It is not true that voters have to sanitize their hands after dipping their index finger in indelible ink!


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Misinformation : New requirement for voters to sanitize hands after dipping finger into indelible ink – PEMANTAU

Bersih’s response : This is false. There is no such requirement even during the height of COVID from KKM or SPR. In any case, the indelible ink cannot be so easily removed with sanitizer or cause it to smudge.

To factcheck viraled GE15 messages, visit, a project of Bersih


This misinformation has been circulating:

A new requirement this election. They’ll be asking you to sanitize ur hands after you’ve dipped ur finger in the ink (a KKM requirement). Pse remember not to sanitize the ink finger, as the alcohol will dissolve the ink & cause it to smudge even before you vote. So bring along a tissue & be careful not to allow the ink to stain urself, clothing & most importantly ur ballot paper. You may ask the Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM) for a replacement ballot paper if any strains do occur, it’s their prerogative to give or not


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