Reposting a thread by The Real Truther @thereal_truther on the trailer for DIED SUDDENLY


In the trailer for the anti-vax “documentary” DIED SUDDENLY a video of Florida Gators basketball star Keyontae Johnson collapsing on the court is shown. Johnson collapsed at a game on December 12, 2020, before vaccines were even available. And he didn’t die!

Another shot is a woman from Argentina passing out & falling into a moving train. She fainted due to low blood pressure from not eating all day. And she survived without any major injuries. She didn’t “die suddenly”

Another shot shows a royal guard fainting, which is actually a common occurrence because they have to stand still for large periods of time. And of course he was fine and didn’t “die suddenly.”

Another shot shows comedian Heather McDonald fainting on stage, which she believed was from lack of eating & drinking that day. She of course completely survived and didn’t “die suddenly.”

And what about the “expert” featured? AV lunatic Steve Kirsch

And who is funding this “documentary?” None other My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell.

If you want to watch the trailer for this “documentary” which plays unintentionally as parody of an anti-vax film head over to the place you’d expect it to be…rumble.



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