Fangcang (square cabin) hospitals built by the CCP across China


Fangcang (square cab hospital) hospitals refer to a kind of large-scale makeshift mobile health centers, which became popular worldwide when the Chinese communist regime in the early 2020s began setting them up across the country to lock up (often against their will) patients infected with, or suspected of being infected with Covid-19.

Although the Chinese regime did not acknowledge it, in January 2020, its traditional hospitals began to collapse due to their inability to cope with an exponential demand of patients with rare pneumonia that in a few days caused serious health issues, especially in those with pre-existing diseases.

These health centers have the characteristic of being set up in record time, which was used by the regime to boast of its progress to the rest of the world that was looking expectantly at the measures adopted by the countries where the virus began to spread.

But beyond the propaganda carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its media, what is the function of these mega constructions? Did they really serve to stop the virus, or is it just another mechanism of social control and demonstration of the power of the Chinese communist regime?





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