The evil that men do: Disabled girl, 6, killed, stuffed into a sack and thrown into the bushes by mother’s boyfriend



Mum, boyfriend arrested over murder of 6-year-old girl in Bau

Thursday, 05 Jan 2023 4:02 PM MYT

KUCHING, Jan 5 — Police have detained the mother of a six-year-old girl who was found murdered in Kampung Kranji, Bau as well as arrested the woman’s 35-year-old boyfriend.

In a statement, Bau police chief DSP Poge Nyaon said the male suspect was picked up by police around 3pm yesterday (Jan 4).

“During interrogation, the suspect told police that he had beaten the deceased and disposed of her body in bushes at Kampung Kranji,” he said.

Poge revealed that at 6.45pm, the suspect led police to where he had dumped the body.

It is believed that the murder took place on Dec 17.

“Also present to identify the deceased’s body was her mother, who confirmed that it was her daughter based on the clothing and a doll that she was holding,” said Poge.

He added that the 34-year-old woman was then arrested by police to assist with the investigation.


Kanak-kanak OKU dibunuh, disumbat ke dalam guni sebelum dibuang ke dalam semak

Rudi Affendi Khalik

Januari 6, 2023 04:22 MYT

BAU: Pukul, bunuh, sumbat ke dalam guni dan buang ke dalam semak.

Itu tindakan kejam yang didakwa dilakukan seorang lelaki terhadap anak perempuan teman wanitanya yang berusia enam tahun baru-baru ini.

Mayat mangsa yang juga orang kurang upaya (OKU) ditemui di dalam guni di Kampung Keranji di sini, susulan penahanan suspek, yang kemudian memandu polis ke lokasi mangsa dibuang.


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