New Malaysia digital road tax – you don’t actually need the app



From Anthony Loke

After my announcement this morning that “road tax” stickers are no longer required to be displayed on vehicle mirrors, I know many people have various questions.

I will shed light on frequently asked questions;

1) Is it mandatory to download “MyJPJ” apps?

Nope. It is one of the only options to get a digital copy for road tax and driver’s license.

2) If I can’t download the MyJPJ apps now and can’t show the digital road tax, will I be sued?

Nope. The enforcement authorities can confirm the status of road tax and license through the system in the enforcement gadget.

3) Do road tax and driver’s license still have to be paid after the validity period ends?

Yes. Need to pay. Only stickers do not need to be pasted.

4) What about elderly people who do not have smart phones and areas where there is no internet?

Don’t worry, digital format is not mandatory. You can still get a road tax sticker and a physical license from JPJ if necessary.

5) If the car is not driven by the owner, how to show digital road tax?

It’s easy, the digital road tax can be printed on paper and kept in the car.

However, if you can’t show proof, it’s not a mistake… the enforcement will check the details in their gadgets.

6) Why haven’t I been able to login to MyJPJ since this morning?

As with any new system, of course many people want to sign up at the same time. Very high traffic.

I know there are many more questions from people. We will try to give as clear an explanation as possible.

I realize that in any process of change, it will take time to adapt. There are parties who will not agree with the change.

I respect all views and try to manage change as best I can.

I along with my team at MOT and JPJ will try to fix any weaknesses that arise in this change process.

Together we are heading in a better direction.

Thank you!


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