No, Muslims did not admit in an Indian court that spitting in food makes it halal: It was claimed by a Hindu!





This is fake news.

In a court case in Tamil Nadu, Muslims held that the meaning of Halal is not complete if the cook does not spit in it. Therefore food prepared by Muslims is not complete without spitting. In a court case they admitted that spitting is what made Halal complete thru out the Nation including TN.

This has had a huge impact on hotels and biryani sellers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Hindus have stopped going to Halal hotels and also those that sell Biryani. In Tamil Nadu & Kerala several restaurants, hotels and bakeries are removing Halal stickers & boards.

This is happening after severe dip in Hindu customers to these establishments.

Reason is numerous videos of Spit has gone viral.

Before you touch that next plate of Biryani made from Halal process…. Note, It’s halal only if they spit on the food! It’s as per Submissions to the court

Therefore, you are requested to think before eating at any Halal hotel, or Biryani cart, whose leftover you are going to eat.

Do your part to make more people aware…


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