Frank Han MD: Did the COVID vaccine myocarditis out of Taiwan study reveal new scary EKG findings? Definitely not



Did the COVID vaccine myocarditis out of Taiwan study reveal new scary EKG findings? Definitely not, so lets discuss what it really showed.

TLDR: (1) If you don’t want to deal with immunization myocarditis I understand but you should really seriously consider the side effects of COVID, and mitigate your exposure. (2) EKG is not an adequate test on its own to independently diagnose myocarditis.

An example of a person who had viral myocarditis is here – . Viral side effects don’t get enough airtime.

What the study did was to take students who volunteered for the second dose of the Pfizer COVID immunization, and track their EKG changes by looking at EKGs before and after vaccination. 4928 kids completed the study and were split into those who had symptoms and those without.

Results: They found more reported symptoms after dose 1 than dose 2 which is to be expected. 51/4928 or 1% of the students were found to have EKG changes after #2. 1 patient had an elevated troponin, which was the only person to have been diagnosed with possible myocarditis.

1 kid had PACs. 1 kid had PVCs. The kids had shorter QT interval and shorter QRS intervals after immunization, which require a bit of explanation – QRS is the amount of time required for the ventricles to squeeze. QT is the amount of time required for a heartbeat to reset.

Both of these things are supposed to be shorter in any condition that causes a faster heart rate so, this is again to be expected. Nobody died, nobody needed hospitalization, and nobody needed to be shocked out of a life threatening heart rhythm.

The person who had probable myocarditis was identified quickly and had medical care. Overall conclusion: EKG is one way to help screen for myocarditis but not adequate by itself to diagnose myocarditis.




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