Reposting a tweet by Sarah Caul @SarahCaul_ONS on “an update on Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status up to December 2022”


ONS is Office for National Statistics

Sarah Caul. MBE. Head of Mortality Analysis @ONS



Today we released an update on Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status up to December 2022. Here is a thread on the release (1/10)

Although the methodology to calculate rates has not changed for this release there have been some changes including updating to census 2021 and the removal of period to date numbers. More information can be found in the release (2/10)

Two clarifications on the methodology. 1. ONS count someone as vaccinated from the day on which they receive a vaccination. (3/10)

2. the ASMRs are not equivalent to measures of vaccine effectiveness; they account for differences in age structure and population size, but there may be other differences between the groups (particularly underlying health) that affect mortality rates. (4/10)

We were planning on including information on spring and autumn boosters but we currently do not have access to the data. We therefore decided to publish rather than wait for the data (5/10)

Throughout the time series those unvaccinated had a higher age-standardised COVID-19 mortality rate than those who had had any vaccination and those who had had a third dose or booster at least 21 days ago. (6/10)

In the latter half of 2022, non-COVID mortality rates for vaccinated people and those who have had at least a third dose or booster have been more similar to those of unvaccinated people than earlier in the year, although they remain slightly higher for unvaccinated people (7/10)

There are many breakdowns in the release including which dose and whether it was within 21 days or not, age group and sex. These are just the high level points. (8/10)

The headline release and datasets can be found here: (9/10)

Thank you to the team that produces this for all their hard work and for allowing me to tweet about it (10/10)



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