary-Rose, both of whom were sent to the Seremban Hospital. The Church said that Lim is critically ill and on the ventilator. —– IF YOU HAVE THE EQUIPMENT, ROB AN ATM. IF YOU DON’T, ROB A BANK?


Man armed with sword robs bank in Bukit Mertajam

NSTP photo by Danial Saad

Police forensic team scouring the crime scene for fingerprints. — Pix by Danial Saad

… the Sun daily

Man armed with parang robs bank in Bandar Perda

BUKIT MERTAJAM: An ‘old hand’ at robbing banks, struck for the third time when he grabbed RM16,250 from a bank in Bandar Perda today. Armed with a machete and sporting a baseball cap, the man had earlier threatened a security guard at the bank before ordering a female staff to place the money in a bag. He then escaped in a white Proton Saga driven by his accomplice. Based on a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera installed at the bank, the robber was involved in two other bank heists in the Northeast District last year. — Star

Wednesday April 9, 2014 MYT 11:15:28 AM

Teenager bashed to death for telling group to stop drinking beer at promenade

GEORGE TOWN: A teenager was killed after he was assaulted by a group of men at the IJM seafront promenade in Sungai Pinang early Wednesday. The tragic incident took place after the deceased, 19, apparently told the men not to be a nuisance and drink beer at the promenade. It was then the four men began attacking him with crash helmets. The teenager, identified as Ameer Mustaqim Naharuddin, a cleaner at Universiti Sains Malaysia here, died on the spot.



—– NST

Body of boy found by roadside

KAJANG: A 3-year-old toddler was found dead by the roadside in Jalan Hulu Langat, Batu 14, in Hulu Langat here yesterday .

In the 7.40am incident, the fully-clothed body of the boy was discovered by a passer-by, who alerted the police. Kajang deputy police chief Superintendent Abdul Ghani Mohamad Ji said initial investigations showed that there were bruises on the boy’s face and a bump on the forehead. “The victim was found dead with froth coming from his mouth. So far, we have yet to identify the boy. “Initial checks showed that he had no BCG vaccination marks on his arms. That led us to believe that he is not a local,” he said, referring to the tuberculosis vaccination that is compulsory for all Malaysians. Ghani said police believed the body of the boy, who was still wearing diapers, was purposely left in the area so that he would easily be seen by the public.

Police officers combing the scene where the boy’s body was found. Police have classified the case as sudden death pending a post-mortem report.


Mom murdered for smart phone

Filipino national, identified as Marife R Wong was found dead with multiple stab wounds at the Kampung Sukan Tenis Complex parking lot at 2.30pm. … “It is believed that the suspect had a bad argument with his mother because of a smart phone. It is a family fued that should’ve not ended this way,” said Gan. Marife’s body was found by a 17 year old tennis player who have just completed his training at the complex. “I saw the car was parked there when I came for training at 8am and I felt something could be wrong as the car was still there at 2.30. “I was shocked to see a woman covered with blood all over her body,” said Ericson Mahaeh.


Saturday April 5, 2014 MYT 8:48:53 PM

Teenager stabs mum to death for refusing to buy him handphone

Miri police taking out the body of a woman found murdered inside a car near the Miri stadium.

Miri police taking out the body of a woman found murdered inside a car near the Miri stadium.

MIRI: A quarrel which dragged on from last night ended in tragedy when a teenager stabbed his 43-year-old mother to death on Saturday. Police chief ACP Gan Tian Kee said the 18-year-old suspect had been detained to help in the investigation. … It is learnt that the heated quarrel was a result of the mother’s refusal to buy the son a smart phone. The body of the victim, a tuition teacher, was found in her Hyundai Atos car in a parking area, near a tennis court in the city centre, at 3pm Saturday. BRAVE AND COMMENDABLE ACT! He chases after these robbers and rams into them to stop them!


Saturday April 5, 2014 MYT 8:05:40 AM

Man acted swiftly and bravely, say Selangor police

SHAH ALAM: Police have commended the teacher who rammed his vehicle into fleeing robbers, killing one of them, after they burgled his neighbour’s home in Kota Warisan. Selangor deputy police chief De­­puty Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the man, whom he de­­clined to name, had acted swiftly and bravely by chasing after the four robbers. The robbers had tried to flee on two motorcycles to a traffic light junction in Jalan Dengkil-Banting. “His actions are exemplary and I congratulate him. It goes to show that without the public’s help, we can never root out crime completely,” he said here yesterday. DCP Abdul Rahim said the dead robber, believed to be a foreigner in his 30s, had yet to be identified while investigations showed that his motorcycle number plates were fake and its chassis number tampered with. The four robbers, armed with parang, had barged into a house in Kota Warisan on Thursday and stole RM300,000 worth of jewellery. The teacher, who saw the men leaving, chased after them in his four-wheel-drive vehicle and rammed into one of the motorcycles. … Star

Friday April 4, 2014 MYT 7:33:26 AM

Thief fleeing with loot dies after car rams m-cycle

SEPANG: A thief who was escaping with three others after looting a house in Kota Warisan here, was killed when a car allegedly rammed into his motorcycle at a traffic light junction. Police said the car was driven by a man who saw the four suspects fleeing from his neighbour’s house with their loot and gave chase yesterday. Sepang district police chief Supt Mohd Yusoff Awang said the suspect who died fell off from his machine after the car allegedly crashed into him in the 10am incident, just outside Kota Warisan. “The suspect died at the scene. His accomplices, however, fled on another motorcycle,” he said, adding that the dead man was not carrying any identification documents but is believed to be a Malaysian. —– IN MALAYSIA, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, THEY ARRIVED AND BEGAN SLASHING AND CHOPPING AWAY! Star

Friday April 4, 2014 MYT 7:22:47 PM

Youth in critical condition after revenge attack

The road where the youth was slashed during the attack being guarded by policemen

The road where the youth was slashed during the attack being guarded by policemen

SUNGAI PETANI: At least nine people attacked a group of youths with knives and parang in what could be a revenge attack in Bakar Sampah on Friday.

According to eye witnesses, the assailants arrived on six motorcycles at a coffee shop at about 3pm and charged towards the five youths who were sitting together at a table. Eye-witness Ong Kah Soon said one of the youths tried to flee but fell down in the middle of the road and was set upon by the attackers. The unidentified youth, in his 20s, was slashed on the arms and legs. The other four suffered minor injuries. Ong said the assailants chased the other youths across the road and into another coffee shop. Another eye witness, who refused to be named, said she was at one of the coffee shops having her lunch during the attack. —– It is learnt that the three Nigerians were in the midst of negotiating of a deal involving drugs when the police arrived. Star

Friday March 28, 2014 MYT 10:02:52 PM

African man dies after plunging six floors in failed attempt to escape police

PETALING JAYA: An unidentified African man, believed to be a Nigerian student, died in his attempt to escape police through a window of his apartment unit on the sixth floor in Flora Damansara on Friday. District police chief Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said the body was found sprawled on the ground floor of block H. “Prior to the discovery, we received a report from one of the residents there of a noise coming from the deceased’s rented unit. “Several personnel were despatched to inspect the place at about 1pm. We found that the door was open but the grille was locked. “We had to ask for assistance to break open the grille. When we got in, three African men were found clinging to a window grille in a bid to escape us. Two of them got away but one fell flat to the ground,” he said. —– *Crime news round-up of East Malaysia by Borneopost (includes perverts, bodies, etc..) Video: Weekly News Highlight, Jan 13 – Jan 19, 2014 MAN IS STRANGE, TO SAY THE LEAST! “ROB AND FLASH!” After robbing the three college girls in a resort in Kota Kinabalu, he pulled down his pants to show them his p***s but ran off when they screamed in shock. He was caught later when he was trying to sell the loot. — Star Thursday March 6, 2014 MYT 10:31:12 PM

Two German tourists assaulted in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: Two German tourists were assaulted by a group of men at an entertainment centre in Lebuh Farquhar here on Thursday. A police spokesman said the victims, both aged 24, who were college students in Germany were beaten, kicked and hurled bottles at by about six men in the 1.30am incident. “The visitors fled the premises and sought help from the public. They were sent to the hospital where one received eight stitches on the brow while the other injured his left hand,” he told reporters here.  6 March 2014| last updated at 10:35PM

African student shot dead near college in Mantin

NILAI: A 26-year-old African student was killed on the spot after he was shot in head at a parking lot of an apartment at a private college in Mantin here today.
In the 5.30pm incident, the victim was believed to have been involved in an argument prior to the incident. ..
Nilai police chief Superintendent Abdullah Roning said preliminary investigation revealed only a gunshot wound at the victim’s head. ..
“The victim was discovered lying under a tree at a parking lot of an apartment in the college compound. ..
Police forensic team removing the body of a foreign student shot dead in Mantin today. — NSTP photo by Hazreen MohamadRead more: African student shot dead near college in Mantin – Latest – New Straits Times

WHEN THUGS TRY TO TAKE OVER! Star Thursday March 6, 2014 MYT 1:41:35 PM

Immigration officers involved in standoff with 100 thugs

Abu Bakar Sidek checking the identities of one of the GRO's detained.

Abu Bakar Sidek checking the identities of one of the GRO’s detained.

MALACCA: About 30 immigration officers were holed up for two hours at an entertainment outlet in Melaka Raya on Wednesday after they were surrounded by about 100 thugs. They eventually managed to take 35 foreigners, including 34 women, with them out of the three-storey building under tight police cordon at about 7pm, said Malacca Immigration Department acting director Abu Bakar Sidek Hassan. He said the immigration officers, including 23 members of the Special Tactical Group could not leave the building until 15 policemen from the Bandar Hilir station arrived at the scene. “Several thugs were seen taking the registration numbers of vehicles belonging to the immigration officers during the stand-off. I feared that they have an ulterior motive,” he told reporters at the Home Ministry Complex on Thursday. He said several drunk clients also questioned the immigration officers for detaining the guest relation officers (GROs) aged between 18 and 35 comprising 33 Vietnamese women and a Chinese woman. The Chinese woman in her 30s is married to a local while a 35-year-old Vietnamese woman acted as a pimp, he said, adding that a 26-year-old Bangladeshi who worked at the premises was also arrested.

Malaysia no safe anymore.. Be alert at all times wherever you are. These thugs are daring indeed. Top Tweet

KL Sg Buloh murder of 2 kids and suicide by maid: too much pressure? or maid mentally unsound?

View summaryMurder, then Suicide? Did the pressure/stress get to be TOO  much? Or was she mentally unsound to begin with? There are more questions than answers. NST 26 February 2014| last updated at 01:35AM

Sg Buloh murder-cum-suicide: Maid slashes kids’ throats, kills herself

PETALING JAYA: An Indonesian maid was believed to have slit the throats of a baby and his 5-year-old half brother before turning the knife on herself yesterday.

The children’s grandmother made the gruesome discovery when she returned to their Taman Sri Putra, Sungai Buloh, home early from the family’s restaurant about 7.35pm. The family had left for the restaurant at 5pm as per their daily routine, leaving the children in the care of the maid, identified only as Agnes. The grandmother found the younger child, 18-month-old Melvin Selvan Joseph, and Agnes sprawled in the kitchen with three bloodstained kitchen knives nearby.

The bodies being sent to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for post mortem. NSTP/Asyraf Hamzah


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(雙溪毛糯25日訊)冷血3屍命案!印尼女傭割喉殘殺華裔女雇主兩名年齡分別僅5歲和1歲的兒子后,再畏罪割喉自殺。 雪州雙溪毛糯今晚發生一宗聳人聽聞的3屍命案,一名精神疑有問題的印尼女傭(30余歲),趁女雇主(27歲)全家6人出外工作時,竟然在屋內割喉謀殺兩名華裔小兄弟后,再以同樣手法割喉自殺身亡,3人都是分別被一刀奪命。 兩名小死者是同母異父的兄弟,包括5歲哥哥高家宏(譯音)和1歲弟弟Melvin Selvan Joseph(華印混血兒),但母親和幼子的印裔丈夫目前已分居。 更多詳情,請看明日《中國報》!


(雙溪毛糯25日訊)冷血3屍命案! 雪州雙溪毛糯今晚發生一宗聳人聽聞的冷血3屍命案,兩名年齡分別僅2歲和6個月大的華裔男童,以及平時負責照顧他們的印尼女傭共3人,慘遭冷血殺害。 兩名小死者的外婆是在今晚7時許放工回到雙溪毛糯斯里布特拉一間雙層排屋的回家,驚見屋內3具屍體,始揭發此案。 警方接獲投報后,即派員到現場展開調查。

*Did you realize that you could be robbed at a 7-Eleven? The 7-Eleven stores are open 24/7, and frequented not only by customers like you but also by robbers! On Friday, 7 February, Ipoh police arrested two people responsible for robbing 15 (fifteen!) 7-Eleven stores in Kampar, Batu Gajah and Ipoh TODAY, 25 February, police in Kl are looking for another 7-Eleven gang! They have identified three suspects through CCTV footage. Star Tuesday February 25, 2014 MYT 8:43:17 PM

Cops looking for teenage gang preying on 7-11 outlets

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are on the hunt for a group of teenagers believed to have brazenly robbed several 7-11 outlets in Jalan Kuchai Lama and Taman Desa here. At least three armed robberies have been carried out by this gang, believed to be below 17 years old. xxx Despite CCTV surveillance at the outlets, the boys were daring enough not to wear masks when relieving the outlets of cash as well as boxes of cigarettes. xxz Sources revealed that the first incident occurred at about 8.40pm on Feb 9, where a group of boys armed with machetes stormed an outlet in Happy Garden, Kuchai Park and held the cashier at knifepoint. … This was followed on a similar incident on Feb 29 in Taman Gembira, Jalan Kuchai Lama, where 99.25 cash and more than 50 boxes of cigarettes were stolen worth RM699.25. The last incident occurred at about 12.34pm on Feb 20 where RM41.10 cash was stolen and RM257 worth of cigarettes carted away. END OF THE TRAIL FOR 7-ELEVEN ROBBERS! aaa Having robbed 15 (fifteen!) 7-Eleven stores in Kampar, Batu Gajah and Ipoh, they were finally caught. These two guys would ride up to a 7-Eleven convenience store, enter as customers, and then brandish their parangs and threaten the store assistant. On Friday, 7 February, they robbed a 7-Eleven store in Bercham. They went on to rob the one in Jelapang. They were planning to rob seven more such stores before police caught up with them and seized two helmets, two jackets and a motorcycle, two mobile phones, 85 packets of cigarette as well as RM161 in cash. Before they could rob the one in Kampung Tawas, they were arrested. Police also arrested an accomplice.

Revenge attack? NST 23 February 2014| last updated at 10:14PM

Man stabbed multiple times with scissors by 5 strangers

KLANG: A man suffered serious injuries when he was stabbed multiple times with a pair scissors in his house at Taman Chi Leung by five strangers early morning today.

In the 3am incident,  five suspects were said to have barged into the victim’s house and stabbed him on his left chest and stomach before fleeing the scene, leaving the victim to bleed. 
The victim’s friend, 22-year-old, Lawrence said he was sitting on the porch of the victim’s house when the five suspects landed few punches on his chest before proceeding with attacking the victim.
“The victim, who was shocked to see  I was being punched, rushed towards me. That’s when the five suspects started stabbing him with the scissors. He fell to the ground and the suspects  fled the scene before any of our neighbours realised what was going on,” he said.

Read more: Man stabbed multiple times with scissors by 5 strangers – Latest – New Straits Times

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News for selangor crime rate down

  1. The Malay Mail Online ‎- 5 hours ago
    Several districts in Selangor have recorded a 4 per cent drop in crime rates in the first two months of this year. Picture taken in August 21, 2013.

Lower crime rate in Selangor this year

KAPAR, Feb 22 (Bernama) — Selangor recorded a drop of up to four percent in the crime prevention index in several districts in January and February this year compared to the same period last year. Selangor police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said the drop involved house-breakings and street crimes due to the relentless efforts of the police. He said the five districts recording drops were Klang Utara, Serdang, Kuala Langat, Ampang Jaya and Shah Alam. “Since Jan 1 until today, the crime prevention index has gone down in several districts with Klang Utara recording the highest drop. doesn’t matter where you park your car. This is Malaysia. HE PARKED HIS CAR 20 METERS FROM THE MERCHANT SQUARE POLICE STATION, TROPICANA, SELANGOR. It was GONE when he returned.2:21PM Feb 20, 2014

MP fumes as car stolen 20m from police station

PKR’s Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tsin yesterday afternoon added to crime statistics when his car was stolen while parked at the PKR headquarters in Tropicana, Selangor. Ironically, Sim fumed on Facebook, his car was parked close to the Merchant Square police station, which is on the same row as the PKR office. My car was stolen from this parking lot (in) broad daylight. A police station was just 20 metres away. xxx THIS? The woman cop from China was walking down Love Lane, George Town, when a man came from behind and snatched her bag! Her husband, another cop, took this photo, after which he knocked the robber off his motorbike. The robber,  Abdul Waris Abdul Aziz, a Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) worker, got 5 years in jail. Star Thursday July 4, 2013 MYT 10:29:57 AM

China cop foils snatch theft bid

Caught in the act: The snatch thief attempting to grab Dai’s handbag at Love Lane in Penang. (Right) The suspect being kept under close watch.

Caught in the act: The snatch thief attempting to grab Dai’s handbag at Love Lane in Penang. (Right) The suspect being kept under close watch.

GEORGE TOWN: The fight against crime never takes a break – as shown by a policeman on holiday here from China who helped catch a snatch thief. Luo Yong, 40, was taking a photograph of his wife, Dai Qi, strolling along the tourist spot Love Lane when a motorcyclist came from behind and grabbed her handbag. He immediately pounced on the man and shoved him off his vehicle during the 9.30pm incident on Tuesday.

The suspect being kept under close watch.

Luo overpowered the man, a Penang Municipal Council worker who was still wearing a council T-shirt, before passers-by and traders came to help. The crimefighter, who suffered light injuries on his legs, said he di … Star Wednesday February 19, 2014 MYT 1:39:20 PM

Council worker gets five years jail for snatching Chinese tourist’s handbag

Abdul Waris Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Waris Abdul Aziz.

GEORGE TOWN: A Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) worker, who was charged with snatching the handbag of a Chinese national in Love Lane here last year, was sentenced to five years jail and 10 strokes of the rotan after he changed his plea to guilty at the Sessions Court here. Abdul Waris Abdul Aziz, 33, had earlier claimed trial on July 12 last year to robbing tourist Dai Qi, 41, at 9.19pm on July 2, 2013. … It was reported on July 3 last year that a suspect wearing a council t-shirt was caught in the act when he rode up on a motorcycle and grabbed Dai’s bag while her husband Luo Yong, 40, was taking pictures of her. Luo pounced on the man and shoved him off the vehicle in the incident. Both Luo and Dai are Chinese police personnel who were in Penang for a holiday with their 10-year-old son. They were on their way back to their hotel in Penang Road after having had dinner in Chulia Street.

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4巫裔男女窃匪,在距离警局不及1公里的两个地区造案,半小时内连环砸破20辆轿车车镜,其中一个车主撞见匪徒并报警,匪徒在有人目击下仍继续造案! 这起事件于周五凌晨1时许,在日落洞斗母宫前的停车场及日落洞清真寺对面的店屋商业区发生。


A customer wanted his car back from a mechanic in sg buluh on feb 5th, got into an argument with the mechanic, and was attacked.

Why was the wife shooting this video? Did she expect something nasty to happen? Or was she merely recording what she thought would be the conversation between her husband and the other man, to be used as ‘evidence’ later, for whatever purpose? As it turned out, she recorded a homicide! …



A customer wanted his car back from a mechanic in sg buluh on feb 5th, got into an argument with the mechanic, and was attacked.

这是一件多么令人心痛的惨剧啊! 跟各位网友报告一个坏消息;这段视频中那位被打成重伤的受害者,经过双溪毛糯医院抢救了3天之后,已经在今天(2月8日)中午12点18分宣告伤重不治死亡。 1:根据版主透过有关方面了解的讯息,事发当天为年初六(2月5日)中午时分。死者与太太到这间位于双溪毛糯新村的修车厂准备领取过年前就送进来修理的轿车。 2:当时死者发现车厂老板答应年初六交车,车却还没修理好。加上车厂老板的态度和语气不太友善。死者理论的过程中确实有摇动车厂的铁闸门,导致铁闸门有一些损毁。 3:那修车厂老板大怒之下举起闷边的一个栽种着铁树的花盆,不由分说就往死者砸下。死者被击中头部倒地,修车厂老板继续猛力轰打,一如视频所示。 4:这段视频就是死者太太拍下的,当时她并没想到事情会演变成这样,吓呆了。 5:抱住孩子冲出去阻止老板继续行凶的,就是修车厂老板的太太与儿子,但是一切已经太迟。死者已经当堂被打成重伤晕迷。 6:根据死者太太的描述,修车厂老板过后还是继续对已经晕迷的死者拳打脚踢,直到路人经过阻止,死者被救伤车紧急送进双溪毛糯医院进行抢救。今天终于伤重不治,宣告死亡。 7:警方已经将这次事件当成谋杀案处理。由于行凶者过去是江湖人物,有很多前科;这次事件他将很难脱身。 8:死者留下的遗孀,肯定是受害者;但是修车厂老板当着老婆孩子的面行凶打死人,已经对孩子做了很坏的示范;加上如果谋杀罪名成立,万一被判死刑,或坐牢 十几年,他的老婆孩子怎么办?唉。。。。所以,奉劝大家,有事慢慢讲,何必这么冲动?造成了这样严重的后果,已经无法回头了。。。。

这是一件多么令人心痛的惨剧啊! 跟各位网友报告一个坏消息;这段视频中那位被打成重伤的受害者,经过双溪毛糯医院抢救了3天之后,已经在今天(2月8日)中午12点18分宣告伤重不治死亡。…

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— NST 04 February 2014| last updated at 10:39PM

Decomposed body found in Bukit Gedung forest reserve

GEORGE TOWN: The decomposed body of a man was found with a dismembered head in the Bukit Gedung forest reserve, 50 metres from Jalan Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru, here today.

Barat Daya Police Chief Supt Lai Fah Hin said the deceased’s head was found hanging by a root on a three-metre high tree by a passerby at 5pm.
“Based on the stench of the body, police believe the man had died more than two weeks ago,” he told reporters at the scene.
She said the body was found lying face down and clothed. No identification documents were found on the body.

The decomposed body found with a dismembered head in the Bukit Gedung forest reserve. NST photo

The deceased’s head was found hanging by a root on a three-metre high tree. NST photo Read more: Decomposed body found in Bukit Gedung forest reserve – Latest – New Straits Times SHOP AT One Utama Shopping Complex loses more than RM10mil over the long holiday TOP TWEET

3m wah chan jewellery 1 Utama loses more than RM10mil over the long holiday

中國報訊:雪州靈市萬達商場內的華珍珠寶店自除夕下午休業后,今早開店時發現陳列櫃內所有珠寶已失竊,損失數目未詳。 aa


 (Petaling Jaya, 3rd) of suspected Latin America members of the burglary gang, sneaked into shopping malls during the Festival, a sort of gold drill in 4 days, weld to crack a safe, stolen more than jijjin million ornaments! (Translated by Bing)

xxx — SunDaily

Burglars take advantage of CNY to escape with jewelery worth RM10 mil

PETALING JAYA (Feb 3, 2014): In one of the largest heists at a goldsmith shop nationwide in recent years, burglars took advantage of the Chinese New Year holidays to steal nearly RM10 million in jewellery from an outlet at the One Utama shopping mall in Bandar Utama here. The burglary at Wah Chan Jewellers is believed to have occurred sometime between Friday and yesterday as workers only realised the shop had been burgled when they came back from the holidays at 9.30am today. It is believed that police are working on the theory that the burglars had stayed behind after closing hours on Friday to stage the heist. Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said they had gained entry into the shop from a rear door before using an oxyacetalene torch to break into a vault where the jewellery was stored. He said police have retrieved a closed-circuit security camera recording and will record statements from the mall’s security guards. … Star photo

Jewellery store loses more than RM1mil in heist … NST

KUALA LUMPUR: Several safe boxes were found ripped open with the use Oxytelene in a robbery at a gold shop at the One Utama Shopping Complex here.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said the break-in was believed to have occurred four days ago when all the business premises there were close for the Chinese New Year holiday.
He said the incident was discovered by employees at the shop when they returned to work today.
“Police found several safe boxes containing jewellery had been ripped open.

— Star Sunday February 2, 2014 MYT 4:40:34 PM

Woman who was allegedly locked in burning room by boyfriend dies

Saliza Saidin and daughter.

Saliza Saidin and daughter.

PETALING JAYA: The twenty-nine-year-old divorcee who was allegedly locked in a burning room by her boyfriend has died. Saliza Saidin reportedly died at Hospital Kuala Lumpur at 5pm on Saturday after being in critical condition for 12 days. In Jan 21’s incident, Saliza’s ex-boyfriend Mohd Afizi Abdul Rahman allegedly locked her in a burning room at her flat in Desa Rejang, Setapak Jaya. A neighbour reportedly saw the man entered the flat unit earlier that day while Saliza was inside with her three children and 62-year-old mother, Som Dolah. It is learnt that Mohd Afizi had poured petrol around the bedroom where Saliza was sleeping with her baby and started a fire around 1.30am. It is believed that he had locked the unit’s front door before making his escape. The fire had left Saliza suffering 80% burns to her body while her baby, Nur Iris Qalisya Mohd Shahril, was reported to be badly burnt. Mohd Afizi, 27, was arrested at Hutan Melintang, Perak at 3am on Jan 22. He was charged in a Sessions Court here with three counts of attempting to murder his girlfriend and her two daughters. Woman who was allegedly locked in burning room by boyfriend diesGIRL SAVED FROM DRUG ADDICT BUT TOO LATE! She had been raped, sodomised  and slashed. Luckily, she was still alive. NST 30 January 2014| last updated at 12:14AM

Addict kidnaps, rapes girl

TRAUMA: Suspect arrested while refueling car in petrol station MUAR: A 10-YEAR-OLD girl was kidnapped, raped, sodomised, slashed and forced to perform oral sex by a suspected drug addict on Tuesday. The 28-year-old suspect was arrested hours later at a petrol station while refueling his car, with the traumatised victim seated in the front passenger seat, with bloodstains on her school uniform. The girl, who has been admitted at Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, was abducted while she was cycling to attend religious studies at her school in Bakri here, about 150 meters from her house.

The 10-year-old girl was using this shortcut, via Lorong Jaafar, to go to her school before she was kidnapped.Read more: Addict kidnaps, rapes girl – General – New Straits Times

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— Star

Left to burn: Police personnel examining the torched security van in Ijok.

Left to burn: Police personnel examining the torched security van in Ijok. … NST Robbers flee with RM3.3mil, destroy security van Robbers flee with RM3.3mil, destroys security van Photo by NST reader … Star Tuesday January 28, 2014 MYT 7:05:24 PM

Robbers escape with RM3.3mil in security van heist

KUALA SELANGOR: A security van with RM3.3mil cash was hijacked by a gang of robbers at a petrol station near Ijok, Batang Berjuntai here. Before making off with the loot, the robbers set fire to the van after driving it to an oil palm plantation. The four security guards were unharmed. It is believed that the security van was waylaid at the station at about 9.50am Tuesday. The guards were to replenish the petrol station’s ATM machine when their vehicle was cornered by a Nissan van and a motorcyclist. Sources revealed that four men alighted from the Nissan van, forced themselves into the security van and tied the guards. The motorcyclist then took over the security van and drove to the plantation. Kuala Selangor OCPD Supt Mohd Taib Ahmad said the suspects drove the security van to the plantation at Bukit Badong.–cash/WHAT WAS YOUR 2014 NEW YEAR’S WISH? Mine was that there would be more policemen on the streets to prevent snatching, robbery and similar violent crime especially at Chinese New Year. NOW THE POLICEMEN WILL BE OUT IN FORCE BUT NOT ON THE STREET! They will be at wholesalers! NST 25 January 2014| last updated at 01:43PM

Plainclothes policemen to monitor prices of goods at business premises

Home Ministry Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said police will be taking actions within its jurisdiction against those who raised the prices of their product without proper justifications. “The Home Ministry has no intention to disturb the traders by deploying the undercover policemen but we only want to help the government in addressing the issue of price hikes in the country,” he told reporters after attending the “Majlis Ramah Mesra Rakyat SPNB” here today.

I had thought that criminals had no religious preference when it came to choice of victims!


(Kuala Lumpur, 20th): 2 suspected Indonesia nationality Bandit knife in the mini bus daqiang, direct shouted “surrender to all things non-Muslim passengers” stood near the door of a pair of non-Muslim men and women passengers, suddenly became victims. (Translated by Bing)

aaBATU PAHAT ROBBERIES AND MURDERS: ARE THESE SERIAL KILLERS? There were 4 robberies-murders in Batu Pahat in 2013, all in the last two months of the year. The victims were robbed and then hit on the head with blunt objects until they died. On 3 November, a 67-year-old storekeeper was robbed and killed at Jalan Sulaiman. On 22 November 22,  a 76-year-old woman was the victim. On 1 November, a 67-year-old security guard at a factory in Tongkang Pechah was murdered. On 29 December, a 55-year-old man was found dead with head injuries. The police have arrested two suspects, one 30 and the other 35. Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Mohktar Mohd Shariff said the suspects, both with three previous records, were detained in Batu Pahat last Wednesday by a special team which was formed to track them. — Star Thursday January 16, 2014 MYT 8:57:25 AM

Two held over senseless murders

JOHOR BARU: For as little as a few ringgit, two men brutally bludgeoned their hapless victims to death before robbing them. Their spate of such murders – four in all – in Batu Pahat over two months, and described as “shocking” even by the police, came to an end when they were arrested recently. Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said all the victims were men who were between 55 and 76 years old. “The men would hit their victims on the head with any object they could get their hands on before robbing them,” SDCP Mohd Mokhtar told reporters at the state police headquarters here yesterday. “The murders are shocking because they stole petty items, such as a few ringgit, watche­s and other cheap items. “In all the cases, the victims died due to head injuries.” beast performed an indecent act on the bus! Star Friday January 10, 2014 MYT 6:59:06 AM

Pervert on bus does not get off easy

A policeman leading Lau out of the magistrate’s court in George Town after sentencing.

A policeman leading Lau out of the magistrate’s court in George Town after sentencing.

GEORGE TOWN: A man who masturbated in a moving bus and ejaculated onto the skirt of a woman, has been sentenced to eight months’ jail and ordered to be given one stroke of the rotan by a magistrate’s court here. Flyer distributor Lau Eu Lye, 35, from Sungai Nibong Kecil in Bayan Lepas, pleaded guilty to using criminal force with the intention of outraging the modesty of a then 24-year-old woman on a bus in front of SMK (P) Seri Mutiara in Jalan Air Itam at 7pm on July 27, 2007. According to the facts presented to the court, the woman had taken the bus after work and had stood near its back door. When the bus arrived in front of SMK (P) Seri Mutiara, the complainant suddenly felt a warm liquid down her rear. When she turned around, she saw the semen on her skirt. She saw the accused behind her and screamed at him. Hearing the commotion, the driver stopped the bus and the accused tried to escape. However, the driver, with the help of other passengers, caught the man. Pervert on bus does not get off easy THEY STOLE HER CAR BUT SHE WAS IN IT! Later, believing she was in great danger, she jumped out of the moving car. Star Wednesday January 8, 2014 MYT 11:49:06 PM

Woman jumps out of moving car to escape abductors

KUALA LUMPUR: A plucky 20-year-old woman jumped out of a moving car to escape her abductors during a nightmarish 10km hell ride on Monday evening. The ordeal began at 7pm when the woman was about to drive home from work, when two middle-aged men attempted to break into her MyVi, without realising she was in it. “She honked the horn but they managed to get in and threatened her with a knife and an axe. They drove off with her in it towards the Subang Airport,” said the victim’s sister, who requested anonymity. …. “They said they would leave her by the roadside so she can find public transport, but they drove her into a remote area near the airport. “Then one of them shouted at her ‘nak balik rumah pakai baju atau bogel?’ (do you want to go home clothed or naked). She was so afraid they were going to rape her that she decided to jump out of the car,” she said. By chance, a police patrol car was nearby and the victim made picked herself up from the pavement and ran toward the officer, screaming for help. Woman jumps out of moving car to escape abductorsTHE FIRST UNIVERSITY STUDENT TO DIE IN 2014 IS A STUDENT OF THE CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF SARAWAK! MURDERED! Brutally beaten to death! The Borneo Post MIRI: A business student at a private university here was found dead in a pool of blood in a rented double-storey house at Jalan Jati 1, Senadin, in an apparent robbery-cum-murder incident. It is believed that the deceased, who has been identified as Mu Tshun Vui, 19, from Sandakan, Sabah, might have fought with his assailants. A gas cylinder had gone missing while three rooms (two upstairs and one downstairs) of the house were ransacked by intruders. The discovery was made by the deceased’s housemate around 2pm Saturday, known as Eden Boo, 18, upon his arrival from their semester break yesterday. There were three Sabahans (including the deceased), one from Johor and another housemate from Bintangor renting the house. bb aa Medical personnel from Miri Hospital inspecting Mu’s body upon their arrival at the house. Unfortunately, Mu was no longer breathing by the time they arrived.

The police are investigating if the murder was caused by a break-in or robbery or internal problems inside the house. Star MIRI: A university student was found brutally beaten to death Saturday in a rented house in Kuala Baram district not far from the Curtin University of Technology Sarawak campus where he was studying. The body of the youth, believed to be in his late teens, was found sprawled in a pool of blood inside the double-storey house in Desa Senadin, a housing estate located not far from the university campus. Miri Police Chief Asst Comm Mun Kock Keong said the police are investigating the case as a possible murder. “We are interviewing those staying inside the house (there are several other students renting the house and the victim is one of them) to find out what had actually happened. “The victim is a university student,” he said. University student beaten to death in Kuala BaramA CRIME MOST FOWL! They robbed this farmer of 120-130 kampong chickens costing about more than RM2,000. Star Saturday January 4, 2014 MYT 8:09:37 AM

Thieves ‘borrow’ bike to flee

Hold up: Swee Pai, 60, keeping a close eye on the rest of the chickens at the farm he works at in Sungai Kechil, Nibong Tebal.

Hold up: Swee Pai, 60, keeping a close eye on the rest of the chickens at the farm he works at in Sungai Kechil, Nibong Tebal.

NIBONG TEBAL: Eight men who used a chicken farm worker’s motorcycle to transport more than 100 live chickens they stole, returned the machine to the latter after he told them that he needed the bike to “cari makan” (earn a living). Yeap Swee Pai, 60, said the men entered the farm located within an oil palm plantation in Sungai Kechil here at about 1.30am on New Year’s day and grabbed the chickens, before stuffing them into about 10 gunny sacks. He said as his bike, with the key on it, was parked in the farm, the robbers used it to transport the gunny sacks to the entrance of the plantation, which is about 100m away. Thieves ‘borrow’ bike to flee More about the 1st Malaysian to die from crime in 2014 THE GRIM REAPER KEEPS BUSY: FIRST REPORTED HOMICIDE ON 1ST JANUARY 2014 More details have emerged: Star Thursday January 2, 2014 MYT 7:33:04 AM

Senior citizen on morning walk killed with his own knife

Looking for clues: Dr Bhupinder (second from left) checking Ang’s body at the crime scene in Jalan Loh Poh Heng.

Looking for clues: Dr Bhupinder (second from left) checking Ang’s body at the crime scene in Jalan Loh Poh Heng.

GEORGE TOWN: Ang Cheng Hoo, 64, always carries a knife with him for protection from street criminals when he goes on his morning walk in Tanjung Bungah. The knife turned out to be his own undoing. An assailant snatched the knife from Ang and slashed him to death in Jalan Loh Poh Heng.

Ang Cheng Hoo

A security guard discovered Ang’s body sprawled by the roadside at about 6.30am yesterday, about 30m from his apartment. An eyewitness claimed that she heard a commotion between Ang and another person who could be known to him. Penang Hospital senior consultant forensic pathologist Datuk Dr Bhupinder Singh said Ang died of injuries to the neck. He said a post-mortem found that there were three slash wounds on the neck and a stab wound on the abdomen. Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Mazlan Kesah said they had temporarily ruled out robbery as Ang’s wallet and handphone were not stolen. Senior citizen on morning walk killed with his own knife … the Sun daily

Senior citizen killed with own knife in Tanjong Bungah

State CID chief SAC Mazlan Kesah said the victim, Ang Cheng Hoo, 64, was found on a road shoulder with stab and slash wounds on his stomach and neck. “According to his son, Ang often went jogging at 5am and normally returned before 8am. He often brought a knife with him,” he told reporters. He said police also found traces of blood on the victim’s knife at the scene of the incident, not far from his house. The motive of the incident was still under investigation as the victim’s wallet and cellphone were untouched, he said. Mazlan said several of the victim’s neighbours heard a quarrel before the incident and they believed the suspect was a man. Senior citizen killed with own knife in Tanjong Bungah — Star Wednesday January 1, 2014 MYT 11:39:05 AM

Man stabbed to death in Tanjung Bungah

The victim being carried to the police vehicle at Jalan Loh Poh Heng.

The victim being carried to the police vehicle at Jalan Loh Poh Heng.

GEORGE TOWN: A man believed to be in his 60s was found stabbed to death by the roadside in Jalan Loh Poh Heng, Tanjung Bungah. Several stab wounds were found on his body during the incident, which was said to have happened at about 5am on Wednesday. Policemen led by Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Mazlan Kesah are now conducting checks at the scene. Man stabbed to death in Tanjung Bungah — Monday, 30 December 2013 A BANK ROBBERY — Star Thursday December 26, 2013 MYT 9:16:13 PM

26 granted protection under Witness Protection Programme

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 26 individuals are to be granted protection under the Witness Protection Programme since 2009, said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Operations Evaluation Panel (PPO) chairman, Tan Sri Dr Hadenan Abdul Jalil. However, he said applications for another 23 individuals to be included in the programme established under the Witness Protection Act 2009, were rejected. “This programme aims to ensure that those who are given protection are able to perform their task as witnesses effectively. This is important because there are cases where witnesses change their testimony when in court,” he said at a press conference on Thursday. According to the interpretation that was distributed to the media, a witness is a person who has agreed to give evidence on behalf of the government in a criminal proceeding. Hadenan explained that under the programme witnesses are protected in terms of their security or from criminal acts by others and that there were several criteria to be considered before an application was approved for the person to be included in the programme. 26 granted protection under Witness Protection Programme

Witness Protection Program Act

S.C. 1996, c. 15

Assented to 1996-06-20

An Act to provide for the establishment and operation of a program to enable certain persons to receive protection in relation to certain inquiries, investigations or prosecutions

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

Witness Protection Program Act‎ —


The Act was passed by the Parliament of Malaysia and given Royal ・“Programme” means the Witness Protection Programme established under this Act;.


Woman: Cops threatened to shoot my mother

PETALING JAYA: An insurance agent is alleging that her 50-year-old mother was threatened and arrested by police on suspicion of being involved in a house break-in gang. The woman, a housewife, is said to have been picked up in Sungai Chua, hours after police shot dead the leader of Gang Sasi on Wednesday. The woman was picked up by plainclothes policemen. The woman had reportedly tried to resist arrest. In a press conference, her 26-year-old daughter, who gave her name as Chong, claimed her mother was innocent. “I do not believe that my mother is involved in a gang. The police threatened to shoot her if she continued resisting arrest,” she told reporters. Chong alleged that the police had broken into her Kajang Mewah home and seized some family belongings, including two cars. Woman: Cops threatened to shoot my mother

KAJANG – The leader of a house break-in gang, dubbed “Gang Sasi”, has been shot dead and an accomplice detained. The gang specialises in house break-ins and stealing luxury cars in Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Johor. An Ops Cantas Khas team from Serdang managed to track down the suspects who were in a white Honda Odyssey at about 5.15pm on Wednesday. The policemen tailed the suspects until Jalan Reko when the suspects drove the vehicle into a carwash. Policemen blocked the suspects’ vehicle from the back while another team blocked the front exit. Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abd Rahim Jaafar said policemen identified themselves and ordered the suspects to exit the car. “The gang leader came out from the car briefly before dashing back inside and reversing into a police car three times. He was seen trying to reach for something in the car, forcing police personnel to fire three shots that killed him on the spot,” he said yesterday. DCP Abd Rahim said the police managed to detain the accomplice, who was in the front passenger seat. “We seized a fake Glock pistol with a magazine of bullets. We also seized three machetes, a baseball bat and a hammer from the vehicle,” he said. The leader has been identified as K. Sasitaran, 29. “He has multiple police records for house break-ins and stealing luxury cars. We believe the gang is responsible for more than 10 cases in the three states,” he said, adding that the suspect’s vehicle was reported stolen in Kluang, Johor, on Tuesday. failed but they escaped! YAHOO! NEWS MALAYSIA

Armed robbers cheat trap in raid with gunshots

aa Police cordon off the entrance to the second floor where the moneylender’s outlet KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — Four men, who attempted to rob a moneylending outlet in Batu 4, Jalan Ipoh, found themselves trapped in the stairwell leading to the office after an automatic door shut them in. One of the men was armed and fired six shots inside the office to scare workers into opening the door to allow them to escape. The outlet was on the first floor of a two-storey shop lot. City deputy CID chief Khairi Ahrasa said the four men were too busy looking for the money on the first floor to realise that the automatic door had closed behind them. “This caused them to panic. The staff did not realise one of the suspects had a gun,” he said. Khairi said the four escaped in a car. He said a female accomplice, who was outside the shop lot monitoring the surroundings, also escaped. Police viewed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident and efforts were under way to track down the suspects. Read also the report in The Star Friday December 20, 2013 MYT 6:58:58 AM

Remote-controlled door thwarts office robbery attempt

KUALA LUMPUR: A gunman, foiled by a remote-controlled door when trying to enter the office of a licenced moneylender with three others, fired shots into the office. He then aimed his bullets at the door lock in a desperate attempt to flee when the intruders found themselves trapped between the front grille and the office door. An employee at the office in Jalan Ipoh, fearing for the safety of other workers and customers there, eventually used the remote device to open the door. Remote-controlled door thwarts office robbery attempt — Star Tuesday December 17, 2013 MYT 7:30:42 AM

Shop owner slashed and robbed of RM1,000

Badly injured: Medical attendants attending to Siew at his shop.

Badly injured: Medical attendants attending to Siew at his shop.

ALOR SETAR: A 38-year-old prayer paraphernalia shop owner was slas­hed and robbed of RM1,000 by a parang-wielding man and his three accomplices in Jalan Simpang Kuala here. Siew Chan Ming said he was about to close up when the four men bar­ged into his shop at 12.30am yesterday. “Two of them tried to snatch my waist pouch and I put up a fight. The parang-wielding man slashed me on the shoulder, left hand and face during the scuffle before they fled with my handphone and the day’s takings,” he said at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here. Shop owner slashed and robbed of RM1,000*Did you lose your jewellery durin­g the Jom Heboh carnival?  Contact ASP Ong Seng Keong at 019-372 7888 to identify the stolen items. A FAMILY OF ROBBERS AND THIEVES We know rhe saying, “Like father’ like son.” This is a case of “Like parents, like children.” The siblings, consisting of two boys and a girl aged between 13 and 17, have carried out their activities during festivals around Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak since 2012. Wednesday December 4, 2013 MYT 7:08:43 AM

Sibling robbers prey on kids

KUALA LUMPUR: Three teenage siblings who have been trained to rob jewellery from children as young as six years old have been taken into police custody. … The young criminals were understood to have been trained by their 52-year-old father and 41-year-old mother. Both of them have previous records for robbery. It is learnt that their latest robbery took place at the recently concluded Jom Heboh carnival, which was held in Bukit Jalil on Nov 30 and Dec 1. “We believe the teenagers targeted children whose guardians were busy shopping or watching concerts,” said Cheras OCPD Asst Comm Mohan Singh during a press conference yesterday. He said the teenagers would approach their intended victims and use a small scissors to snip off jewellery from their necks or wrists before taking off with the stolen loot. … They were nabbed in front of a five-star hotel in Bukit Bintang on Sunday. Sibling robbers prey on kids

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More Photos from SJ Echo ab aa

aa In the car, police found five long parang, several jackets and facemasks as well as fake car registration plates in addition to several tools. The car, which was bearing another set of fake plates, was also found to be stolen from Taman Sentosa, Klang on Nov 14. Star Monday December 2, 2013 MYT 10:48:09 PM

Two suspected robbers arrested, three others escape in Subang Jaya

Photos taken from the SJ Echo Facebook page showing the suspect who was arrested and the car he was in with four others.

Photos taken from the SJ Echo Facebook page showing the suspect who was arrested and the car he was in with four others.

SUBANG JAYA: Two suspects were arrested after a pair of police motorcycle units on patrol chased their gang through a residential area. The gang is believed to have been actively committing robberies in the neighbourhood in the past few months. The officers were riding through the SS14 neighbourhood at 2pm on Monday when they chanced upon a blue Proton Wira with its five occupants behaving suspiciously. Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Yahaya Ramli said the car sped off as they approached the car to investigate and they chased the car for about one kilometer. “The driver then lost control and the car crashed into a house’s perimeter wall near Jalan SS14/8F. “Five suspects escaped on foot. The officers chased one of them, who was armed with a parang and managed to nab him after a struggle. “The suspect was aggressive and tried to injure the officer and his partner,” said ACP Yahaya in a statement. Two suspected robbers arrested, three others escape in Subang Jaya — NST 21 November 2013| last updated at 12:15AM

Elite force to take on serious crime

HIGHLY TRAINED: It will comprise 400 tactical specialists

KUALA LUMPUR: POLICE are ready to roll out a 400-strong elite strike force to combat serious crime in the country. The first 200, under Bukit Aman’s D9-Special Investigations Division, will be declared operational by this week, while the second batch, under the Narcotics Division will attain initial operational capability “soon”. From an initial core group of 20 tactical officers, the team has been expanded to 200, with the final target of 400 officers. They will be deployed throughout the country to act as assaulters in raids and tactical operations, primarily by the serious crimes and the anti-narcotics divisions. Members of this elite team were culled from the many contingents nationwide and already have extensive tactical experience. They were selected and put through a rigorous training exercise of more than a month to hone their skills in all aspects of tactical tradecraft. These include abseiling and fast-roping, breaching and clearing, the use of breaching charges, close-quarters battle (CQB) tactical shooting and an advanced course in sniper techniques and hostage rescue in different scenarios, from static (such as buildings, rooms or houses) to dynamic (Light Rail Transit, buses and aircraft). Part of their training was concentrated within the parameters of the Police Training Centre, more commonly known as Pulapol. A “city” was constructed here to allow these men and women to train in real-world situations. The town comes complete with its own traffic management system and an LRT station with working escalators (See accompaning graphics).

Posted on —– Star Friday November 15, 2013 MYT 11:11:52 PM

Two suspects die, one policeman injured in motorcycle pursuit

The mangled wreck of the motorcycle that the two suspected snatch thieves were riding.

The mangled wreck of the motorcycle that the two suspected snatch thieves were riding.

BUTTERWORTH: Two men, believed to be snatch thieves, died after losing control of their motorcycle and hitting a bulldozer as they were pursued by two policeman on a motorcycle in Simpang Tiga near Kampung Tok Alang, Tasek Gelugor near here. During the chase, the rider panicked and lost control of the bike, hitting the front of a bulldozer making a right turn towards Tasek Gelugor in the 5.45pm incident Friday. The suspects, aged 19 and 27, sustained fatal head injuries and died on the spot. — NST

ASEK GELUGOR: Two snatch thieves were killed when their motorcycle crashed into a bulldozer during a high-speed police chase in Kampung Ara Kuda here today.

A police spokesman said the suspects, aged 19 and 27,  from Baling, Kedah, were making their escape after committing a snatch theft in Kulim, near the Kedah-Penang border.
He said the suspects died on the spot due to severe head injuries in the 5.45pm incident.
He said the policeman, in  his 30s’ from Kulim district police headquarters, who gave chase on a motorcycle, was also injured when he fell off his machine while trying to avoid the bulldozer.

A traffic policeman examines the wrecked motorcycles belonging to the two snatch thieves and a policeman which were involved in a crash with a bulldozer in Tasek Gelugor. NSTP/Zulfa Ahmad

Is the killer of the bank officer NOT Malaysian?We Malaysians could learn from HOW TO AVOID BEING A VICTIM OF CRIME: TIPS GIVEN TO SINGAPOREANS WHEN VISITING MALAYSIA. Click on the link:

S’poreans play it safe in Malaysia

S’poreans play it safe in Malaysia

— NST 03 November 2013| last updated at 07:46PM

Robber stabbed and killed with own knife by victim

KUALA LUMPUR: A robber died after being stabbed with his own knife by his victim.

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad said in the incident at Lorong Meranti 3, Pudu at around 10 pm last night, the suspect, a local man aged 24, armed with a knife, and two accomplices attempted to rob the victim, also a local man.
However, the victim fought back and managed to wrest the weapon from the suspect and stab him in the thigh.
“The suspect was seriously injured and fell on the pavement..”

THE KL PAVILION RAPE ATTEMPT. This time, it was a security guard that was the rescuer but what if your security guard were foreign and using a fake ID? Will your security guard be a foreigner with a fake ID? What about your personal bodyguard? THE KL PAVILION RAPE ATTEMPT. The first alert came from the Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign.

REPORT ON ATTEMPTED RAPE CASE AT MALL, VERIFIED.We received several messages since yesterday morning regarding a case where witnesses saw an attempted rape case in the upscale shopping haven, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.The picture posted here is Pavilion KL‘s FB Team response to an inquiry regarding the case. We thank our anonymous sharer for allowing us to re-post this and Pavilion KL FB team for their explanation and confirmation that the case has been handled well.Date: 30th October 2013, Time: 8.00 pmLocation: Basement Carpark, Pavilion, Kuala LumpurShared Anonymously Through Our InboxA friend of mine witnessed an attempt rape at Pavilion Level B2 Parking last night at about 8.00 pm. The victim was punched at the face and was bleeding and I guess her screams alerted the guards and public as they were seen running to her rescue.The suspect was caught and police was at the scene.Please alert all female friends to be extra careful!

— at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


Official statement from Pavilion KL 1/11/13


Star Sunday November 3, 2013 MYT 7:07:29 AM

Guard rescues molest victim

KUALA LUMPUR: An alert mall security guard has rescued a woman from being robbed and molested in the basement of the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The woman was parking her car on Level B2 at about 8pm on Wednesday when she was approached by the suspect who told her that she had a flat tyre. He offered to help her fix the tyre but suddenly punched her in the face and shoved her into her car. “He sat her on his lap and groped her neck. He also asked her to hand him her valuables,” said city CID director Datuk Ku Chin Wah. However, the victim managed to fight back and bit the suspect’s finger. The commotion alerted a security guard on patrol, who then apprehended the man. In a statement, Pavilion KL said shoppers are encouraged to ask security guards to escort them to their car if they feel unsafe. Guard rescues molest victim

— Star Friday October 25, 2013 MYT 7:42:50 AM Heroic bid to reclaim friend’s car ends in tragedy

CAR-JACKING THAT LED TO DEATH! They had had an enjoyable outing. While she was driving, a car knocked into her car, and 4 men came out. An argument ensued about whose fault it was, but suddenly, two of the men got into her car and drove off. Her friend, Zhu Beng Sheng, 68, tried to stop them but was pushed out of the car. Unconscious, he was taken to hospital where he died later. Heroic bid to reclaim friend’s car ends in tragedyVideo: AMBank Malaysia Office Shot Dead Near Cash Safebox Video: AMBank Malaysia Office Shot Dead Near Cash Safebox *This has been removed NST 24 October 2013| last updated at 11:15PM Hubby pleas to stop spreading pixs, videos on Norazita’s death on social media. KUALA LUMPUR: The grieving husband of Ambank officer Norazita Abu Talib, who was shot dead in cold blood in a gruesome murder-cum-robbery yesterday, has issued a public appeal to stop the spread of any photographs and videos depicting his wife’s death image on social media.

Irwan Kamarudin, 37, said the spread of these gruesome images had further added to their grief and sadness.

… Star Thursday October 24, 2013 MYT 2:55:41 PM

Horrifying video of bank murder uploaded on Youtube

The Youtube footage.

The Youtube footage.

PETALING JAYA: A CCTV recording depicting the last moments of Ambank operations officer Noazita Abu Talib before she was shot by a bank security guard was uploaded to YouTube.

The 33-second video showed an office room and an open door where Noazita, in red was standing with a female colleague wearing white.

Both had their backs to the camera and were facing a safe.

As Noazita turned at 0:03 seconds into the video, she suddenly collapsed and her colleague was seen covering her face and ears from the noise of the gunshot.

It is estimated the Noazita was shot from a distance of about 5 metres away.


The assailant then ran towards the safe from behind the camera and dragged Noazita’s frantic collegue out of the room.

He then walked over Noazita’s stationary body and proceeded to collect the money from the safe into a bag. Guard kills bank officer during robbery 33s

This is the cctv pix of security guard who shot dead bank officer in the face and robbed the bank.

— NST 23 October 2013| last updated at 10:19PM

Security guard shoots bank officer in the face, flees with cash

SUBANG JAYA: A 37-year-old bank operations officer died after she was shot in the face by a security guard working in the same bank in Subang USJ1 Central here, yesterday.

The incident occurred when the bank officer, identified as Norazita Abu Talib, went to the bank’s safe room about 6.18pm.
She was accompanied by the 37-year-old security guard from Tawau, Sabah.
It is learnt that as Norazita was opening the safe, the security guard directed a pump gun at her and shot her in the face.
Norazita, who had been with the bank for 16 years, died on the spot.
The guard fled with an undisclosed amount of money from the safe, on a motorcycle.
It is understood that four other staff were in the bank at the time.

Berita 18SG Pegawai bank mati ditembak di kepala
SUBANG JAYA: Seorang pegawai bank maut selepas ditembak seorang pegawal keselamatan bank yang mahu merompak wang di dalam bilik kebal bank terbabit. Kejadian berlaku di cawangan bank berkenaan di USJ 2 Sentral, Subang Jaya.Menurut sumber polis, mangsa seorang wanita berusia 37 tahun, difahamkan bersama suspek serta empat lagi pegawai bank berada di dalam bilik kebal dipercayai mahu menyimpan sejumlah wang kira-kira pukul 6.18 petang.Bagaimanapun suspek yang berasal dari Sabah yang bersenjatakan ‘pump gun’ itu telah melepaskan tembakan dan mengenai kepala mangsa.Suspek kemudiannya telah melarikan diri bersama sejumlah wang dengan menaiki motosikal.Bagaimanapun, jumlah wang yang dilarikan tidak diketahui…Al-Fatihah

Video: Police shootout in Kota Damansara — Star

  • 20 Oct 2013
  • The Star Malaysia

Car chase drama

It ends with four robbery suspects fleeing on foot

High-speed pursuit in Petaling Jaya ends with four robbers fleeing on foot. PETALING JAYA: A high-speed car chase through the densely-populated Kota Damansara ended with the police shooting at robbers who nearly hit a pedestrian in their stolen vehicle. Forensic duty: Police officers inspecting the Proton Waja after the crash at the residential area in Petaling Jaya. A patrol car arrived at an apartment area here at about 3.45pm yesterday to inspect a Proton Wira that was parked there. The car is believed to have been stolen from Kelana Jaya earlier this year, based on interrogations of gang members involved in car robberies in the area. “Upon arrival, the officers encountered four men who are believed to be part of the gang. “They then jumped into a Proton Waja and sped off while smashing into several other vehicles parked in the area,” said Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed. An hour-long chase ensued in the pouring rain before the gang drove into a residential area in Jalan Cecawi 6/19. “They almost hit a man in his 50s who was standing near the road, and while they were trying to reverse out, they nearly hit him again. “In order to prevent them from hitting him, the officers fired twice at the car,” said ACP Arjunaidi. The suspects lost control of the car which smashed into a parked Proton Wira. a Car chase drama — The report quoted criminologist Teh Yik Koon of the Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) as saying that crime rates were widely accepted to be higher than reported due to lack of confidence in the police force. Malaysiakini a

M’sia snubs UN on crime statistics, reports NYT
1:25PM Oct 19, 2013

Amid concerns over rising crime in the country, Malaysia has stopped providing statistics to the United Nations, according to yesterday’s New York Times. This, according to the report, was confirmed by Enrico Bisogno, who is in charge of gathering crime statistics at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Even locally, the report notes, there are concerns over such statistics being manipulated. “Critics note that after years of providing the public with data on murders, rapes, thefts and other crimes, the government has changed the way it presents crime statistics, focusing on what it calls ‘index crimes’ rather than giving a detailed accounting,” it said. However, the New York Times said it managed to obtain detailed crime statistics from the police. SUMMARY OF STATISTICS 1 In the last 12 years have remained relatively unchanged at around 600 a year. 2 A reduction in robberies using firearms to 17 cases in 2012 from 722 cases nationwide in 2000. 3 Gang robbery fell to 110 cases in 2012, from a high of 1,809 in 2010. 4 Rape cases have seen a steep rise with the number reported doubling to 2,964 cases in 2012 from 2000. M’sia snubs UN on crime statistics, reports NYT — Star Wednesday October 16, 2013 MYT 9:11:20 PM

Cops quick to arrest fast food outlet robbers

PETALING JAYA: Four suspects, including a woman, were arrested after they robbed RM12,000 from a McDonald’s outlet here. The suspects, aged between 17 and 24, were arrested at about 4am Wednesday after a police patrol car spotted them as they were trying to escape in a car driven by the female suspect. Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said that police believed that the suspects were a robbery gang that targeted 24-hour outlets. “All four of them were in a Proton Inspira. The three male suspects then went into the outlet while the female suspect waited in the car,” he said when contacted. “The three suspects covered their faces and threatened the staff with knives and machetes. There were only two people working at the time. “They forced their way into the managers office and took RM12,000, which was the sales for the day,” he added. Cops quick to arrest fast food outlet robbers — Free Malaysia Today

Tourist stabbed and mugged in KL

Narinder Singh | October 14, 2013

Seasoned traveler Dave Ramsay from the UK vents his frustration on the net about the indifferent attitude of local police when reporting his horrifying ordeal

a KUALA LUMPUR: As the crime rate in Malaysia rises, the public is feeling less secure walking down the streets these days. Even tourists have not been spared as more fall victims to muggings and snatch thefts. One such incident left a backpacker, Dave Ramsay from Ayr, United Kingdom angry and annoyed as he was stabbed and mugged in the KL city center near Hard Rock Cafe on Oct 5. … “The mode of this mugging was to pull on a bag and when I turned round I was stabbed in the chest with a knife, while turning. This is a ‘stab-first-rob-later’ mode of attack,” related Dave. Thinking that he has merely been punched, he went on to assist his female companion friend who was holding on to her bag, only to be slashed across his right arm. That was when he realised that his chest was bleeding. He said: “At first I thought I had been punched, my friend held on to her bag and I started to assist only to be slashed with a knife across my right arm – that was when I saw blood oozing out my chest.” He immediately told her to let the bag go as the knife was being held too near her neck. The robber managed to flee with the bag. … In venting out his frustration, Dave said that there were no police in sight and even security personnel at the local venues were not helpful. When lodging a report, he further lamented on the careless attitude of the tourist police. “The tourist police did not ask anything about the perpetrator of this crime – all they did was produce a report for an insurance claim. They have no intention of pursuing criminals, no interest,” he said. In frustration Dave described the police as being worse than criminals in this country and alleged they are being sheltered by politicians. “I genuinely feel the police in KL are worse than the criminals because they are ineffective, not present and most likely getting a cut. The politicians are the police masters and I wonder how they make so much money.” — NST 09 October 2013| last updated at 07:03PM

3 robbers shot dead at DUKE Highway’s Sentul toll plaza

a Police gunned down three robbers near the Sentul toll plaza on the Damansara-Ulu Klang (DUKE) highway after chasing after them from Klang.

… Star Thurs

Forensic police investigating the scene of the shootout near the Sentul toll plaza on the Duke Highway.

Forensic police investigating the scene of the shootout near the Sentul toll plaza on the Duke Highway. Smash-and-grab gang members shot dead after car chase Wednesday October 9, 2013 MYT 5:52:15 PM

Three robbers killed in shootout with cops on DUKE highway

Cops at the scene of the shootout on the DUKE highway.

Cops at the scene of the shootout on the DUKE highway.

PETALING JAYA: Three robbers were shot dead following a shootout with the police near the Sentul toll plaza along the DUKE (Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway) highway. The robbers, who were in two black Proton Wiras, were involved in a high-speed chase with a team from the Selangor Serious Crime Division (D9) since 11.30am before police managed to corner them at the toll plaza nearly four hours later. … The police saw three black Proton Wiras sandwiching a victim’s car before a man on a motorcycle came, broke the driver’s side and stole the victim’s cash amounting to RM2,000. Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said policemen managed to corner the robbers in the two of the three Proton Wiras at the toll plaza but the suspects fired several shots at the police. “We had no choice but to fire back, hitting all three suspects. The suspects died at the scene,” he said adding that, no policemen were injured during the incident. Three robbers killed in shootout with cops on DUKE highway — Star October 7, 2013 MYT 6:34:44 AM

Fleeing thief falls into drain and gets beaten up

BALIK PULAU: A 33-year-old thief fell into a drain while trying to escape with two alternators from a workshop at Bayan Baru here and ended up being badly beaten by a crowd. The suspect and his accomplice were spotted leaving with the stolen goods by the workshop owner, who had woken up at about 5.30am to check on the noise at his premises. The owner then gave chase and managed to apprehend one of them who fell into the drain in the ensuing struggle. His accomplice managed to escape. The commotion subsequently attracted a group of men who beat up the man before handing him over to the police. Fleeing thief falls into drain and gets beaten up — Star

  • 6 Oct 2013
  • The Star Malaysia

Were they kidnapped?

Two in car boot believed to have been abducted in Penang

IPOH: Two friends who were found dead in a car boot at the south-bound Alor Pongsu rest area were believed to have been kidnapped in Penang. The victims: Seu (left) and Ting.Seu Hong Chee, 19, from Tangkak in Johor and Ting Liong Chin, 28, from Sabah were reported missing on Oct 2 from Nibong Tebal by a friend. Their bodies were found tied with a rope on Friday, and their heads wrapped in plastic bags. There were bruises caused by a blunt object on them. …

Perak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim said Penang police arrested three men in their 20s and 30s on Friday and yesterday in connection with the murders. SAC Mohd Dzuraidi said a post-mortem at the Raja Permaisuri Hospital here showed that Seu was strangled while Ting suffocated from having his head covered with the plastic bag. Both the Perak and Penang police are investigating the motive behind the murders, and trying to determine whether this was a case of a kidnap gone awry. … A relative of Seu said that when family members learnt of his disappearance, some of them put up his photograph on their Facebook page, asking if anyone had seen him. a Were they kidnapped? — NST 04 October 2013| last updated at 10:51PM

Two bodies found in car trunk at Alor Pongsu R&R

BAGAN SERAI: The stench and the presence of flies hovering over the trunk of a Proton Waja left parked at the south-bound Alor Pongsu rest and recreation (R&R) area of the North-South Expressway near here, led to the discovery of bodies of two men today.

A team of policemen made the gruesome discovery at 4pm after getting a public tip-off.
They found the bodies with hands and legs bound and the heads wrapped in plastic bags. …

a The bodies were found in the trunk of a Proton Waja at the south-bound Alor Pongsu rest and recreation (R&R) area of the North-South Expressway near Bagan Serai, Penang. NST pix by Shaiful Shahrin Ahmad Pauzi. …

The victims are identified as Ting Liong Chin, 28, from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and Seu Hong Chee, 19, from Kepong..
According to sources, the victims had left Penang on Wednesday with the car heading towards an unknown destination.
It is believed that they were murdered at another location before their bodies were left at the R&R area.

— Star Saturday September 28, 2013 MYT 5:01:32 PM

Elderly couple viciously slashed for no apparent reason

The couple's motorcycle at the porch that is covered with blood

The couple’s motorcycle at the porch that is covered with blood

POH: An elderly couple was savagely slashed by four masked men just as they had arrived at their house in Kampung Koh, Sitiawan on Friday. The husband and wife, both in their 50s, were severely cut on their hands and legs. They were found lying in a pool of blood next to their motorcycle outside the house at about 10pm by a local voluntary security team and rushed to the Manjung hospital. … “I don’t think they are trying to rob us because they did not steal our money. “All I knew was that they kept hacking at our legs and arms until we could not run away,” he said. Elderly couple viciously slashed for no apparent reasonYoung Men Whipped in open court

Published on Sep 27, 2013

Three young men were whipped in open court as punishment for committing armed robbery when they were juveniles. Another young man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempting murder of Kepong Umno Youth Chief.


28 Sep 2013

Trio whipped in open court

Three youths were whipped in open court as punishment for committing armed robbery.

b Trio whipped in open court — Star Friday September 27, 2013 MYT 6:39:43 AM

Female cop among five charged with robbery

JOHOR BARU: Five police officers, including a female inspector, were charged at a Sessions Court here with robbing a 35-year-old man while they were conducting a narcotics raid at his house in Taman Nusa Bestari 2 here. Insp Marlia Muhamed, 32, Sjn Rusman Abu Bakar, 47, Kons Mohd Izuddin Zamri, 26, Kons Mohd Rizuan Ayub, 23, and Kons Mohd Firdaus Mohd Pozid, 25, were jointly charged for committing the offence against Sukarjo Kasmin by seizing RM5,000 from him. Female cop among five charged with robbery — Star Thursday September 26, 2013 MYT 7:04:19 AM

10 men who have been terrorising women at homes nabbed

SHAH ALAM: For over a year, 10 masked men have been terrorising women at their homes, committing at least 302 armed robberies – almost one everyday. Threatening their victims with parang, they would stake out the women as they went about their activities before striking in the early hours of the morning. Their reign of terror came to an end on Tuesday when a police task force moved in on them at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and arrested seven men, including a 19-year-old private college student. … Based on investigations, DCP Mohd Shukri said the gang members, working in threes, would park their cars in neighbourhoods and stake out the houses, looking for an opportunity to strike. “They would target houses where the women were either home alone or have just come home,” he said, adding that the mastermind – a 31-year-old suspect – was also arrested. SDCP Mohd Shukri said the man had recruited his 29-year-old brother, a mobile phone shop staff, into the gang. He, too, was arrested. 10 men who have been terrorising women at homes nabbedWill it be a shoot-out on Penang Road at noon? Penang CPO challenges threat-sending man, “Meet me face-to-face if you dare!” NST 25 September 2013| last updated at 10:22PM

Meet me one on one if you dare, warns Penang CPO

GEORGE TOWN: “Come meet me if you dare!”

That was the message by Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi to the person who sent a death threat to him via text message on his cellphone on Monday.

Abdul Rahim lodged a police report yesterday over the threat in fear of harm to his police contingent.

The message read: ‘Hello kepala Penang mau kasi ingat U sudah ambil saya punya kawan lima orang, U jangan ingat U The Best’,” Read more: Meet me one on one if you dare, warns Penang CPO – Latest – New Straits Times — NST 25 September 2013| last updated at 10:23AM

Penang CPO receives death threat

KUALA LUMPUR: PENANG police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi received a death threat via SMS following the fatal shooting of five members of Geng 04 last month.

Sources told the New Straits Times that Rahim received the text message about 9am on Monday, before he lodged a police report.


Lust blamed for police misconduct … Free Malaysia Today

Lust blamed for police misconduct

Alfian ZM Tahir | September 25, 2013

The lust for lavish lifestyle leads policemen in losing sight of their main objectives of donning the blue uniform.

SHAH ALAM: The pursuit for pleasure amongst police officers has somehow caused a number of misconducts being highlighted in the media. With police misdeeds being exposed in the past years, there have been calls by certain quarters for the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC); to monitor the men in blue. During an interview with FMT the newly appointed Selangor police chief, Mohd Shukri Dahlan admitted that he is aware of the ‘old disease’ in the police force where one yearns to live out a hedonistic lifestyle. Citing the example of the two policemen allegedly involved in a snatch theft incident in Petaling Jaya last month, Shukri said that age is one of the reasons of misbehavior in the force, as well as other social factors around rookie officers who have yet to sense the real meaning of donning the uniform. “I know there are police officers who were involved in this (misconduct). Most of them wanted to live in a lavish lifestyle,” “Young officers who just joined the force and have yet to fully understand the meaning of becoming a police officer, as well as the social atmosphere surrounding them. They don’t want to be left out in a sense,” ———————————————————————–

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