Washington Medical Commission files charges against Dr. Ryan Cole over Covid-19 related violations


Dr Ryan Cole

…Cole has gained more influence as a public figure in the movement to reject public health advice. He has appeared in:

Cole also serves as the only physician on the Central District Health board — the panel that sets budget and policy for Idaho’s largest public health district.



Charges are being filed by Washington Medical Board against Ryan Cole.

Some of the charges are for COVID-19 misinformation. However, regardless of your opinion of COVID and vaccines, the main charges should disturb all patients.

They involve prescribing medications, as a dermatopathologist, to patients over an instant messaging platform!!! No assessment over video or phone. No examination. No follow-up. No appropriate documentation.

This falls well below the standards for virtual care and is inadequate to properly diagnose and manage a patient. This would be equivalent to asking patients to DM me their pathology pictures over Twitter and then providing them with a diagnosis.

1) I’m not qualified as a pathologist, 2) I don’t have the careful chain of custody to make sure the slides I receive belong to the patient, and 3) I do not have an adequate history/physical examination via instant messaging to make a diagnosis.

You have the right to a full and proper assessment by a medical practitioner, including a minimum of a thorough history and physical examination (this can be delayed with virtual care but should be performed at some point during the assessment).



Washington Medical Commission files charges against Dr. Ryan Cole

Of AFLDS, Ron Johnson panel, and “Died Suddenly” shame


10 hr ago

Read the article here:


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