You only have to get sick or die, and James Cintolo will tweet that it has to do with the covid vaccine


Latest victim of James Cintolo’s speculation: A fake claim that she died of the Covid vcaccine.



By Sara Swann November 30, 2022

Instagram posts

stated on November 25, 2022 in a post:

Suggests virologist’s death is linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

Social media posts mislead about virologist’s cause of death

If Your Time is short

  • Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, who served on the Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine and biological products advisory committee, played a key role in vetting and approving emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Fuller died Nov. 18 at age 67 from an illness not related to COVID-19, according to the University of Michigan Medical School, where she worked.
  • There is no evidence that Fuller’s death was related to COVID-19 vaccines.

See the sources for this fact-check

Details about Fuller’s cause of death are not yet available. Fuller’s death certificate had not been filed as of Nov. 29, according to the clerk’s office in Washtenaw County, Michigan, where Fuller lived. The Washtenaw County medical examiner’s office said there was no record of an autopsy report for Fuller.

Our ruling

Multiple Instagram posts suggested that Fuller’s death was linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

Fuller died from an illness not related to COVID-19, and there is no evidence linking the vaccine to her death.

We rate this claim False.








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