Russia has committed atrocities against Africans and others: Russia is NOT restoring equality and humanity in the world


Pro Russian propaganda received via WhatsApp:

“For those who condemn Russian actions to restore equality and humanity across the globe let them think again.”




Independent Coverage of the UN

Russia Has Used Its UN Seat to Hide Atrocities Committed in the Central African Republic, Experts Say

The presence of the Russian state-linked Wagner Group mercenaries in the diamond-rich Central African Republic has been bloody. Now it seems that Russia has used its power in the United Nations Security Council to protect its exploits and geostrategic interests in the African country, a nation hanging on by a thread. 

Given international outcry for Russia to be ousted from the Council for invading Ukraine — which is nearly impossible to do — Russia’s permanent membership looks even more dubious considering its actions in the African country and against its European neighbor.

In September 2021 in the Council, Russia blocked the reappointment of UN experts who monitor UN sanctions violations in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia, respectively. Russia cited the lack of geographically balanced composition and inclusion of biased individuals as monitors to justify its decision.

In reality, more than one source familiar with the matter told PassBlue that the decision regarding the Central African Republic was an attempt to derail the work of the UN experts there. They had singled out Russian mercenary “instructors” for numerous human-rights violations in their June 2021 report on the African country. It’s not the first time that the veto powers in the Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — have blocked reappointments of neutral experts because they disapprove of the contents of their reports.

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The Guardian

Russian mercenaries linked to civilian massacres in Mali

This article is more than 1 month old

Exclusive: Internal Malian army documents show Wagner operatives took part in ‘mixed missions’

Russian mercenaries in Africa have been linked to massacres in which several hundred civilians have died, raising new fears about the impact of Moscow’s intensifying interventions on the stability and security of countries across the continent.

Western officials have so far largely steered clear of naming the perpetrators of killings but witnesses, local community leaders, diplomats and local analysts blamed many of the deaths on fighters deployed by the Wagner Group, a network of private companies run by a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

The incidents have occurred in Mali, the strategic west African country where Wagner arrived last year after striking a deal with its new military rulers.

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France 24

Russian troops killing civilians in Central African Republic, rights group says

Issued on: 03/05/2022 – 09:40

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday said there was “compelling evidence” that Russian paramilitary troops were committing serious rights abuses and killing civilians in the Central African Republic.

A civil war in the CAR that began in 2013, pitting numerous militias against a state on the verge of collapse, had eased considerably in recent years.

But about a year ago, fighting resumed abruptly when rebels launched an offensive to overthrow President Faustin Archange Touadera.

After the president called on Moscow for help, hundreds of Russian paramilitary forces helped push back the rebels, who still hold sway over swathes of the country.

The private military contractors are often described as belonging to the “Wagner group” – a Russian entity with no known legal status.

“Forces in the Central African Republic, whom witnesses identified as Russian, appear to have summarily executed, tortured, and beaten civilians since 2019,” Human Rights Watch said.

“Several Western governments, and United Nations experts and special rapporteurs have found evidence that the forces linked to Russia operating in the Central African Republic include a significant number of members of the Wagner Group, a Russian private military security contractor with apparent links to the Russian government,” it added.

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