More desperate than ever, Gerakan invites KJ to join them



Come join Gerakan, Youth chief tells KJ

FMT Reporters

January 28, 2023 12:00

PETALING JAYA: Gerakan has become the first party to court Khairy Jamaluddin following his sacking from Umno last night, with its youth wing saying the former health minister would be a perfect fit for the party.

Acting Gerakan Youth chief Wong Chia Zhen believed that the party’s moderate principles were in line with Khairy’s, while praising the former health minister for his credibility.

“Although Khairy had played up racial issues in the past when he was Umno Youth chief, we are willing to forgive him because we are all human, and we can make mistakes.”

“I believe that Gerakan is the most suitable platform for Khairy at this time. We welcome Khairy to join Gerakan as a member,” he said in a statement.

In criticising Umno’s sacking of Khairy, Wong said the former Rembau MP was a politician of calibre and had nearly succeeded in unseating Pakatan Harapan (PH) in its stronghold of Sungai Buloh in the recent general election (GE15).


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