Rafizi Ramli: A well-connected businessman with past links to Saddam Hussein was involved in MySejahtera and combat ship scandals




By Radzi Razak

Thursday, 03 Nov 2022 2:44 PM MYT

PETALING JAYA, Nov 3 — A Malaysian businessman with cross border links to powerful leaders in the past was today named by PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli as the another shadow figure to have played a key role in the ongoing financial scandal surrounding the government’s littoral combat ships (LCS) project.

Rafizi said the businessman was tied to Bersatu’s Datuk Seri Dr Latiff Ahmad, a caretaker minister whom the PKR politician previously alleged of involvement in the LCS forensics audit report through a company named Mega P Asia Sdn Bhd.

He added that the businessman had a shady past and had been embroiled in scandals involving the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and had also been arrested in Sri Lanka.

Rafizi also claimed the businessman to have family ties to a former Malaysian prime minister.

He said the businessman’s sons are equally well-connected and currently run a company with stakes in MySejahtera Sdn Bhd, one of whom even holds senior position there.

Malay Mail is withholding publication of the businessman’s name pending checks.

“Latiff Ahmad is the original shareholder in this company that got various sea defense contracts from Boustead’s subsidiaries, including to supply manpower to projects under Boustead,” Rafizi told a news conference at the PKR headquarters here.

He provided reporters present with a copy of what he purported as a report from the Registrar of Companies on Mega P Asia.

The document ostensibly showed that Dr Latiff and his brother resigned from Mega P Asia’s board of directors on March 10, 2020. They were then replaced by the businessman’s two sons.

Dr Latiff was initially from Umno who left the party after Election 2018 who later joined Bersatu in 2019 and was made a minister in the Perikatan Nasional government on March 3, 2020.

On August 23 this year, Rafizi claimed hanky panky within Mega P Asia between Dr Latiff and a woman named Zainab Mohd Salleh who was alleged to be the minister’s second wife as well as his business partner.

“With this disclosure, I await for, firstly, Latiff Ahmad’s response after evidence after evidence showed how he was an important character in the LCS scandal through his business relationship with Alizes Marine Ltd and now the said businessman.

“Second, the feedback from the said businessman regarding this disclosure,” he said.




Will No Heads Roll Over The MySejahtera Scandal? – Rais Hussin & Ameen Kamal

By CodeBlue | 6 October 2022

The people are the true losers, as the government overspends people’s money, enriching the few, while concerns regarding personal data protection remain.

The government appears to have a gun to its head with the application and data of MySejahtera held as ransom. It is likely that upon this consideration (among other things) that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had recommended a government takeover of the app as the solution.

Although officials from the Health Ministry agreed with the PAC’s recommendation, are we supposed to just accept this moving forward, and ignore how the legacy issues came to be? 

Let it be reminded that the apparent corporate social responsibility (CSR) trap — which could be due to negligence, oversight, or even intentional — was clearly breaching governance protocols and procurement processes, potentially impacting hundreds of millions of ringgit of public funds, and could have put the personal data of millions of users at risk. 

Yet, will no one be held responsible? Just take over the app using people’s money at an exorbitant price, and everyone sings Kumbaya?

Full Ownership Of MySejahtera Remains A Question

As reported by CodeBlue on October 4, 2022, the health minister said a contract will soon be signed by the parties involved to ensure that the entire MySejahtera app, including its data, is owned by the government.

In other words, before this contract is signed by all parties, does this mean that the app and the data are not yet fully owned by the government?

Let us be reminded of the previously conflicting statements dated March 27, 2022, where the Health Ministry asserts that the government owns MySejahtera.

Also, Khairy previously revealed that the “ownership of all data and information obtained through the use of the MySejahtera application rests entirely with the government”, as this clause was part of the terms and conditions in the said NDA.

Later on, Khairy also reportedly pointed out that the negotiations with MySJ would not continue, should MySJ disagree that the government owns the app.

What choice does the government have if they still want MySejahtera? MySJ effectively owns it.

Khairy was also reported saying that “the most important recommendation is that the government must have full ownership of the app which is what has already been done, especially with the contract to be signed”.

Read the article here:




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