Deng Xiaoping, Tangshan, the Chinese underworld stronghold, and the ‘Milling Knife Team’


Katherine Miller 06/19/22

The milling knife team is portrayed as a horrible act in China’s state official media, but online discussions reveal this is not the case. A Tangshan local who goes by the nickname Joycee on the foreign website (Chinese name is Anonymous Forum) stated that they were demolished because they halted Deng Xiaoping’s convoy, the Chinese leader Communist Party at the time. It is impossible to verify explicitly, as state media has confirmed the words “block the way of military vehicles.”

The CCP started the so-called “Strike Hard” campaign in 1983. The CCP’s highest level proposes that punishment for public security issues is to be “heavier and speedier” and that the death penalty be “returned to subordinates.” On July 25, 1983, Liu Fuzhi, the Communist Party of China’s Minister of Public Security at the time, called the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau, demanding that the Milling Knife Team be obliterated within a week, or he would be fired from the job as director. As a result, almost 600 people were arrested in Tangshan, with over 50 sentenced to death.

The CCP has performed three “Strike Hard” campaigns since 1983. According to NetEase, the first crackdown alone resulted in the deaths of 24,000 people. According to the People’s Daily, Deng Xiaoping chose suppression because the Tangshan milling knife team obstructed his motorcade.

Deng Xiaoping took a vacation at Beidaihe, Hebei province, in the summer of 1983. Because there was no freeway then, they could only travel on the national highway, which passed via Tangshan. However, when the convoy passed by, the police car clearing the road did not pay the toll and did not comprehend the local norms, which enraged the Milling Knife Team. Dozens of Milling Knife squad members surrounded Deng Xiaoping’s convoy, two policemen were attacked and killed on the scene, and the police car was wrecked. The convoy was attacked for half an hour, and the Milling Knife squad did not “respect the chief” until the Tangshan City Public Security Bureau arrived. Deng Xiaoping became enraged, and the “Strike Hard” campaign began. Tangshan Milling Knife, which had ruled Northern China for several years, was rapidly besieged and suppressed, becoming the first to be destroyed.

According to independent writer Zhuge Liangming, “gang” or “gangster” refers to gangs that plundered houses and resisted the authorities. However, gangsters are now working with the government, police, and bandits to form one family, which is the mutual use of bad individuals for their mutual advantage.

He said: “In the Tangshan case, at least the police turned a blind eye to this wicked force; otherwise, why did the criminals vanish during the CCP’s ‘strike hard’ campaign? The CCP is, in fact, China’s true underworld. When Jiang Zemin, the former CCP leader, pushed people to “shut up and make money,” and when he intended to “annihilate” the Falun Gong followers who practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the CCP became the most powerful mafia. And in a country dominated by gangs, anything is possible.”


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