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Mt Kinabalu re-opened on 1 September 2015

— Naked at Mt Kinabalu, Sabah: Appeasing the mountain spirits Mt Kinabalu: Are the spirits still angry? SABAH EARTHQUAKE! 5 June 2015. Sabah Earthquake: Aftermath — Bern Decena ‏@bern1508 Sep 1 Mt Kinabalu, highest in South East Asia. Still majestic after the earthquake … Continue reading

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Sabah earthquakes after the big #SabahQuake of 5 June 2015

— 1 SABAH EARTHQUAKE! 5 June 2015. 2 Sabah Earthquake: Aftermath 3 Arrested! For mocking Sabahans over the Earthquake. 4 Emil Kaminski, the Sabah Minister of Tourism is NOT a fool though we’re NOW sure YOU ARE. 5 Who is Emil Kaminski, the … Continue reading

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Sabah Earthquake: Aftermath

— Augustin Tsen ‏@augustintsen 3h3 hours ago A Tribute to Mt Kinabalu Unsung Heroes  #sabahquake — New Straits Times ‏@NST_Online 3h3 hours ago Two earthquakes strike Sabah within minutes  #nst170 #SabahQuake #tremor The Meteorological Department earlier reported the … Continue reading

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“Najib, come to Sabah immediately!” Remember your ‘I owe Sabah’?

— 9 June 2015 The PM went to Sabah. Finally. But that’s not the end of the Najib and Sabah Earthquake Saga. Not after this. “I had intended to come earlier after hearing news about the earthquake. But that day … Continue reading

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