Ameer Ali Mydin, MD of MYDIN: Caprice can go ahead and sue us


Ameer Ali Mydin is Managing Director of MYDIN. Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad (MYDIN) is Malaysia’s largest homegrown Halal hypermarket and retail chain.


Ariz Ramli ( Jawi : ‏ اريز بن راملي ‎ ‎ ; born 25 July 1988), better known as Caprice or Daddycap , is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, record producer, businessman and motivational speaker. [2] Most of his songs are sung in English, ” Lenglui ” and ” Dem Girls ” have catapulted him into the mainstream even though many people don’t know the actual song. [3] Caprice is also the founder of the educational app Classruum under Caprice Technologies. [4]


1. Mydin MD Ameer Ali Mydin said Caprice can go ahead and sue him and his hypermarket chain, over a Twitter post that allegedly humiliated the rapper. “We didn’t even mention the name Caprice or tag him in our post, so why is he offended?” he told Kosmo.

2. “If Caprice really wants to sue, send a summons letter to our side, let my lawyer check it later,” Ameer was quoted as saying by Kosmo. Earlier, Caprice, or Ariz Ramli, threatened to sue Mydin for RM30 million unless the hypermarket publicly apologised for the post.

3. According to Kosmo, Ameer said his company did not commit any offences in any of its social media posts, nor did it insult or humiliate anyone. “Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas,” Ameer said.

4. Mydin’s Twitter post read: “Thought of just buying tea at first, but also bought a cap with rice. Upon reaching home, felt like the cap and rice were unnecessary. Thankfully, Mydin allows purchases to be returned within 24 hours.”

5. Caprice had since responded to Ameer’s remarks in an Instagram story: “I never thought someone we looked up to and respect would stoop low to allowing his social media team to sindir/perli me.” He also offered to pay for Malaysians who wish to shop at Mydin for certain items.

6. “I’d like to pay for their rice, oil and 3 other items next week. Pick whichever location,” Caprice said. His options were Subang Jaya, Bukit Jelutong or Batu Caves.

7. Ameer had since responded to Caprice’s offer, saying Mydin welcomes their presence and will offer a 1kg packet of sugar to those involved. “It’s good if Caprice wants to do charity work, help people, don’t forget to contact the relevant Mydin branch,” Ameer told Kosmo.







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